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  1. Early this year, as it looks like there won’t be an ex L&Y class 27 RTR for the foreseeable future, I acquired a reasonably priced Bachmann C class and an AJModels (via Shapeways) print of the body. On arrival the print looked pretty good, but I more or less parked, as I was busy with other things. When I finally got back to the project, I realised the print lacks the smokebox retaining clips ( or clamps - instead of a dart), which are quite characteristic of almost anything that emerged from Horwich (or Derby and several more for that matter. Andrew at AJM has corrected the CAD at Shapewa
  2. Funny, I thought the proper engines lived at Upperby, not Canal.
  3. Carlisle Someone just remarked, ‘...must make a model of it...‘ Try this for
  4. Inappropriate on here, perhaps; but, line side somewhere near Scout Green, Westmoreland; with the sounds of Peewit, Curlew, Skylark and Spring lambs regularly broken by a seemingly endless procession of ex LMS motive power storming towards Shap Summit. John D, aka ‘Straits Settlements’
  5. LNW Webb Coal Tank, or Furness ‘Cleator Tank’
  6. Does anyone know if AjModels are still producing their Ex L&Y class 27 and 28 3D prints. I can’t see any recent reports from customers or entries on their blog. I don’t want to fall into the trap of ordering something online from someone who is no longer trading - once bitten, twice shy. Thanks John D
  7. Any sign of these 13t hoppers from Parkside yet? Got it into my head they were scheduled for release in June. John D
  8. Great stuff! Looking forward to catching up on the latest developments ‘in the flesh’, so to speak. 43008
  9. Attached, a couple of photos from the fateful day, fifty years ago. Aged sixteen, my dad drove me, my mother and a family friend to Aisgill. Frustration with the number of people milling around soon gave way to a decision to make the pictures about the crowd as much as the train.
  10. Ah; looks like I'm not permitted to upload a video file. So there's not much for anyone to respond to. Sorry
  11. Attached video is of my recently arrived flatboard crab, straight from the box. This is not how it should sound, itherwise seems to run ok. I'v contacted the supplier, but no reply as yet. Any ideas what the clicking might be, and how I might fix it? Thanks John D
  12. And some NE 20T wooden-bodied hoppers to go with it? JohnD
  13. PS, does anyone know if Oxford even read this, or should I email them directly? John
  14. Yes, please; for the Horwich class 27! Or even a class 28. Pre-grouping 0-6-0; long life, from pre 1900 to early sixties; wide-ranging, especially in LMS and BR days, from North Wales to Goole, from West Cumberland to Nuneaton; preservd example. Superficially similar to Dean Goods? Maybe not quite the easy jump I imagine, though. You can have any colour, so long as it's black. Is that a plus, or a minus? John D
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