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  1. Yes I know that, didn't you see the Joker?
  2. Had an email notifying me of the final payment taken on my 2nd run GT3 over the weekend. Still haven't received the loco though........ Stewart
  3. Some time ago, I'm sure it was on this thread, J11s were discussed. There was mention of them being used on the M&GN , can anyone recall the discussion or the id of any J11 that was seen on the M&GN? I'm looking for a renumber of the Bachmann one,for potential GE/M&Gn use (with a probable Rule 1 licence!). Stewart
  4. Would it not be sensible for the shop to actually specify the diameter of the wheels? Stewart
  5. Surprise surprise! Postman dropped an envelope through my letterbox this morning, containing the (Modelmaster...) CCT transfers that I was waiting for. So patience is a virtue, but to take the money immediately then have the order delayed is surely wrong. I shall look elsewhere for 1st prefence in future though. Stewart
  6. In simple terms - and no doubt someone will jump in with a more detailed explanation, but at this point I don't think it necessary - a series choke and parallel capacitor form a 'tuned circuit', which can filter out specific frequencies. My suspicion is that there was nothing too technical involved in that era that Triang when did it this way, even knowledge of electronics has improved over the years, especially away from the 'simple-users' such as Triang! Stewart
  7. When used on the Met with the 4TC, SS was at one end and a loco at the other for the return journey. And often there would be an extra loco at one end, or both, so the 4TC was in reality just loco-hauled stock, not used in 'push' mode.
  8. Now retired, but when I was working, we were regurlaly informed that a 'manager' of people was responsible for the H&S of his staff. For instance, working a machine; If there was a blade on that machine, it had to be protected - the manager's responsibility, along with ensuring the worker was trained to use it properly. However if the worker decided to leave the guard off, and got injured, then he couldn't blame the management. A direct parallel to the farmer (manager)/LC (machine)/signs (guard)/ driver authorised to use the LC (worker). Stewart
  9. Paint them maroon, convert to 25kV o/h and move them to the Clacton line?
  10. I can confirm that I've never had any problems with orders from Cambridge Custom Transfers - the above post was indeed referring to a Modelmaster order for transfers for a CCT vehicle! Apologies for any confusion ! Stewart
  11. I think this may have been covered before, but there are an awful lot of pages to search through to find it! What paint colour does anyone use to represent the Brown livery used on coaches into the BR era in the 50s? (such as an ex GE coach that never received BR crimson). Enamels preferred, brush or rattle can. Stewart
  12. I suppose then my order for some CCT transfers, from exactly 1 month ago come tomorrow, doesn't come anywhere near to being delayed yet? Payment was taken from me within 24hrs of ordering. I've tried to give him some slack, and haven't queried it yet, not even sure that I should bother. Stewart
  13. What about a secondhand Mainline (later morphing into the Bachmann 04) 03 chassis? There were a number of updates on this chassis design but any should do it. Stewart
  14. As I've said before, print on to self adhesive labels, A4 size. No glue needed then. Seal with a coat of your favourite varnish. Mine is B&Q or similar matt varnish brushed on. Stewart
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