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  1. Hornby (or whatever the company was called at the time) did produce a cradle to fit a chassis built for the X04/X03 motor. This cradle supported the then current 'can' type motor. I remember them from the days I was servicing locos for the local model chops. In fact I have one, mounted in an old 35mm film canister, diving a bent piece of thick brass wire, which I use as a paint stirrer....
  2. If you watch the Ashland camera on Virtual Railfan, there is a guy positioned at the LC at school times. His job is to wave school buses across, giving them an uninterrupted crossing to assist traffic flow. If he is not there, they have to stop, open doors and listen as well as looking, before proceeding. I've seen it on other cameras as well, so must be a common rule.
  3. With all the promotions, and sales offers (such as bundles), makes me wonder if they are clearing stocks for some reason?
  4. Well as a retired electronics/quality engineer, I wouldn't say no to it if I was offered it. I'd not just use it straight away without checking it over first for safety. It shouldn't be passed to the unwashed, but a sledgehammer is cruel. Whatever happened to recycling....
  5. There are still some at Three Horse Shoes on the March-Peterborough line.
  6. Stunning. I'm an East Anglian fan myself, not Southern, but that looks superb. Non of the modern image trash of clashing colours and go-faster stripes, just proper livery application. Well done.
  7. And I bet everyone in the queue still had their foot on the brake, in gear, with the engine running?
  8. For what it is worth, I had almost the same problem 2-3 years ago. The railbus had been mostly stored, with a little test running on the partially built layout. I found a split gear, which eventually jammed solid. I also had some bits drop off, most of these I glued back on, but had lost a couple of suspension units/axleboxes. I made contact with a very helpful guy at Howes, who were them the importers, and spares suppliers. He was running short of spares, but had a "xmas tree" that he was cannibalising, and provided all I needed for a nominal sum. Suffice to say the repairs went well, in fact he supplied slightly more than I needed so I have the odd bits for future use. Now of course the importer/spaes supplier has changed, Gaugemaster I believe? And I'e heard the spares supply is not as good. I suspect no knowledgeable helpful guy cannibalising models, but just a small stock of parts as I've heard? Best to contact them and ask though. Mine also went back together a lot simpler. No lights, pcb, dcc wiring etc. I keep it simple. Stewart
  9. I've seen recently some interiors pics in an RM for around 2009-10. Stewart
  10. Usually happens to me in the evening, say around 8.30pm Stewart
  11. I see Liverpool St workings in the early 50s have been mentioned - any other East Anglian sightings?
  12. They just need a bit more looking after than other cars seem to get There - I've filled in your invisible ink!
  13. Is that a giraffe on the end of the vehicle on the right?
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