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  1. Look forward to meeting you all All the best matt
  2. Making the trip on Saturday just to see this Steve the rest will be a bonus All the best Matt
  3. Superb news!! Welcome to the area guys look forward to paying you a visit once open, I'll prepare the wallet haha
  4. Morning all So this morning I have gone and got some polystyrene in preparation for when i'm ready to begin laying track, hopefully this can begin after next payday but in the meantime I have been painting up the road bridge. This is the Peco tunnel LRM_EXPORT_174898069145708_20190301_100106415 by Matt Toms, on Flickr Also adding a photo of one of the N classes I have, I have three currently and this is the only weathered loco of the class, weathered by grimey times and picked up for me by a good friend at Warley last year, and I think it looks superb. I shall certainly be having more weathered by Grimey although I have started doing my own weathering, i'll show more in a future update. LRM_EXPORT_239930684592034_20181218_161958192 by Matt Toms, on Flickr And finally a very quick photo from my small photoboard of the Dapol M7 on a short van train LRM_EXPORT_290603954222324_20181114_175100698 by Matt Toms, on Flickr Currently cracking along with the Ratio Station building, so hopefully an update soonish All the best Matt
  5. So I've been working on this Ratio goods shed for a little while, added a few bits of my own, not that you can see it from this photo, but have added roof beams inside, the skylight still needs finishing and glazing but its coming along slowly. The drain pipes are shall we say fiddly to paint! But I'm really enjoying the challenge of N gauge. Barrels have been added from the ratio range, and yes they still need finishing, but feels good to be making a start Ratio n gauge goods shed by Matt Toms, on Flickr And another building started is the Severn Models etched 2mm church kit, today I picked up some etched primer so fingers crossed I can get cracking painting this one up. A beautiful little kit, and shall certainly be getting a few more for the layout, I just hope they do a Southern region signal box at some point Severn models etched 2mm Church kit by Matt Toms, on Flickr So that's all for now, but I am making a start on a few of the buildings More soon, All the best Matt
  6. Hello Andy I know have a few of your 2mm scale kits, a joy to put together! I was just wondering if you had any plans for a southern style of signal box and perhaps maybe a pub? Many thanks matt
  7. Many thanks Nigel the Severn model kits are lovely, I'm hoping to have a few on the layout to help populate the scene Fingers crossed the longer sidings will hold the passenger stock, can't wait to get cracking on now All the best Matt
  8. Good Morning all Welcome to my first N gauge trainset. I do have a larger layout planned but I'm using this as a way to ease myself into N gauge and have some good fun at the same time Inspired by Trinity Road, I was amazed just what you can fit into a small 4 feet by 2 feet board. But before the track plan lets go into a bit more about the layout... The name? Well this is almost a tribute to my late uncle, a huge influence on my life, without him I wouldn't have got into this fantastic hobby, or have found my love for railways which has ultimately led me to a career on the iron rails, So uncle Malc this one is for you buddy. He left a large amount of N gauge to me, and I am to put this to good use on this layout Location? Loosely based somewhere in the Surrey Hills, aiming to have a nice rural feel but something that has plenty of interest DCC? 100% I now have a ZTC controller and I love it, yes it maybe a tad outdated now, but for me its perfect Track? Code 55, I could go down the finetrax route but as this is a starter layout lets not run before we can walk! Points will be manually operated in the fiddle yard but using servos in the scenic section Stock? Steam is my main preference, although a cheeky Hymek or Warship will be seen. Southern moguls and standards will form the backbone of the fleet, on passenger and goods trains, although the collection has plenty of variations, so no doubt rule one will apply a lot of the time So the basic track plan.... malcs way track plan by Matt Toms, on Flickr As you can see I have taken a huge inspiration from Trinity Road, check out the topic on this forum Nigel is absolutely smashing it and showing just whats possible with a board of this size and the scenic idea... malcs way scenics by Matt Toms, on Flickr So the idea is to have the layout on three levels for the scenic. Starting on the left hand side there will be a church, I have already assembled the superb Severn Models church kit, so this will be taking up this corner. Moving down we find the station building on an over bridge, with a footbridge coming down to the platform. Then there is the yard area, I will probably have magnets under the track here to allow for hands free shunting, a small good shed will be in the yard too. a road will lead from the yard area down and the under the main running line, with a pub on the corner. Beyond this will the tunnel/road bridge for the scenic break, with a farm up on the far right hand side. A road will link the station with the scenic break on the other side of the road, maybe a few houses along this road, but hoping not to over crowd the area. So ladies and gents I give you Malcolms Way, an attempt at building a layout in N gauge in a space of 4 feet by 2 feet, the board has been started so hopefully i'll have some photos for you all soon All the best Matt
  9. I think it's more dave let's us know when there is something to actually report on these locos, I'm holding tight for now : ) Matt
  10. Hello Nigel Just a quick one seeing this has prompted me to start my own version of trinity Road well a more countryside based version but the board has been built hopefully have track down soon, just a thank you for showing what's possible in limited space, look forward to the next update All the best Matt
  11. Shall be putting an order in for the standard 5mt in green with sound. Yes I already may have two 5s in the fleet but one more won't hurt Understandably very little in the way of new tool, but I'd much rather see the items previously announced come out before they add to the list. Fingers crossed its a productive year for farish and Bachmann Matt
  12. Something like a T9 would be lovely, or an ivatt tank up to the standards of the recent 4mt tank.
  13. Phoned Osbournes on the 4th December to see if they had a kit in stock, very polite person on the end of phone informed me they did and that I would be making an online order. Kit arrives on the 6th, impressive turn around Will have to give them a call tomorrow as one of the sprues is missing from the kit, kit in question is the arch laser gwr running shed, but hopefully a phone call tomorrow will get the missing parts to me, shall keep you all informed Matt
  14. Surrey Hills plan 1 track with station minus fiddle yard BACKUP by Matt Toms, on Flickr Have added in the crossovers.... have also added in a siding for the horse boxes to maybe go and then be collected on a service? with Ascot not being far maybe this could add some addition interest? Maybe Miss Fardon had some race winners in the stable lol. As for the viaduct I will certainly try and hunt it out, being localish I wont hurt to make a visit. Possible traffic for the two sidings could be a timber store, which can be found further down the lane outside the yard? Thanks again for all your input, helping massively Matt
  15. So could In theory lose the cross over all together? Yeah the platforms need to be shortened they were just placed to give an idea of how it would look with a station present. Timber yard could be interesting to consider Many thanks again Matt
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