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  1. Model Railways July 1978 has a 2 page article, with drawings, on Mersey Rly 2-6-2T built by Kitson 1892. Not sure if that is the one? Edit typo for date
  2. When Stonea was closed for the repair, a separate crash bar was mentioned (in our local rag maybe?). It was stated that it couldn't be provided as it had to be part of the bridge structure to be safer. I think the comment came from NR. Stewart.
  3. I decided when I popped into the garage today, to check my 60501 over more cloely. Earlier in the week I had brought it indoors out of the cold, to fit the accessory pack, but at that time I didn't get round to changing its id to 60502 so it went back to the garage. Now, what have I found with the build? When I got it, I unpacked it (carefully). Nothing adrift. When placed on the track, with about a 6' clear run through points, slips and crossovers, I found no issues. A quick test only, it was bitterly cold in there. Earlier this week when I brought it in, I fitted the extra bit
  4. I scanned all mine - must have been over 6000 - myself. I bought a used scanner (Epson V370 Photo) from ebay, to replace the earlier Epson Photo I had but had faults. The new one included a plastic insert to hold 4 slides at once (as indeed the old one did too). Epson software has a useful interface that can be "tuned" to my requirements, I always use the "proffesional" mode rather that the simpler ones. Most of my slides were 35mm but I had a lot of square 126 slides. Thesefit the plastic frame, and can be resized in the preview mode before scanning. After saved to the hard drive, they can ea
  5. That's a novel way of getting through a low bridge - skid through on its side!
  6. Probably a self employed local boy. Cheap(ish) small transporter - could even be one of the local scrappies. Stewart
  7. Stonea bridge re-opened at last after the major rebuild from the last strike! But, wait.........Stonea.pdf From our local weekly rag (Fenland Citizen).
  8. 71000 had brass numerals on its cabside for a while in preservation, Nicely done but I always thought it loked wrong. LU have had poppies on there cab fronts over a number of years for November memories. Stewart
  9. Do we know when 60502 gained a lipped chimney? I wish to change my 60501 to 60502 in late life, and Hornby have it as a stovepipe. Stewart
  10. Now this is just a theory of mine, and I have no need to pursue it, but I wonder if the poor fitting cab is a paint issue. If the mouldings are the correct size (firebox/cab/footplate) and will assemble ok without paint, then when they receive paint things tighten up. This could then give issues with assembly as parts won't "click" properly into place. I've seen this many times with the smaller detail parts such as buffer beam pipes. I admit to having a little chuckle (sorry) at the number of posts on here from those who can't get the pipes into the holes. Use of a small drill to enlarge
  11. I'm sure those A4-clones came from the Festival of Britain site in Battersea Park? Stewart
  12. My Austin A30 was fitted ( by me with front and rear fogs, HRW,had a factory fitted heater with a fan,and I also fitted an ammeter and battery voltmeter. My 15 mile journey to work on a foggy cold morning rarely saw the ammeter go +ve - a slow crawl in the fog with everything on! At traffic lights I wound turn the lights down to sides only (actually as stated in the highway code etc at the time, which cut the discharge. I had fitted a battery with 3x the standard capacity, and if the weather persisted I couldn't get 3 days out of it, so it was on charge overnight. How we take our modern cars f
  13. I believe that loco (or the remains of it) still exist somewhere? Stewart
  14. It would need more coal capacity surely?
  15. I've got a few to throw in here, many of them long departed, or the locos moved elsewhere. I'm not sure which order these will come in, but they include: Wells Harbour Railway Southport Lakeside, Lowestoft Fleetwood More in another post Stewart
  16. I've no idea if this applies to rail vehicles, but I would be surprised if modern vehicles weren't so equipped Dynamos are old technology, and paired with relay regulators. They are very inefficient at low rpm. Think of a 1950s car. By the early 70s cars were fitted with alternators and solid state regulators (ie diodes) which gave a much improved efficiency particularly at low revs. Is it worth looking at modern rail vehicles to see if anything is useable? Stewart
  17. I've used model paint stripper from Eileens Emporium to strip off excess paint from glazing (though I hven't tried tampo over-printing). Stewart
  18. My 60501 arrived from Kernow today. I only quikly unpacked it in the man cave/freezing cold garage and given it a short up & down test along the layout - seems fine to me, and I went back in the warm! Plates are coming from Fox for 60502, but what about a chimney with a lip? Any suggestions of a source are invited so that my late crest 60502 can emerge. Stewart
  19. You probably know this already, but many years ago, we had someone giving us a slide show/lecture at our local Circle. (I can't remember who it was, but somebody'famous' in railway circles & operation/maintenance). He quoted that Southwold locos got repaired at Stratford Works, and emerged painted with GER blue. Stewart
  20. I was under the impression that little of the Mikes Models range now exists. Does anyone know otherwise? Stewart
  21. Nah they aren't lower. The loco has been standing around so long that the tyres have gone flat.
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