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  1. As in my avatar - GER 564 ar Sheringham in 1978. Preserved I know, but gives the idea.
  2. I'm normally opposed to lighting on layouts, never realistic. It seems to be forgotten that a) normal model lighting is usually far too bright; b) lights are usually not on in daytime; c) lights exist away from the trains and platforms (eg everywhere!). Then I saw these - excellent, properly done! Stewart
  3. Oh yes there is! My Rover 75, and its predeccesor, Rover 827, has a button to lift before moving the stick to reverse. And I had to drive a number of cars when fitting 2-way radio a few years ago, I don't remember any that didn't have one.
  4. 2nd pic of the 231K looks like Steamtown Carnforth
  5. I think there has been a Win10 update that affects logins. Every site I go to - including Google search - now requires me to login EVERY time I go there. My PC still remembers my details and on some sites I can tick a box to say "remember me", but logins are now always required. Stewart
  6. Just for clarification, is this a new moulding, or a previous issue in ne colours? (I'm thinking of the likes of March & Downham Market issues earlier - but I haven't even looked at any photos to check yet). Stewart
  7. I had an email from the GERS earlier today, which I accidentally deleted without thoroughly reading it. I may the details wrong, but it appears that Bure Valley Models are commisioning their "local" signalbox at Wroxham. Anyone else able to confirm details? Stewart
  8. Further to my earlier comment about an 03 on a Bedford-Hitchin line train: "D2029 heads a KGX suburban set which formed the SO Henlw Camp leave train, on 3/10/1959". Picture is shown in "Diesels Nationwide" by Keith Montague, Oxford Publishing Co., 1977; ISBN 902888 82 X. Stewart
  9. Possibly a pickup problem as the current dips?
  10. Not unknown for an 03 to work passenger trains. I have at least a couple of pics in my collection (which I can't publish for copyright reasons) of them working public trains on the Hitchin - Bedford line. Stewart
  11. The top of that tin, and the underside of the lid need cleaning. I keep a roll of toilet paper (om a dispenser!) next to my workbench, just to keep those edges clean and shiny so they seal properly. Some chiselling will be needed on those.
  12. I learnt to drive with a driving school, father and son, who had 2 Anglias.They did their own maintenance, but were in contact with the local main dealer. When I stalled the car one day I had some trouble starting it; my instructor came out with a statement that he had been told by the dealer. "When you turn the key on an Anglia, firstly the ignition comes on. When you take it to the next position, the starter operates, but in that position the ignition is not live! I don't know if it is true, but being a Ford I wouldn't be surprised....
  13. And a surviving relic in Soham (Cambs) https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@52.3341593,0.3368354,3a,75y,270h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sNTkrf4LdwUWmIcwcUV4PUw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
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