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  1. Very nice modelling good sir!
  2. Just wanted to add my congratulations!!! Wonderful news,
  3. Could I put in a bid for both please - a couple of PAAs and the Bowood tanks.... Incidentally there are livery versions as one PAA (12800) had no Tullis Russel branding but "Tiger" in its place (left aligned) by 1990 and is pictured on p656 of October 2005 issue of Railway Modeller. Bowood tanks look great weathered and there is the later livery version of STS blue as per picture on p22 of David Radcliffe's book "Private Owner wagons in colour for the modeller and historian." That picture also shows the wagons on a speedlink working from Quidhampton travelling through Westbury, Wilts. As I said, I'd certainly be after a couple of each of these types of Wagons (actually at least 2 each of both the Bowood and the STS liveried tanks) ...preferably weathered to the wonderful standards shown by Kernow's previous limited editions... Huge thanks in hopeful anticipation...though the moths are already looking worried at being disturbed as i count the pennys...
  4. Thank you so much Sir! You are a gentleman!
  5. Hi Andy, Another one for you on this theme I'm afraid... Peter BB has pointed out, quite rightly, that it is foolish of me to use my internet address as my user-name...would it be possible for you to advise me on how to change it to "Caradoc Rd" please, as like Chris Knight my pc skills are very limited... With grateful thanks in deepest antiicpation for your help! Jonathan
  6. Decided that my visiting these pages is not healthy - I feel an eviction of moths coming on - first the lovely Heljan 47 and then the cracking kit-built 56...sigh!!!! Amazing work as always sir and what a find with 047!
  7. Following the progress with great interest!!! Brilliant work so far sir!
  8. Hi Rich, I expect you have seen this - Iain Rice has a plan for Bodmin Parkway in his book "Mainlines in Modest Spaces" published by Atlantic which is 12'x8'...sadly he doesn't give radii but does say that at that space it is "a strict OO gauge layout"...the author also points out that a little more space would ease things...hope this will help if you decide to stick to 4mm... Jonathan
  9. Really should have written this before now, but would really like a Skipper (choc/cream) varient please Charlie! Jonathan
  10. Just wanted to add my wishs for a Happy Christmas and a better 2019 to you and yours Andrew - also to all the usual suspects...I mean followers.... Jonathan
  11. Honestly, I don't visit RMWeb for a month or so due to work commitments (sorry - excuse 4 letter word...) and look what happens...Andrew is at it again... Really great layout again sir...trouble is I, like many who are viewing your work, either sob into their chosen drink when viewing your skills or salivate over those lovely 7mm models you've got your hands on.... Off now for a lie down in a darkened railway room and dreaming of what might fit.... Jonathan
  12. Like Peter BB, I go missing for a bit and find this news.... Do take care Andy and keep those fans and cold drinks going... Jonathan
  13. Hi Andy, So sorry to hear your news but glad you are back home again. As everyone has said, take it easy and don't get too excited by thoughts of going back to the shed (and I don't mean any thoughts of Class 66s [sorry, couldn't resist but should have done !]) Look forward to further updates on your marvellous work when you know you are strong enough... Jonathan
  14. Hi Andy, I have to echo the comment "superb". I was hanging around Westbury at the time you were photographing so look out for the brown haired 8 year old getting in your photos at that time... Thank you for posting these, they have brought back some very, very special memories of times with my Dad....stuffed porked roll sandwiches, anyone? Jonathan
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