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  1. Worth a purchase for the pics https://shop.kelsey.co.uk/product/MTG/moving-the-goods-1-serving-the-community
  2. I would guess its all COVID related, when there were many months when publication was impossible. Rather than ditch the surplus stock they have included them with Model Rail, either at a lower price or free. Good for the magazine
  3. Take a look at this Ebay image :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hesketh-Park-Railway-Station-Photo-Southport-Churchtown-L-YR-1/263940188485?hash=item3d740fa945:g:IWYAAOSw7bpbngSE Was it some form of insulation trials? ( NOTE not my image ) Having now trawled thru Google for 44756 it seems to have been like that for some years - take a look at https://railphotoprints.uk/p883082520/hF3D06DC#hf3d06dc
  4. Dougal , the Glasgow shunter working on the Welshpool Railway must be in the running . Looks like it could be picked up and dropped in a pocket.
  5. Aldi has a very nice digital meter on sale last week for £9.95... still opn sale now.
  6. City of Birmingham came as part of a set, as such it never was released in a box of its own design.
  7. Thanks for the replies.. yes it is a Cordon wagon, but from an unusual viewpoint.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Penzance-Railway-Station-Photo-Great-Western-Railway-10/261611280301?hash=item3ce93f57ad:g:hZMAAOxy039TPBo3
  9. Brilliant !! Fascinating !! I just knew there was a reason.....
  10. or driving a train round it! Surely the platform ramps and barrow crossing is a safer way....
  11. First time I have noticed the Duckboard across mainline tracks- any idea of its purpose? (EBAY postcard or picture.) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Watchet-Railway-Station-Photo-West-Somerset-Mineral-Railway-2/252800351165?hash=item3adc133bbd:g:GjQAAOSwCU1YvTpc
  12. Isnt it just a standard Hornby replacement? Try Hattons.... or here... https://railsofsheffield.com/products/30244/Hornby-p9300-any-scale-Hornby-p9300-digital-15v-4-amp-transformer?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw7jYzI736AIVlYBQBh1jSwZvEAQYAyABEgLTS_D_BwE
  13. Try Kingspan on the Spon Lane industrial estate , on the side of the Metro tracks, West Bromwich/ nearly oldbury. https://www.scoot.co.uk/England/West-Midlands/West-Bromwich/Kingspan-Environmental-T-A-Polmeric-Mouldings-Ltd-CHLG363.html See if they have a 'damaged' sheet for minimum cost..
  14. Postal charges went up quietly yesterday - Second class is now £3.10 , ( £3 before) for a typical loco- wagon etc
  15. US mags are available from Tornado Books in Birmingham , in the same street as the old court buildings. You can also give Parabellum in the Jewellery Centre a try, unfortunately mainly wargaming, but paints and lots of US sourced items are there, IF you can get in!! LOL.... A couple of requests could well make them stock items.
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