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  1. I'll pay good money for the sound chip alone. (That's a challenge I set you by the way, Rails!)
  2. I take issue with the assuption that because a class was numerous in service this would be echoed in model purchase numbers. I know of no one who buys locos and rolling stock in proportion to the numbers in actual service. We'd have cupbords full of wagons and minimal locos if we did. While we may smirk at the "impulse" buyers, we all to some extent bias our stock to the things we like the look of - be honest. I'm proud of my fleet of locos, all from those correctly shedded in my area and in condition as in the date I use as a datum, yet there is hardly a BR Standard to be seen, despite the fact they should be there in numbers at that date. I just don't like them. So by all means consider producing the most numerous missing classes - but don't just assume sales figures will be related. People like the occasional rarity. Isn't that why we have the Poll?
  3. I suspect there is an element of: "But it looks too much like the N class which we already produce". In which case why not go for the U1 which is a really interesting looking variation on the U with fewer of the variations people seemed concerned about.
  4. Quite so. The D1 does seem to be pulling clear of the other SE 4-4-0s this year. My impression in previous polls was a closer clustering (maybe you could confirm that - or otherwise). If so, we SE 4-4-0 fans need to get behind the D1 next year. All I'm saying is the demand for a useful BR SE 4-4-0 is stonger than the current split vote suggests and the D class possibly won't satisfy it, nice though a pretty SECR or a (scrapline? does that sound ungrateful? - sorry!) early BR version will be.
  5. The announcement mid-poll of the SECR D class has possibly scrambled the South Eastern 4-4-0 picture. Lovely though the D class addition will be, it didn't survive long enough into BR days to satisfy the needs of BR SR modellers who really need a 4-4-0 from the D1, E1, L, L1 range. The D1 is currently leader in this poll but perhaps we should get behind one or other next year as the vote is currently split between types. Another useful poll. Thanks to the Team.
  6. There's nothing difficult about selling on eBay! It takes a while to get set up if you've not used eBay before, but once you're up and running it takes no time at all to relist if the item doesn't sell first time, or list another item in the same format. You'll receive at least twice as much cash as selling to dealers and probably get enough to build your new layout and collection. I've sold many items on eBay at well above the price I paid (I do keep boxes and look after stuff). The collector buyers are nearly all easy to deal with (unlike some other categories on eBay) and you'll start getting free listing and reduced final value fees once you're seen by eBay as a reliable seller. Don't give stuff to a dealer and then watch him resell at several times the price he gave you.
  7. Delighted to hear your needs are now nearly all satisfied. For the rest of us there are huge areas almost untouched - Scotland, big gaps in the South East to name just two. This year's poll will be as hotly followed and contributed to as ever. We thank the Team and look forward to 14/10/2019 !
  8. Yes. Topics here. Search Blackmotors.
  9. Brighton built large numbers of pacifics.......
  10. Just to add more confusion, in my "neck of the woods" we used to call them "Bull-yuds" (rhymes with).
  11. I'd take bets on a new Manor being announced within two years. It's been consistently high on all the wishlists forever. There's a parallel with the Lord Nelson, where Bachmann didn't want to invest in a replacement but Hornby held back for fear that one was in the pipeline. Eventually it became clear it wasn't and Hornby filled the resulting large gap with considerable success. I would bet on Hornby repeating that with a new Manor.
  12. Agree with Kris. Try hard to sell to the "trade", by which I mean others who exhibit or are passionate exhibition-goers, are possibly familiar with the layout and are particularly attracted to it. Once it goes out to the general public via eBay or similar, they are willing to pay very little for layouts, even exhibition standard, and certainly not willing to pay for the time and effort going into construction. At that stage they can be worth more broken up for parts. Sad to say.
  13. Theyhave flooded the market with the Rebuilt MN over many years and they now sell poorly when new identities are released. Why would they want to produce another which could be ony a minor improvement on the current one?
  14. The audience will of course politely stand well back exactly in the space on the plan marked AUDIENCE so as not to block the operators' view and not invade their personal space or get in front of them or knock them about with their bags..... .. or have I just had a rough day?
  15. Astonishing how far out Bachmann was with the Lemaitre chimney location and its shape. Markits must have made a fortune in brass replacements. Otherwise it was an excellent model for its time.
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