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  1. I have a part built layout stored in the shed - I might resurrect it one day - which needed a wagon turntable in oo gauge. I uses a sheet of pcb, in which I cut a circular hole with a hole saw. See attached pic for the type I mean. The drill gave a pivot hole, and I used a nut & bolt to hold it to the baseboard. The underside was liberally coated with copper grease to aid smoothness of rotation. Very careful measuring gave the positioning for rails to be soldered to the pcb. Mechanically, it seems to work well, being rotated by hand, and wagons pushed over it by hand as the layout is far f
  2. Last show for me was Doncaster. I remember seeing a far-eastern lady wearing a mask, and thinking how ridiculously over-cautious she was....little did I know!
  3. Tony obviously had a People Filter. A rather rare item. I got mine from a back street shop in Cambridge - which in the 60s & 70s, was a good place to buy camera equipment. Sadly it doesn't fit my present digital camera, so it is somewhere in the loft. I've never actually seen another one for sale anywhere, though my late friend from Cambridge seemed to have one as well (I never actually saw it though). Stewart
  4. D206 - my first ever diesel cop, it must have been just about new! I was stopped at Abbots Ripton with Grandad in his Austin 7 Ruby, right where the branchline came through the gate and over the road on its way into USAF Alconbury. D206 was on an up stopper in the station. Around the same time (it must have been after this of course) I (sort of, not in the ABC) copped my second diesel. This was a deep blue shunter, possibly a Sentinel? It trundled along, under its own power, on the up slow line. I have no idea of its ID, but suspect it may have been on delivery to a firm just south of the
  5. Oil on wipers is a definite NO - oil is a lubricant, not an electrical conductor! An electrical switch cleaner such as Servisol or Electrolube would be better, but not WD40.
  6. I forgot to add, I don't use cardboard, but use plastic card instead. Easy to stick together with liquid poly etc. Almost like building an Airfix kit!
  7. Scalescenes printing - I use A4 size self adhesive labels to print on. No problem then with using adhesives. After construction I then matt varnish the whole model, usually with a "domestic" varnish (think of Wickes, B&Q etc). Stewart
  8. I mostly experienced them at Cambridge, I went to the County High School on Hills Road, and saw them daily on the CBE & other KGX trains. I don't honestly have any knowledge of delays or failures, we saw the trains at regular times in our breaks and lunchtimes without fail.
  9. I've seen many comments from former railcrew that the Baby Deltics were far more reliable than the normal enthusiast thinks. Just think British Leyland and Baby Deltic in the same breath - I know from a lifetime experience that BL is nowhere near as bad as the media pretends! Stewart
  10. Not as an entrant for voting, more an aside. Always vehemently denied by others as not possible, but I saw 62729 Rutlandshire, and 62744 The Holderness, on the St. Ives loop out of Cambridge, c1959/60. I remember seeing the nameplates, then underling them in my ABC & wondering why they were not the local names of Cambridgeshire or Huntingdonshire! To add to the mystery, in later years I met another Cambridge spotter, who became my best friend (though sadly now deceased). One day these cops came up in conversation; he had seen them at Cambridge as well..... Anyone else able t
  11. Sadly, an attraction I never visited. Is there a track plan available anywhere? Sewart
  12. I thought they were treated as part of the loco, ie just as a tender was on a steam loco. After all, they were used to enable track circuits to work, so not much use sending just the loco out on its own. Stewart
  13. W&U is local to me, I've hankered for a layout for many a year. I've still got a K's J70 that I built in about 1964/5, recently repaired after yet another fall. I bought the MR J70 too. Also I've had for many years, a Bachmann 04; just before Xmas I finished its conversion to a tram loco with 3DP prints added. I have a D&S kit of a 4wh coach just about finished, and the bogie coach to build a well. Another 3DP has seen the office brake van built too. An etched brass Y6 is partially built and running as well. I really must get round to that layout soon... I've sketched some p
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