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  1. Might be nice if they cracked on with the N gauge bulleids first lol Matt
  2. Managed to get a few hours at the work bench over the past week, and had a go at renumbering my first loco, fiddly in N gauge but very satisfying knowing I'm now able to do this, and can start making the layout a lot more personalised 31817 a Redhill loco, perfect for the line I'm modelling on the Reading to Redhill line, then of course popped it though the weathering shop. Don't worry Tony it'll be fitted with discs and a crew All the best Matt
  3. Hugely dissapointing to see its not dcc ready, I've managed to do one of the original batch but it certainly wasn't an enjoyable process, and not one I fancy going through a again, shame as I'd have liked another one, oh well, hopefully it sells well for them All the best Matt
  4. Spelling a grammar has never been my strongest point haha, I'll get it added in All the best Matt
  5. skip and the station sign went well, had a little play around with the tools learnt from the previous lessons and managed to come up with this All the best Matt
  6. Gas canister done, really enjoying this series thank you Carl now on to the skip All the best Matt
  7. Looking superb buddy loving the mullet haha, which static grass applicator are you using as it's something I'm going to have think about this year in investing in All the best Matt
  8. Superb modelling buddy loving the attention to detail, although I'd probably look at buying shares in cornflakes with the amount of boxes you must get through haha All the best Matt
  9. So that's lesson two now completed, shall start the 3rd one a bit later on All the best Matt
  10. Please excuse the poor photo on my phone off the laptop but working my way through the lessons and learning so much Thank you for creating these, they are a huge help All the best Matt
  11. Really enjoying this series buddy and learning a fair bit from it can I ask for some videos as I'm planning on using a 3d machine for buildings etc, a basic house for example so doors windows etc. But really useful so far thank you All the best Matt
  12. Evening all Thought I'd post this up for everyone to see just how simply this superb product is to use, cant wait to start cracking on with the points I have now If i can do these anyone can All the best Matt
  13. It'll eventually run on the Finetrax track if that counts lol
  14. Nearly finished my farish 5mt, 73082, went for a fairly grubby but still cared for look, still discs, crew and a sound chip to fit, but kept me quiet for a little while, amazing what a difference the scale wheels and adding a few bits does to busy up that front end All the best Matt
  15. First Post in this thread but thought I'd just show a pic of my Graham Farish Standard 5MT 73082 Camelot, went for a work stained look and fairly happy with it, discs and crew to be added after I've added the sound chip and speaker into the tender Thank you Tony for the inspirational posts and everyone else who contributes it really does show what an amazing field of talent we have here on rmweb All the best Matt
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