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  1. I raise you these.....added height and closer to the live wire:-
  2. Well I said it before, so I'll stick by Blackpool Central. Ther'e no greater seaside than Blackpool, so it has to be. Mind you North was good too - the "traditional" terminus, with the additional "modern" excursion platforms (the existing station of today). But like I said before, with the immediate approaches to Central so busy and fascinating, that comes 1st. Stewart
  3. Blackpool Central. Complete with the fabulous approach, from Blackpool South, either direct or via Lytham, then the masses of sidings holding excursions. Just outside the station the complex of Central MPD and the Blackpool Transport tram/bus complex too. A proper terminus with many platforms, always seemed busy (in summer anyway), and wonderfully located.
  4. I would have thought that the Met train would normally have priority, considering the frequency of service on the mEt. A delay to the Chesham branch train could (theoretically) delay services behind it all the way from central London, including beyond Baker Street and the the Circle. A delay to the inbound Chiltern train would be minimal as it should have been slowing anyway for the Chalfont stop, with many fewer Met services behind it (only 1 stop from the end of the Met!).
  5. I've stripped mine right down to component parts. It was ok when it arrived, but sporadically showed signs of a gear going out of mesh. I also wanted to be rid of the maze of dcc wiring. So I started stripping it. Suffice to say, not a job for the faint hearted! It is still in bits awaiting a solution to the original problem. If you turn the loco over, there is one FLAT headed screw; this basically hold the boiler/body down, though you do have to remove much more (other POZI screws, wheels, cyls, pipes etc. The idler gearwheel rotates freely on a shaft which sits in slots in the frame. It appears that the boiler has a narrow projection pushing down in the slot at one side. This looks like it should push the shaft into position so that the gears mesh properly. The body is of course held by the flat screw. I've now broken my screw, it is very thin and easily over tightened. I'm looking at glueing the shaft in position, the gear can rotate ok on it. The body is a very tight fit on the underframe, so hopefully the screw will be redundant. I've replaced all the wiring with thin flex as used in dcc, obtained I think from Eileens Emporium. The blanking plug etc in the tender has been thrown away to simplify matters. All the wires will come together on a piece of copper clad sleeper under the tender. Incidentally I found no single strand wire in the build. Stewart
  6. I have in my possession a K's J70 tram loco which I built c1965. I got it to work at 1st attempt too - an achievement for a 1st kit and 16 years old! It has always run extremely well, with no problems, though a tad noisy if you wind the throttle up. But at low speeds it seems ok. It has survived 2 or 3 falls to the floor, and is at present stored, awaiting replacement of the cowcatchers with some etched ones. In fact, for many years, I regarded it as my "go to" loco for reliable testing of track etc. I also have a Wills (not long before the sale to SEF) J69 with a whitemetal chassis. I can't remember which motor I put in it, probably a Romford?. I do know however that a high ratio set of gears (Romford) were used - 50 or 60:1? I remember when I first ran it through some points, the gear wheel rubbed on the rail! I turned it over, powered it with wander leads, and held a file on to the gear to reduce its diameter - and that worked! An incredibly slow performer, it took a few seconds under 30 minutes to traverse a circle of Hornby track, powered by my home built/Wireless World pwm controller (I still use them today). Stewart
  7. Ribble: modelbuszone.co.uk/images_model_kits/TinyTK4/Ribble.jpg Actually the last model bus kit I made! Liverpool: I'm sure I've seen one somewhere but can't find it. Model Bus Zone lists everything that has been available if you want to search) (Not sure why everything is underlined, can't get rid of it). Stewart
  8. Wow, that's cheap nowadays for a RTP bus! And a resin kit is £50 or more. Might be worth getting for a repaint. When Corgi originally produced the Lodekka, it had a number of detail parts fitted that others didn't, such as mirrors, handrails, even the blind winders on the front. Mind you, the "cream" rubber of the window seals was done as a print on the glazing (later much improved). I wonder if it was chosen as a "best example" model? Or if is sans these details? Stewart
  9. Looks like a relivery of the Corgi model - nothing genuine about the livery though. Stewart
  10. Google transistor testing, I've lost my link, but I found a number of good guides on using a (normal) multimeter for testing. Stewart Found the one I had, and there are plenty of others! https://leetsacademy.blogspot.com/2017/03/how-to-test-npn-pnp-transistor.html
  11. I've got 2 of those pigeon vans. The 1st one was bought - and built straight away - when first released. Later on at an exhibition I saw another kit, thought "that looks nice, I'll have that", not realising I had one! When I got home I realised, and built it anyway. Lovely kits, didn't realise they are now rare. Stewart
  12. Good show, thanks for putting it on. A question if I may, about Phil's visit to Outwell? Of great interest to me as local, and the wife come from just down the road at Welney. In fact she went to Upwell school, which backed on to the line, and saw it running. Phil seemed to visit the vicarage, with what looked like a small museum exhibit. Was this a special demo, or is it for real? I thought the vicarage was for sale? Stewart
  13. We removed unwanted vinyls from our vans with a heat gun (hair drier). Not sure if the vinyl would be re-usable? Stewart
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