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  1. That's a long way from Hawthorn Dene. John
  2. Why ya Bugga . . . . you'll be capping those hills with snow I suppose. . . John
  3. I'm glad you like my tribute to the late Terry Jones.

  4. Why man. . .just run some bl00dy trains. After all, . . that's why your building it in the first place. I'll still be looking in to see how it's going, as, I suspect, will everybody else. John
  5. I agree, I seem to remember a timber importer on the docks. . also can't remember seeing wagonloads into Easington . . . But everybody in the Colliery seemed to have plenty of bundles of sticks to light their home fires . . off-cuts from the pit-props. John
  6. Eeh ya bugga, , ,that's gannin back bit. John
  7. I seem to recall that Shotton Front St had a couple of flagmen. . . .but there wasn't any gates. The colliery was on the north side of the street, and the shunting yard was on the south side. John
  8. Same with me. . .I was about 14/15. I went straight up to see my Grandad afterwards and his words still ring in me ears after more than 50 years. EEh! Our John! . . . Divn't Yeah gan doon the Bloody pit!! John
  9. Good show once again chaps . . . . bowt nowt, though but. John
  10. My father stared his working life in M.B. and told tales of 18 seams . . the Busty seam, later worked the same seam in Easington but not so narrow. John
  11. the clang clang clang of the loose coupled hoppers being shunted That takes me back . . . I lived "up Canada" . . . Holme hill Estate, and the clanking could be heard all night long. . . .It always seemed lounder on foggy days/nights . . .and, of course, the smell of coal fires. Oh nostalgia!!! John edited for spellink.
  12. And I'll be there on the Sunday morning . . . . John
  13. looks like that photo was taken in the police yard at Peterlee . . . . . Now the site off an ASDA store. John
  14. I see at Easington, the road names where the terraces used to be start with A's in one area, then B's in another, and finally words beginning with C in a third area, Before these streets were named, the "A" streets were numbered 1st to 12th street North. the "B" streets were numbered 1st to 12th street South. the "C" streets were numbered 1st to 12th street East. Horden and Blackhall still have numbered Streets. Have you got a bridge to park the mk10 under? P.s There's even a song about the event under Pesspool Bridge . . . . "5:15 am" by Mark Knopfler John
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