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  1. The February 2005 issue covered original NSE. Chris
  2. Just to update this thread, I eventually sent my slides to a company which came up on Google. There was no science involved in making the selection, just pot luck and I am pleased to report that the end results were fine and I felt the costs were reasonable. Link is here: https://www.filmscanuk.co.uk/ I have no connection with the company other than as a satisfied user.
  3. I received my copy yesterday. These first two volumes are excellent and take me back to the very best of the modelling and prototype articles which used to grace Rail Express in the Sutton/Bendall/Bayer years. I am already looking forward to Volume 3...and more. Highly recommended. Chris
  4. I have a couple of hundred transport related 35mm Kodak colour slides and I want to have them scanned and saved to a DVD or USB. Google gives me several results for companies which undertake slide scanning (including ASDA !!) but I am at a loss as to how to select one. Does anybody have experience of any and can make a recommendation please? I have read the various threads on here about slide scanners but I would rather have them scanned professionally rather than buy a scanner. Cost is not the primary objective but quality of scanned output is. Many thanks.
  5. Hornby appear to have revised the listings for the TfW Mark 4 coaches on their web site. The listings shown on the 5 January launch just didn't make sense for a TfW rake, with spurious coach letters, types and descriptions. They seem to have dropped R40184 (coach type K), R40186 (coach type M), R40187B (coach type D) and R40188 (coach type F). The remaining models have also been allocated proposed coach running numbers. Chris
  6. If the Executive liveried production model is the same as the advanced samples then the lower bodyside red and white bands look too low. The red band should sit almost touching the underside of the window frames and the white band should run across the window frames. Both bands look too low on Hornby's photos released so far. I am waiting to see if the production version is correct. Chris
  7. The Bachmann 170 and original release Class 158s share a broadly common chassis design. You should be OK following the Class 158 installation instructions here which I found fairly straightforward when installing decoders without a full lighting upgrade: https://clarahost.clara.net/www.bromsgrovemodels.co.uk/bachmanncl158dccInstr.htm Chris
  8. Thanks to everyone for the updates. It looks like the four-wheelers are still hanging on. Probably best to revisit this thread at least annually from now on rather than wait another 10 years! Can anybody pin down which were the last four-wheel revenue wagons to be constructed from new in the UK (excluding Departmental conversions and transfers)? I would hazard a guess at PCAs from the early eighties. Chris
  9. With this week's derailment of PCA cement wagons in Sheffield, I thought I would revive this thread for a review. Taking Glorious NSE's list from August 2010(!) as a starting point, I think this is the late 2020 situation (again excluding Infrastructure wagons): TTA - already mentioned - all depot fuel from Fawley goes out in ESSO TTAs, some BP flows in Scotland, some from Lindsey for DBS also. Still in use for depot fuel to Freightliner Ipswich? TUA - depot fuel from Lindsey for DBS, mud oil from Aberdeen PAA - Sand traffic PCA - Cement traffic from Peak Forest (RMC) Earles, Oxwellmains (Blue Circle) Ketton, Clitheroe (Castle) - Alumina from North Blyth PFA - DRS Low Level Waste PGA - Aggregates PHA - Aggregates (self discharge train wagons) PNA - Plasmor blockfreight CDA - China clay on local trips to Fowey IVA/IZA - Single/Twin cargowaggon IFA - Transfesa intermodal flats IFA - STVA 4 unit vehicle flats IPA - Assorted STVA car carriers, single and bilevel in variously 1, 2 and 4 unit sets OAA - Concrete blocks from the mendips OCA - MOD traffic REA - Runner wagons for steel traffic SSA - Scrap traffic SEA/SPA - Wire coil traffic Any additions or corrections would be most welcome. Chris
  10. There is a detailed article in Rail Express dated February 2010 about these wagons, including a colour photo of one of the eight Private Owner Tunnel Cement wagons. Chris
  11. That's great. Thanks for the speedy response. I had one from you a few weeks' ago before I did my homework on possible uses! Chris
  12. Can anybody shed light on why Freightliner are currently converting 8 FRA flats for RHTT work. Are these to supplement the Network Rail FEAs? It's reported in Rail Express (Nov 2020) and there are photos on Carl Watson's site. The converted wagons are finished in G&W Freightliner grey with the orange logos. Thanks for any information. Chris
  13. The air-piped olive green version B931873 (TMC/Bachmann 38-853Z) is branded as a Barrier rather than a Reach wagon. It is also branded 'Return To', suggesting that it wasn't confined to a depot, so might this wagon have been allocated to a specific traffic or was it a general Barrier wagon? Thanks for any assistance. Chris
  14. There is a short article about the DRS branded HYAs in the December 2010 issue of Rail Express.
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