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  1. Go on their web page and email them what your looking for. I walked in and spent £1.28 and they didn't bat an eyelid. Very helpful too regarding the fasteners i needed for a particularly tricky application.
  2. Sounds like either a chipped or missing gear tooth or an excessively worn motor shaft bearing. Does the motor run fine out of the loco with light finger pressure? Is the worm damaged? Are the gears split? Good luck......
  3. I get my metric and BA stuff from South Essex Fasteners. They do nylon equivalents as well! (For those tricky body to chassis short circuits!)
  4. Just spray the whole lot with "track colour" or "Mud" camo paint from paint ball websites, and when dry, sand off the rail tops with a wet 'n' dry sanding block. Pointwork, mask the bits that pass current, (stock and toe). Result!
  5. Getting back to the point of this thread, what do you make of this? Tri-ang, "Nellie" chassis, Vertical motor of unknown provenance and old radio parts. Cheap Ebay find about 3 years ago.
  6. Appears to be made from old paint tins and the driving wheels are possibly early 0 gauge, mazak, wagon wheels with plain wire rod crank pins. I assume the rods were old rail which i will try and replicate. The C/W mechanism is unknown but runs well!
  7. LNER CCT, Parkside, I believe, and a Triang luggage van in a light, scumbled teak, satin varnished. Done at the same time as the Kirk's.
  8. A couple of Ian Kirk suburban's I made many years ago. Sprayed gloss yellow then teak paint drawn down in layers to simulate "wood grain". Transfers and then gloss varnish drawn with the "grain" to seal everything. Jackson coach wheels with teak painted centres.
  9. I too, have just found this thread and submit my wooden coaches lightly restored but not my builds. See "a wild kit-bash" thread for their story.
  10. This clockwork, tin, 00 gauge loco came with the coaches. Only got it freed off so far and yet to add rods.
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