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  1. I've used B&Q brush varnish (matt). My take is to print on A4 size sticky labels and they fix easily to plasticard. I use the buildings in the garage and am wary of cardboard in there, and I seal them against damp with the varnish. Stewart
  2. Many years ago (1978 I think) Bostik M890 adhesive was reviewed in MRC. I purchased some, and got on very well with it when sticking aluminium coach bodies together. Nothing else was ever so successful, with me at least. It was a strange 2-part resin glue. One part, the resin, was applied to part A, then the the other part, a brown liquid, was brushed on part B. The parts A & B were then lightly clamped and it would set in 1-5 minutes. It could even be used when the parts were wet ( so it was claimed). Unlike 2-part epoxy, there was no mixing involved at all. Having just scanned the mag wi
  3. Does anyone know if any of their products survive under another name? During scanning of old magazines, I've come across a lot of their items, in old adverts and reviews, and wondered if they still exist anywhere? Havining said that, I picked up a nice Austin car on Ebay today! Stewart
  4. ....more faff and probably greater expense than walking into your local Halfords.... Now that's the quote of the year! ANYTHING is easier and cheaper than Halfrauds...... Stewart
  5. Don't forget the exhaust as well. Originally no pipe, just a hole in the top of the body. Fairly soon fitted with a 'stovepipe' type of exhaust. Later models had the conical type, as did the 03 when first introduced. (LAter 03 had the flowerpot type). I don't think any were swopped over at any time. There are different numerals too. The early 'D' numbers were a small D, then a '.', followed by the number - all in steam style. I believe the small D then gave way to a large D, maybe still with a ".", and later without the ".". Later on the whole number ()D2201) was chan
  6. Acautious word on Electrolube. Many years ago I was working at Pye (Philips). As an electronics firm I had the use of Electrolube - genuine article - at work. Peco around that time introduced their pen-styled Electrolube dispensers. I assume this was the same product as Electrolube, to the best of my knowledge, is a brand name. I don't know which variety I used, but I started using it, sparingly, as a lubricant for wagon axles. I remember some Airfix wagon kits that then got dissolved axle ends/bearings, which were caused by the Electrolube. I've always been wary of using Electrolube
  7. I posted the link of this topic over to my son, who has been working recently on the project. (he is actually in the photo, in the centre distance). He emailed me back with the following reply: 'Might want to tell them that there are only Timber Sleepers on the turnouts, the rest are concretes... And it runs on the right at the south end and through the tunnel, then crosses over because of the placements of the turnouts lining up with the new building.... partly due to where the old drainage ran...' Stewart
  8. And I believe, both are available as 3D prints. In fact, I've already done the brake vehicle, and have plans to scratchbuild the luggage van. Stewart
  9. If you were to ask for info on specific subjects, someone on here would perhaps be able to help? Perhaps by suggesting a particular book, or back copy of magazine (which might even be picked up off ebay etc), or by passing on ainfo they have themselves.
  10. Fenland inbreeding - we all do it apparently....
  11. Model Railways February 1984 - I have a digital copy open in front of me. As wellas plenty of other articles scanned from old mags, GER society articles, and the kit instructions from Conoisseur! Stewart
  12. Having had the email invitation to purchase, I ent through the process, but when it came to payment the site went round in circles. I've emailed KRM direct, but wondering what went on? Stewart
  13. On the times I have used the busway, the transit time to the effective end of it (the old A10 Milton Road LC) was good, but from there on useless. Though bus lanes are painted on the road, they are not really useful due to other traffic, parking etc. And on two occasions, the busway was partially closed, from Histon (station) inbound. In fact the "bustitution" route took us off at Histon, on the normal (old) road to exit the village at the Northern bypass roundabout, then back onto the busway via its 'Arbury branch' to get to Milton Road (LC)! From there it was the tortuous ride through to the
  14. I agree that the line should never have closed. It was probably more due to dubious accounting on the part of BR that helped the closure. Counting passengers on the wrong day, not including through tickets, etc - all practices known to have happenned elsewhere as well. And the attitude of the time, nationally, was not to conserve old likes for future use, so we have to live with that I'm afraid. What does get to me though, is that if a new road were to be built, then demolition is par for the course if required - why can't this be re-worded to "if a new ROUTE for transort" instead of just road
  15. Just wait for Cambs Council to put in a new proposal. Another Misguided Busway anyone?
  16. If you are commenting on the Upwell picture, I think you'll find no ground signals on there. Just point levers, such as that to the right of the first point in. And the amount of grass you see is more the effect of disuse on those sidings. Have a look at any of the plentiful W&U photo albums. Stewart
  17. I'm not a SR modeller, but I purchased a blue one from MRD almost at the last moment. I'm very impressed with it. I've only checked it is ok on my10' or so of track in the station area, but I did notice the 'flywheel effect'. Running at full speed, then remove the power, & it continues for a distance. Unusual, but good. Stewart
  18. Wasn't it also involved in the Sandy derailment? (wheelset problem on a coach?) Stewart
  19. I disagree about the ringfield magnets losing magnetism. I did loco servicing for many years, for a number of local shops. I did numerous re-mags (and still do some occasionally) on H/D locos, most of which were ringfields. I had many more Triang-Hornby locos pass through for service, than did H/D, but the number of T-H remags was small in comparison. Stewart
  20. I like 04s, especially the skirted W&U version.
  21. Did the Wills/SEF be compromised to fit a RTR chassis? I didn't think it did.
  22. Going off topic re catalogue sales, but remaining on subject with this loco: I always thought this loco was a figment of Hornby's imagination, but apparently not! I'm scanning my model mags at the moment, and came across an article on what could be the prototype. A GKN industrial. .GKN 0-4-0T.pdf
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