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  1. I'm not going to get in a slanging match here, but the attitude of them "being perfectly ok for me" shows no regard for others. Personally, I've been driving since 1/67, and never found a problem with halogen headlights with the car being driven within its safe limits. As far as modern cars go, I wouldn't touch any on the road today with a bargepole. My car is an 05 plate Rover 75 - which I regard as modern, though the design is from the late 90s. It is, by my standards, a very complex car. I have always done my own maintenance (everything) and intend to keep it. It has halogen bulbs. So my choice is: mot buy a car with features I don't like. I also have an eye problem, following an operation many years ago. My left eye does not close down properly in bright light conditions so the effect of these unneccesssary bright lights is exacerbated .
  2. I think the questions should be raised to a higher profile about this! Stewart
  3. But at that point on the 20mph reverse curve, the loco wouldn't be powering, just coasting. Stewart
  4. We said that in the 60s when we only had Brush 2s and Cravens units! Stewart
  5. Cambridge tried - successfully - a tow-away scheme in the 80s, with pretty rigid control. They had "proper" traffic wardens then who were based at the city police station, and under police control. Any car found illegally parked was towed away, with a "human" discretion taken. The previous regime of just ticketing was not working & causing tremendous traffic problems. Sadly due to pressure from the ME fraternity who regarded it as an infringement of their rights, it was the tow-away scheme was later abandoned. When I moved from working with the police, to working on the Underground, I saw the modern answer that London has. The traffic wardens are now parking officers, employed by the council (or their contractor). There is no discretion (though to be frank I have no sympathy with the parking offenders); every vehicle has to be correctly parked and there is intense policing (not Policing) of thge streets. It amused me every morning, as I popped out to the local Greggs in Lower Marsh (same street as the Ian Allan Bookshop). There is an Iceland store on the corner of the crossroads, with a warehouse entrance at the side in Launcelot St., a short cul-de-sac which forms a gated exit from under Waterloo station. Every morning an artic, same driver, backed into here to deliver; the parking officer was waiting, camera & ticket book in hand. The driver accepted the ticket & tossed it into the cab then unloaded. No "human" discretion, the lorry admittedly wasn't legally parked, but it was taking a number of car bays (short term parking, no obstruction to traffic). Generally, everyone in London is afraid to park, you have to be so pedantic how you park - they even have measurements from the kerb! Stewart
  6. An LNER E4? This year is 150% certain on that - I managed to pick up a kit for one at Warley, so they are bound to produce it! Stewart
  7. Hang on a minute, but it wasn't supplied through Aldi or Lidl..... Stewart
  8. Do you have the details of where the error is please? I believe you said you cut & shut anothe body into it, but I'm looking at the possibility of something a tad cheaper..... Stewart
  9. If nothing else, getting the Mirrlees into D5500 would mean that the NRM, in their ethos of "correctness", would then have to paint it in the proper colours instead of that awful blue! Stewart
  10. . TBH I wasn't picking on just Blue Square, just using it as 1 example of standardisation. Built to that standard, any make of car could be used with any other. (Something not available today!) Stewart
  11. Surely the whole point of having dmu cars, built to a common standard (eg blue square coupling code), was that they WERE interchangeable in use? Stewart
  12. I've not really seen much on the "South Town" layout here. Does anyone have any more info? Stewart
  13. A fascinating and beautiful piece of engineering there. Stewart
  14. I was lucky at that stall - I picked up a Stephen Poole E4 (the proper one, GER) complete with a NuCast chassis, and a D&S GER Restaurant Car. By my reckoning, that is the last loco on my wishlist so I am very pleased. It is a very long list of East Anglian locos, though one has yet to be delivered from Model Rail (LMS shunter). I'm hoping he has some more coaches left at Peterborough. Stewart
  15. You didn't say which year? Stewart
  16. All this to-ing & fro-ing about these "generics"; but they've missed out on the most important one they could have in the range. Where is the giraffe car? Triang managed to do one. Stewart
  17. For what it is worth, one of my former colleagues was a self-employed contracter, who had worked on snagging the 395s when they were first introduced. He told me a few times how, contrary to the Hitachi etc publicity, how sh** they were! (his words...). Apparently poor construction/quality control, and some very crude design features. He did try to show me some video footage of these "features" on his phone, but frankly it was beyond me. Make of it what you will. Stewart
  18. Modelmaster (who now are discontinuing bus transfers) and Fox both do many bus adverts. Stewart
  19. That WW article is the one I used all those years ago, and still use today. Stewart
  20. New York is an awful long way from Cambridgeshire I'm afraid, otherwise I could have done it. Stewart
  21. Locally reported by the media as opening 9th Dec, and confirmed again this week apparently. Stewart
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