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  1. Operationally, they are one station; one supervisor and the staff cover roles at both places. Stewart
  2. Official LUL list here, note the differences dependant upon direction. Copy of Inter station database.xls
  3. I was only thinking that it's a big drop between the rails! Stewart
  4. How does the lorry get to where it is? Stewart
  5. She'll pick some more coal up in the troughs, rarely photographed, north of Doncaster...……... Stewart
  6. Still available, download or dvd, on the TVP website. Stewart
  7. I was just going to add the Black 5 (above). Also the A8 4-6-2T 69814, and 46245 City of London. Plenty of oddities in the modern preservation era but I'll ignore those. Often forgotten are the handful of Brits, and the 73xxx too. Stewart
  8. By using mazak?.......hang on a minute...... Stewart
  9. Amount and variety of stock! Though I do remember when it had a large model bus selection. Stewart
  10. Especially compared to a Flirt (or whatever they are called) Stewart.
  11. Certainly would if Tony Wright built the chassis. Stewart
  12. Going back to this post about the Bec J17 - was it really nearly 40 pages ago! - a replacement J17 chimney and dome are mentioned. Anyone know where these could be obtained? I've found a lost wax dome on Precision Paints website (£8 + postage!), but can't find mention of either anywhere else. Comparing them with the GERS drawing it looks like I shall need replacements. Thanks to Tony, I have obtained a chassis from SEF, a nice easy kit which is nearly finished. Stewart
  13. I had lots of commuting experience with First running FCC into KGX, and I have to say, they were good. I wondered why their previous 365 units were moved to Crewe! Are these the new units for the WCML I wonder,,,,,, Stewart
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