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  1. Yes please! Although I did used to like the Railtrack blue and green, a 153 would look good in that IMO.
  2. Whilst duplication is unfortunate I think this is one area where both models can thrive. There were so many produced in so many variants that I think both manufacturers will have plenty of scope. And it’s very decent of Accurascale to avoid deliberate duplications. Unlike how a certain manufacturer who uses red boxes has been acting lately. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them deliberately match Accurascale’s liveries and rush out a range.
  3. Not sure if you’ve seen this but the British Transport Films film “Linkspan” is rather excellent. Lots of good shots of the train ferries in action and how things worked. Your threads here and in layout planing are very inspiring. I’m thinking I want to build a train ferry now!
  4. The CAF failure is different to the Hitachi problem. The brackets for the yaw dampers on the CAF trains are bolted into slots in the body. These slots are failing and the bracket is ripping away.
  5. The specification will have included details of expected track condition and standards. From these Hitachi will have made calculations as to forces that will be experienced by the bogies, yaw damper and bracket it is attached to. If the track condition has varied widely from the specification and thus the bogies etc are experiencing much higher forces then the specification is at fault. Hitachi have met the specification but the real world is not matching up. That’s one possible scenario. Other scenarios are that the track is meeting all the specifications given to Hitachi and Hitachi got thei
  6. Either really. The black livery was before the green and the blue after. But there was a lot of overlap as not everything gets repainted straight away. Or get another green one and renumber it.
  7. The Mk3 day coaches didn’t appear on the Night Riviera until the mid 00’s, when Virgin West Coast retired all their Mk3s. Before that the brake vehicle, seated car and lounge were all Mk2s.
  8. Thanks for the help guys, slightly disappointing though. I ask as it’s for scratch building stuff in OO9 scale. Looking for broken n gauge locos seems to be the way forward.
  9. Can anyone point me towards a supplier of wheels and axles for n gauge scratch building? Both coach/wagon wheels and engine driving wheels. Thanks
  10. How many engines did the 4 companies convert to oil burning? That film called for 1200 to be converted to save coal.
  11. Presumably a move like that nowadays would require a full line possession so there’s no chance of a modern train hitting it. Those coaches would disintegrate in a crash.
  12. I think from the smiley he’s being a bit tongue in cheek, considering the recent farrago of Hatton cancelling hundreds of pre orders. I’m sure I’ll pre-order it in due course, but not from Hattons. Once bitten etc.
  13. Hurrah! I love weird and obscure coaches, but must confess to hating blue/grey livery. (Ducks and prepares to be tarred and feathered!)
  14. Hmm, interesting. I’ve been relying on the Longworth book too. So if they emerged in 66 would they have been maroon or blue/grey, that’s the question.
  15. Undoubtedly. I guess the Mid-Hants want a uniform rake of stock rather than 100% accuracy.
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