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  1. Is it superfluous though? Cross country still operate HSTs north of York. I know their sets are shorter though so would they use a different stop board?
  2. I’m not sure how serious the internal Scottish sleepers proposal ever was. But as soon as the sleeper went over to Mk5s all the Mk 2 and 3 stock was very rapidly dispersed, so it won’t happen now.
  3. I’m away from my computer right now, but I have definitely found (a long time ago) a photo of a Mk3 sleeper in Scotrail livery. AFAIK only one was so painted, but there was one.
  4. Was the issue of 2 FLIRTs not being allowed to pass each other in a tunnel (Ipswich I think?) ever resolved, or is that still a restriction? Has NR had to alter the track a little bit, or was it just a paper exercise to verify the clearance?
  5. Whilst this is technically correct (the best kind of correct) the door placement is odd, really no other word for it. The outer coaches have one door roughly in the middle, and the two inner coaches have two at about 1/6 and 5/6 spacing. I know they have full width gangways so moving between the coaches will be easy, but will passengers see it that way? Or will the centre two coaches empty quickly with the outer two being much slower? Time will tell when it’s in action I suppose.
  6. Of course by now Scotrail we’re supposed to have their full fleet of HSTs in service. Which would release a lot of turbostars for other routes. I wonder if they’ve been told that won’t happen by the end of the year so they’re planing accordingly?
  7. Found this https://www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk/search/show/search_view.aspx?ID=NOV373366 Scotrail are tendering for another year, or possibly 4 of services on the Fife circle. Tender seems to lean towards LHCS, but units could be used if economically viable. One important bit is So that would exclude anything except Mk4s, unless (expensive) mods are carried out. I’d like to see a set of Mk4s in Spotrail livery. Would look good. Would allow for push-pull working too if the DVTs are modded a bit, although that’s not necessary on the Fife circle, it would give flexibility to work other services.
  8. So the deadline has passed for all trains to be accessible to people of reduced mobility. Unsurprisingly a great many companies haven’t made the deadline due to late running deliveries of new stock/cascades, and/or DfT incompetence. I was surprised by the scale though, 1,200 vehicles granted a derogation. Full list here: https://www.railwaygazette.com/uk/non-prm-compliant-trains-get-last-minute-derogation/55433.article Couple of surprises on there. Eurostar for the class 373, I still think of them as being new trains but I guess they’re 25 years + now. And Chiltern for their Mk3s. Do they still have a slam door set, or are their power door conversions not compliant somehow? The list also doesn’t include the permanent derogation granted to GWR for their Mk3 sleepers.
  9. Presumably these weight plates just aren’t designed for a train with Jacobs bogies, as these are very very rare in the u.k. Would you assign all the bogie weight to one vehicle or split it between 2? So it seems they’ve gone for listing the vehicle weights entirely without bogies, and then the whole train weight including them.
  10. I’m looking for info and pictures on the Swedish Scrubber rail cleaning unit that NSE trialed. Looks like a fun train to model.
  11. One of the British Transport Films called Freight and a City is about the development of Tinsley and the new Sheffield Freight terminal. Can’t find it on YouTube I’m afraid, but it’s on Volume 4 Reshaping Britain’s Railways of the DVDs. I remember it showed a lot about the loading of wagons.
  12. Thanks Martin. Wish I’d spotted that, I would’ve cancelled my order then. Stupid decision by Hornby in my opinion, Bittern in blue had valances for a lot longer than it didn’t.
  13. I’ve just seen the new arrivals email from Rails, and it shows the twin tendered Bittern R3771 as having no valances. When I pre orders it back in January it was definitely shown with valances. I’m very disappointed as I was planing a conversion to Dominion of New Zealand, which the real Bittern pretended to be for a while. Does anyone know when and why Hornby changed? Thinking I might send it back when it arrives.
  14. Now that the Mk5 services are underway on the highlander I see that the Fort William portion has a seated car, lounge, accessible sleeper and sleeper (or even 2 sleepers). Can you confirm that the Fort William pack from Accurascale will have the correct mix of coaches, as it’s currently listed as 2 x seated and 2 x accessible.
  15. Not much point to that, as you’d run out of DVTs. There are 33 (i think, maybe 32?) Mk4 sets, so plenty spare still. Although a few are going for the Euston - Blackpool open access service, and some might go for the Paddington to Cardiff open access if that ever gets permission.
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