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  1. I saw on TV today one town (probably the main infected one, (I wasn't taking too much notice), where basically there is NO transport at all - public or private. I think walking may also have been stopped? Residents basically have been trapped for 5 days, so where is their food supply coming from? And how are the shops being re-stocked if they actually sell any goods? One presumes then that the authorities would then deliver - but transport (ie human movement) is banned. How do they move on from this situation. Worrying thoughts, and sympathy to all. Stewart
  2. When GN replaced the trains to Kings Lynn with 387s, it was a swift overnight replacement of all trains north of Ely (and possibly intended to include Cambridge as well, though there were a few nb trains that teminated at Ely that had some 365 use). There have been odd single workings of 365s, which are used elsewhere, but the changeover basically was overnight. But the units had previously been in use on Bedford services for a short while I think you could say fleet replacements everywhere normally tend to be incremental, introducing one or more trains coming into use over a period of time.
  3. Why don't we all be patient for the model to appear? Stewart
  4. When I started on the tube in the early years of PPP (which didn't last long!) I was told by one of the Depot Mangers, that if there was a train sent out with a faulty internal light, they were fined £1500 (obviously if spotted by a mystery shopper). Stewart
  5. Great Northern replaced all the Kings Lynn trains in one fell swoop with 387s a couple of years back. I think it was noted at the time as the first wholesale fleet replacement. Mind you, they were secondhand (but not very old) from the Bedford services. Stewart
  6. Eastern Counties buses (& presumably the rest of the Tilling Group, using Bristol/ECW buses as the standard) also had green cab interiors. My mate drove for them in the early 60s and told me that green was the most "relaxing" colour for the eyes so that is why it was used in the cabs. Stewart
  7. When my wife was still at work, as an assembler in a small electronics factory nearby, they had a visit from a youngish guy. When they asked him what he was doing there, he replied "Vision Technician". Turned out he was the window cleaner..... Stewart
  8. I find it quite amazing when watching "The Chase", or similar quizzes on TV, that so many contestants are managers (and usually at a youngish inexperienced age, and often scruffy too). Doesn't anyone actually have a job making things any more? Stewart
  9. I still have some of these chassis with the solid mazak wheels that run ok on my code 75 track. B2B has been adjusted though. Stewart
  10. 700 to Sandringham? I guess Kings Lynn with a 387 is more likely? Stewart
  11. Could they not just abandon the coastal route in favour of an inland route instead? The former coastal route could then be converted into a new high speed road, but leave NR to maintain the sea wall......isn't that the way Govt does things? Stewart
  12. I always thought Tony Blackburn invented colour. I can still remember the first Radio Caroline broadcast he did in full colour! Stewart
  13. Only if it old, like me....I speak from experience!
  14. Not just Hattons and a catalogue. Last week I received 2x Precision paint tinlets from PP, in a similar size box, stuffed with expanded foam chips and bubble wrap! Stewart
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