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  1. As a kid I lived a few hundred yards from a railway station and small goods yard which was below road level so we could look down into the various trucks and locos. The loco coal in the tenders and the household coal waiting in piles in the yard for distribution was quite different. The loco coal was in large, occasionally very large lumps but often mixed with dust, whereas customers were very choosy about their household coal, which had to be in lumps between say the size of a small apple and no bigger than a grapefruit. I remember my mother checking each hundredweight bag of household coal as it was tipped into our bunker at home. Dust was her thing. If she thought there was too much dust in any sack she would demand, and get, an extra quarter sack at the end of the delivery! No such quality control on most of the railway. Stories are told of unhappy firemen ending a journey with a tender full of coal-dust. As for accurate modelling, outside the GWR, pretty much anything goes in the tender coal space..
  2. Not heard mazak rot is accelerated by low temperatures before. Where have you seen that?
  3. Worth mentioning there is evidence that mazak problems are often associated with, or perhaps just amplified by, excessive humidity especially in a warm environment.
  4. More knee-jerk. No one can now post on rmweb about the cost of models or the size of the modelling community without being shouted down. OK. Your game, your rules.
  5. You seem to be doing it right. The items you want will appear eventually. Patience is a part of the experience of modelling. At least you probably won't have to wait five years to find your pre-owned items, as some of us buying new have that long to wait for our items to come to market !
  6. The OP is Specifically seeking "accurate" coaches and large detailed locos. The price of these items has escalated to levels unaffordable to most. Two hundred pound locos, Seventy pound coaches. These detailed items are therefore largely being purchased by a reducing band of people who can afford to buy them new. Why is this even controversial? I didn't say the whole hobby was in decline. We have Railroad and cheaper items to cater for a majority market, which may or may not be thriving. All I'm saying is many of the top end of market items the OP is seeking are not being used by the small number of purchasers able to buy them new from dealers and they then return to the market as "used," but in reality often unused, These are worth looking out for.
  7. Dave, Is it possible for users to disable the Mailing List Pop-up? It's really obtrusive and it's irritating having to delete it and then see it re-appear. Thanks.
  8. I understand your slightly knee-jerk reaction to my somewhat over-general phrase, Phil, but the fact (relevant to the OP question) is that more and more products are being bought by a smaller and smaller band of people (those who can actually afford them for a start!) who then don't use many of them regularly or at all. Some of us (the lucky ones who can afford it) can't resist buying the latest model whether it fits with our layouts or not, which we then sell on hardly used or unused when we've got over the excitement of a seeing/handling a previously unavailable RTR which we didn't really need. That creates a large well of top quality "used" but pristine models on the market. The OP stated he has difficulty finding new models, quoting models which have all been produced within the last few years (so not exactly Old) . We know this is because production runs are small and designed sell out before the next season's products, so anything produced over a year ago is unlikely to be available in the shops. All I'm saying to the OP is those same models are available in good numbers in pristine condition, just not in model shops.
  9. When you say "New", do you mean New? If a model has sat on a shop shelf for five years, is it really New? If the same model sat on my shelf for five years, you would say it is Used. But quite a few of my models are unused and never taken out of the box, being bought for projects set aside. Yet the "New" models on the shop shelf are often really Used, having been tried in the shop by several propective purchaers. Perhaps what you mean is "pristine unused", like my sad left-on-my-shelf models waiting hopefully their layout will be started, I mean completed. In which case there are vast numbers of suitable available out there being sold by people like me whose project planning far outstrips their ability to build. I buy nearly all my stuff now through eBay, described as "new unused" with plenty of large pictures to check the models are pristine - and have not yet had to return one (which of course you can do whether the seller likes it or not under the eBay buyers guarantee scheme). Now I have at least one railway to run them on, I am unable to distinguish between the ones bought "new" from a model shop and the ones bought on eBay sold on unused by - well, people like me! We live at a time where vast numbers of models are pumped out by ever-increasing numbers of producers to an ever-reducing model fraternity. Probably only a small proportion of those purchases ever get used before they are sold on. Explore the Unused eBay, or similar, market.
  10. Forester


    In my view Hornby are missing an opportunity here. They should treat Railroad as a stand alone range with its own marketing manager and build up brand loyalty by offering a complete Railroad all-you-need-for-a-simple-layout range including budget rolling stock, buildings, locos all in a chosen compatible era - a sort of big brother of Thomas. Items could cascade down from the main Hornby range, suitably toughened up by removing some of the delicate detail, but there should be no marketing confusion between the two ranges.
  11. Due to graveyard upheaval caused by people turning over, the Bassett-Lowke Steampunk is to be rebranded the Waterman Punk Steam Range.
  12. Forty pounds is more than a "contribution" to the "museum coffers". I won't pay it and I think there'll be serious resistance to this price - and I'm a SECR modeller. They should take soundings from the community before committing to a large volume run.
  13. The Wrenn is not a Merchant Navy but a West Country - and the motor sticks out of the back of the cab!
  14. It would be a reasonable price for a special finish SECR as preserved NRM limited edition model - but not for a plain black one, by a long way.
  15. It's the way the MN body is assembled and glued together so not unless you can unglue it and make a better fit. Never tried and think it unlikely without further damage.
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