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  1. I thought the class 73/9 Minions were being designed for this? Maybe their RA is too high, or the project was too hard in other ways.
  2. There’s a photo today on the HST enthusiast Facebook group showing the 2 colas power cars on a shakedown run. They’re sandwiching one of the Plain Line Patten Recognition trains. Appears to be a Mk1 BG generator van and 3 Mk2s. Presumably it’ll be limited to 90 or 100 mph because of the Mk1 vehicle. But then I don’t know what speed the PLPR train can operate at whilst still scanning, so that might not be a problem.
  3. As you’re saying it’ll be a 18 month lead time after the go ahead is given and the models will be £180 it’d be great if we could pay £10 a month by standing order or direct debit or something.
  4. Good luck to you KMS. I have EOId for 2 CS and 1 NR, but may want more! Nice that Accurascale will be making them, should mean we get a consistent paint colour between the sleeper coaches, 92s and 73s. Of course I’m half expecting Dapol to come out in a week with their project 73/9. That’s been the way with a few models. One manufacturer announces a model with a long lead then another manufacturer says “we’ll actually we’ve been working on that and it will be out in 6 months” and completely kills manufacturer the firsts project.
  5. Although you might get charged with running a house of ill repute instead.
  6. Really gutted about MRS being cancelled. It’s something I really look forward to during the long dreary time of January and February.
  7. I’ve seen quite a few pictures of Network Rail 31s, DBSOs (although I think they call them RCOVs?) and DVTs with light arrays, but I’ve never seen them lit up. Are they normal white lights, or are they infra-red and so won’t show up in photos?
  8. Thanks Phil. Who exactly is Adam? I wonder if he’d be able to upscale them?
  9. Does anyone make transfers for the Scotrail sleeper lounge car 6703? For a while it was done in a silvery grey livery with a green tartan stripe and large Visit Scotland lettering. I’d quite like to model it like that.
  10. The manufacturers do seem to change their paint over time. The first Dapol coach I did this morning was in executive livery and the paint came right off no problem with an hours soak. Tried this evening with a blue and grey coach and it wasn’t shifting at all after an hour. After a two hour soak a little came off with vigorous scrubbing with a washing up brush. So tomorrow I’ll be giving them a much longer soak. Can surgical spirits run out? I’ve stripped three coaches in it now. Still smells just as strong.
  11. Hope this isn’t too late for you but I’ve had great success with surgical spirit. It’s pretty much identical to isopropyl alcohol, with a small amount of oil added, but much easier to obtain from boots. Fill a jar with surgical spirits and submerge the coach at least half way up. I did have to use a few pebbles to get the level up as it’s quite a large jar and I’ve only got a 500ml bottle of spirits. Submerging a Dapol coach for an hour shifted all the paint off. Lima ones seem to need a bit longer to get all the paint off, 90 minutes or so. Just give them a good wash in soapy water to remove
  12. Thanks for that. Do you know where I can get some yellow the correct shade? Phoenix or railmatch? The white is easy, I assume it’s the same as regional railways blue scheme and intercity swallow livery engines. But I’m not sure about the yellow. It’s darker than warning yellow I think.
  13. Does anyone know the correct paint colours for Merseyrail stock in the 90s, when it was branded with Regional Railways logos? I’m wanting to paint up a pair of brake vans as seen below, and also a Class 73 and sandite train. I think/assume the yellow on the Class 73 and sandite vehicles is the same as on regular stock? https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/98664-merseyrail-brake-van-at-allerton-tmd/&do=findComment&comment=1869801
  14. Thanks for the reply Geoff. I also tracked down your painting thread which was very useful. What did you use for the doors. They’re a sort of silvery grey, but I think straight silver paint will look a bit too bright and shiny.
  15. That’s very curious. Is it the remains of a scissors crossing? Or a double trap point? If it’s a double trap it’s very interesting that’s it’s protecting the line both ways, with no obvious sidings it serves in view.
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