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  1. I gotta say I look forward to the OHLE coming. That's the one item that's sure to be a hit with electric modellers like myself. Hopefully it won't be as complex or fiddly to assemble as the single masts. As great as they are, there not easy to assemble with fiddly hands!
  2. Only wish the weather wasn't so bad today! :boredom: Because then I could cut some hardboard and add the rest of my back scene. Oh well, plenty more scenery work to be done.

  3. Either way I personally would still like to see some more emphasis on these EMUs from the major manufacturers like Bachmann and Hornby along with some of the others makes. They've all done some good work on modelling the southern region EMUs and even better with electric locomotives like the class 87 and class 90. Though this is partially because I'm not really one for scratch building or kit making and bashing. Even though I'd be willing to build one from a kit, if there are any available right now.
  4. I would like to see some more EMUs that are from outside the southern region(s). Main ones I'd like to see are the 308 and 310 and similar. I honestly don't see why Bachmann and other makers can't alter things with the 108 and other DMUs to make them EMUs. After all it's the same sort of body but with extra cables around the ends and a pantograph fitted. It's not like they have to do a whole new build.
  5. Places like the range are good for getting 1mm mountboard from A4 up to A2 at good price(s), like 50p/60p per A4 or around that price. Other places are good to look is in local art supply shops as well for greyboard and mountboard. For thinner card, you can get cheap stuff from poundland, which is good for very light use or even to protect surfaces when gluing and the like. Cereal packets and other food packaging is good for lighter card as well. That's what I use.
  6. Wow thanks for all the advice there and links. It's interesting to see some of the MK1 and MK2 coaches still working up into the early 1990s with MK3/MK3a coaches. Good thing I have them on hand to go with the push pull trains I intend to operate. I just wish it was easy to get a hold of the 308 and 310 EMUs though. Chances are it might be some years before they come out on the market as ready to run. Also wish the MK3 sleeper coaches would still be available as well.
  7. Wow thanks. It's a good thing I got some MK3a coaches. I take it these were mostly TSO x4 or more with one RFM and two or more FO.
  8. I should've mentioned that I'm looking around the West Midlands region and South West parts of the WCML mainly. My layout is purely fictional but I still want to have some accurate running trains of the time(s) and not just mixed up sets of coaches that don't look prototypical and the like. Apart from just one or two heritage trains and loco hauled trains, using a bit of modellers license to be replacements for DMU stock.
  9. I just know one thing I'd like is to see the MK3 sleepers make a comeback. Especially now there's suitable trains for them in the form of the Class 47, 86, 87 and 90. Along with the MK2f's and DVT. I got two but need two more to make things even on my layout.
  10. The demise of the MK1 sleeper was down to the fire at Taunton. The cause was mainly down to poor housekeeping by cleaners. They had left some of the dirty bed linen next to one of the train heaters onboard which overheated as the train headed up through Devon past Exeter. I'm not sure if it was the Riviera service that came off the track though. It might have been but I do know some of them did come off the track after a derailment somewhere when the driver, who was intoxicated, failed to slow down towards a sharp curve which caused the coaches to derail.
  11. I guess this is something that's been discussed a lot but here goes. I'm modelling the West Coast Mainline around the mid 1980s and 1990s sectorisation and intercity swallow era (era 7 - 9) and wondering what sort of train formations would be used for passenger workings, both for mainline express and possibly some of the smaller commuter services. I say commuter services because I'm sure there were times when the DMU's of the 80s and 90s were probably not up to the job. Though that's a thought of mine. I'm currently running the newer electrics in the form of the class 86, 87, and new class 90 with a class 82 DVT as well as a 7+2 HST train, that is only run on cross country runs from the south to the north and Scotland. The only thing I don't have any idea about is the loco hauled services that ran. Did many run with older MK1 coaches and MK2 coaches? If so what formations were they operated under. I understand some of the 86s and 87s ran with MK3a coaches and a DVT at the end. Can anyone help or give some idea as to what some of the passenger services were formed of.
  12. I saw this video as well and the sound was more defined than that of the zimo speakers Hornby used in its review of them. I'll take a look at them and might get them to go with the sound chips. I've seen how easy it is to replace the existing speakers that come with the TTS sound chips and also seen how tricky the original ones with fitting without having to clip part of them in order to get them to fit properly.
  13. Basically I'm looking at buying the new Hornby Paxman Valenta Twin Track Sound decoders for one of my executive livery HST pack and basically would like to know a bit more about speakers. I've seen in the review of them that a set of Zimo 40mm by 20mm speakers were used instead of the original speakers to enhance the sound, although I heard it and wasn't sure if there was much difference. Would they be better than the original speakers that come with the decoders? Or is there any other speakers that would be suitable in giving better sound.
  14. I've probably mentioned this before but I'm rebuilding the top scene for my layout, following the dismantling and removal of my previous one. I've gone for making a long street with one or two side road junctions to break things up. So far I've made some shops that are already fitted and wired up with lighting but I'm kinda wondering what else there is I could add that's a little different. The image below shows the scenic section that I'm working on now as well as a shot or two of the street scene I've already completed. I don't know whether to have some industrial type buildings in the form of warehouses or factories further along. I should mention that my layout is loosely based around the West Midlands region(s) and set in the mid 1980s to the '00s period ( from 2000 to 2010) if this would be of help. I should also mention that this is all based in a fictional urban sort of setting as well.
  15. I don't think I might be much help with this but when it comes to homemade/custom signage for 1:76, I've designed my own personal ones using design software like Adobe Photoshop, though that's my personal choice. There is other free design software out there that could be of use. I've also come across a site called logopedia which is great resource for those looking for logos of specific brands or shop fronts. My own way of making signs was to use one of the shop kits available from Scalescenes and the like as a template and then with a bit of work in Photoshop managed to make my own custom signs. Here's some of the signs I've made for some shops I made for my layout. All the signs apart from the branded ones and the Chinese are all custom ones I made. Here's the link to the site I mentioned regarding shop fronts and logos: https://logos.fandom.com/wiki/Category:United_Kingdom
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