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  1. With all the promotions, and sales offers (such as bundles), makes me wonder if they are clearing stocks for some reason?
  2. Well as a retired electronics/quality engineer, I wouldn't say no to it if I was offered it. I'd not just use it straight away without checking it over first for safety. It shouldn't be passed to the unwashed, but a sledgehammer is cruel. Whatever happened to recycling....
  3. There are still some at Three Horse Shoes on the March-Peterborough line.
  4. Stunning. I'm an East Anglian fan myself, not Southern, but that looks superb. Non of the modern image trash of clashing colours and go-faster stripes, just proper livery application. Well done.
  5. And I bet everyone in the queue still had their foot on the brake, in gear, with the engine running?
  6. For what it is worth, I had almost the same problem 2-3 years ago. The railbus had been mostly stored, with a little test running on the partially built layout. I found a split gear, which eventually jammed solid. I also had some bits drop off, most of these I glued back on, but had lost a couple of suspension units/axleboxes. I made contact with a very helpful guy at Howes, who were them the importers, and spares suppliers. He was running short of spares, but had a "xmas tree" that he was cannibalising, and provided all I needed for a nominal sum. Suffice to say the repairs went well, in fact he supplied slightly more than I needed so I have the odd bits for future use. Now of course the importer/spaes supplier has changed, Gaugemaster I believe? And I'e heard the spares supply is not as good. I suspect no knowledgeable helpful guy cannibalising models, but just a small stock of parts as I've heard? Best to contact them and ask though. Mine also went back together a lot simpler. No lights, pcb, dcc wiring etc. I keep it simple. Stewart
  7. I've seen recently some interiors pics in an RM for around 2009-10. Stewart
  8. Usually happens to me in the evening, say around 8.30pm Stewart
  9. I see Liverpool St workings in the early 50s have been mentioned - any other East Anglian sightings?
  10. They just need a bit more looking after than other cars seem to get There - I've filled in your invisible ink!
  11. Is that a giraffe on the end of the vehicle on the right?
  12. I have successfully used "Strip Magic" (from Eileen's Emporium). Now this is supposed to be a paint stripper for plastic models, but I specifically wanted to remove paint from glazing on model buses (think EFE & OOC here); I had previously brush painted these without removing the windows and got some paint on the glazing. No ill effects at all on the models. (And it also stripped paint from a Bachmann coach that had been badly over painted). Stewart
  13. Just noticed in another topic on here, that it is also 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. A coincidence, or hidden agenda perhaps?
  14. So the redevelopment includes a distribution centre? I do hope it will be rail connected......
  15. Pages Walk - used to service our equipment there. I could tell the stories of ghostly experiences I had on 3 occasions. I'm neither a believer, nor disbeliever, but my wife certainly believes (we have an experience from the NYMR which has no logical explanation), so I have an open mind. Stewart
  16. And me. Also, when posts are added to a topic during the reading time, the bar at the bottom is blank.
  17. 4 - LNER D16/3 4-4-0 Claud with valance 7 - LNER B2 4-6-0 (rebuilt Sandy) 11 - LNER A1/1 4-6-2 60113 Not sure that the B12 and K3 are relevant though due to existing models? Also having definitely seen 2 examples of D49 (and someone else I knew saw them too), working a train round the St.Ives loop to Cambridge, I assume that it came from Peterborough? I've been dismissed before for mentioning these, but I (and the other guy) both separately saw them. I've also seen Patriot 45541 work a freight through to Cambridge & back via the same route. Stewart
  18. Or perhaps Chesterton Junction (Cambridge)?
  19. Andy, did you lend them the invisible ink?
  20. Is this the one? Managed to find the one baseplate today, and a number of different size pickup wires? Stewart
  21. Which part do you need? The plate or the pickup spring wire? I might have some, I'll look tomorrow. Stewart
  22. So that van driver didn't read the very clear instructions that were on that sign? There, I've corrected it for you!
  23. D6723 approaches Windmill Bridge, near Over, on the St.Ives loop (Cambs),. The date is the final day of through workings on the loop, 04-03-1967, and this is the final up parcels, in the morning. The route is now part of the Cambridge MisGuided Busway. Stewart
  24. What a lovely sensible livery for a change! Complimentary colours, following body lines, not garish at all. The yellow panel, which I must admit started back in the early 60s as an 'afterthought' (though often neatly applied), morphed into that awful 'dipped in custard' look of the rail blue era - horrible. In this case it is reasonably restrained, following the bodylines again. The orange stripe comes down to a neat position, if carried straight across that would look out of place. An elegant livery that stands out - well done. Stewart
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