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  1. Both Blackpool sheds had the standard Lanky 'coal hole' with water tank above. No 'Cenotaph' here!
  2. I picked up this undated pic recently, of a Lanky 0-6-0 on shed @ Blackpool. To the right, my eye was drawn to the odd (to a Northerner!) 21t mineral wagon. The number is W109797. It's evidently been used for loco coal but not branded as such. A google search for GWR minerals brought me to this thread. Note the white diagonal stripes indicating doors at both ends. I imagine these wagons were intended to be emptied mechanically. The single drop-down door would not be popular with the shed staff if they had to shovel from the 4 corners, with some choice words about Swindon products!
  3. Definitely looks the part. You can consider this 'an expression of interest' ! This technology is perfect for a shortish run. Indeed, I imagine they could be produced as required, rather than have to commit to a quantity of etchings, which might take years to shift.
  4. For me it's the seasonal traffic which excites me, running alongside the regular passenger & limited, but distinctive freight traffic. Poulton Curve or somewhere on the Fleetwood line would avoid the heavy excursion traffic. I've spent the best part of 2 decades 'researching' my proposed layout of Kirkham, but no building has actually happened, of the trainset or my mountain of kits. I also have a large collection of RTR stock waiting for the glorious day to arrive... What I have achieved is to amass a lot of photos & copies of spotting logs (esp the West Coast
  5. Did this product ever materialise? I'd definitely have one. I'm assuming it's 4mm scale? I've got just about every Black 5 variant bar this one!
  6. Thanks everyone for your helpful replies. I'm in no no hurry so I'll leave it a week or so & maybe drill a few holes in the floor for good measure!
  7. Sorry if this has been covered before: my search didn't find anything. I've fitted some passengers in a Bachmann Mk1 interior using a thick cyano adhesive. I seem to recall a warning about superglue fumes clouding glazing. Am I right & if so, how long should I delay re-assembling the coach? Or do I need to remove the figures & all trace of superglue & start again?
  8. I was a bit doubtful when I saw the crest on both cars, so thanks to the contributors who have clarified this point. I recall seeing a set at Ansdell & Fairhaven running towards Preston on a Sunday morning. I imagine this was around '65 or '66, give or take. Can anyone shed any light on this? Maybe it was an excursion to the Lakes: Lakeside perhaps?
  9. Some time ago, in an idle moment and quite independently of this posting, I dreamed up some rather juvenile (ie to me, hilarious) layout names, some of which I can still recall: A North London Rly early version of 'Crossrail', the Bow Locks & Hampton Wick Extension Railway. (Hackney Wick would be geographically more plausible, I suppose) A little known LBSC branch terminus, Bluebell End. Personally, I lack the imagination to invent a credible made-up location for my layout, so perhaps I'll make do with a real place on the Preston-Ormskirk line: Sod Hall Crossing. No need for th
  10. Thanks Cheesysmith! I think the first livery version for each loco would fit the bill. Not sure I need a fancy wooden box so I'll get them separately if it's cheaper that way.
  11. I've tried searching for old posts on this subject but can't find the info I need. I believe the Twins were used on Blackpool-Euston during their first spell on the LMR. I recently found a photo of 10000 in LMS black at St.Anne's on Sea, and a few months back there were some photos on ebay of a Twin leaving Blackpool, which went for quite high prices. Sadly, I didn't note which Twin(s) & the dates. However, I seem to recall seeing a photo in one of the monthly mags, about a year ago (?) of one of them at Preston on a Blackpool train, but I haven't been able to track it down. The thing is,
  12. Hi Tom, I think it's about time we got together to see how we can help each other as our research & modelling projects have much in common. Unfortunately, my Kirkham circa 1959 (but actually 1948-68!) layout has been at the research stage for almost a decade, but it may be I have stuff which you will find useful: photos, public & WTTs, Sectional Appendices, handbills & other ephemera, RCTS Traffic Survey (1959) etc. I live in Preston & work out of Blackpool North, by the way. If you're interested, send me a private message if possible, rather than putting our contact details i
  13. A good source of photos of Blackpool & the Fylde are the books published by Foxline (author Stuart Taylor) which cover the 1950s/'60s period focussing on the intensive holiday traffic as well as the local passenger services & freight. There are several shots of the shed next to the football ground, showing the usual Black 5s, Crabs, Jubilees etc. There are foreigners too: 9Fs, B1s, K3s & even a J39. I can't imagine you'd get much of a view even if you stood on a cab roof, except through the gaps between the Kop, the little N West stand & the West stand. The shed roof might have
  14. Ooops sorry! Fat fingers at work I'm afraid. What I wanted to do was thank Paul (& anyone else who contributed) who has answered my prayer for my personal Holy Grail: the Covhop! I've pestered those nice chaps at Parkside for years & now Bachmann is doing the business at a price which will just about make a decent block train affordable. Oh frabjous day! Now I need to establish if I need fitted/piped/loose coupled. The spilt powder made them all look grey in B&W photos! It's some measure of my own deluded obsession that I couldn't believe the muted reaction to this world-shatterin
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