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  1. truffy

    Hornby 66s

    Also, compare the roof vents and handrails of the 2-BIL against the SR carriages that were being released at the same time, if not earlier.
  2. As jimwal observed, it appears that the conduit took a totally different route on the prototype compared to the model. Plus the model seems to be placed slightly low and is printed on the body, not as a plaque. Not quite as simple as a black pen, after all, although that would eliminate the more obvious problem.
  3. truffy

    Hornby 66s

    What market are Hornby going to be aiming at with this? They have the Railroad range, for the cheap end. I understood (perhaps misunderstood?) that they were also aiming for a higher-end market where fidelity meant more than cost. I'm not sure where 'design clever' fits into this, because it seemed to have not-much-better-than-Railroad quality at a premium price. If they can drop the cost of 'design clever', they might find a middle market, but that then puts them into three defined segments.
  4. And I trust you to be just as objectively critical of that model should it come to it. There has already been some (hopefully valuable) feedback given on the EP test shots, and (just as hopefully) this will be taken into account. But, if not, I expect that Dapol/Rails will be still held to account.
  5. Sometimes it's the things that are unsaid that mean more than those that are said. Just like 'that look' that I sometimes get from SWMBO when a new delivery arrives at Truffy Towers.
  6. The "guest" moniker is the giveaway. I'm not sure why, but many web forums (not just RMWeb) assign guest status to deleted/banned members. It gives the impression that 'guests' can post, which they cannot. I would've thought that there are better ways of describing a non-existent account, but since it's relatively widespread I've obviously missed something.
  7. So although two are in SR/36 livery, they're only SR/38+ build? Still good enough for me, methinks.
  8. The OP himself stated that he found a YT video how-to. So perhaps the best course of action is to start with your internet search engine of choice, only then followed by your web forum of choice?
  9. It would appear that the OP is an ex-member. He is no more (a member, that is). Hopefully including one on growing a thicker skin. This was nothing.
  10. It's a beautiful livery. Tempting. But with the SR and K&ESR versions already on pre-order...hmmm?
  11. Rails currently have the olive set for fifty pence short of one hundred and forty of your Great British drinking tokens. This brings them into the territory of your bog-standard Hornby Maunsell: https://railsofsheffield.com/bundles/9/set-of-3-sr-olive-green-se-cr-birdcage-coaches I think I'll grab another set, along with the Baccy H2 which is now down to £144.50
  12. Lovely! I could (almost) justify the cost (especially if I don't tell the CFO). But even the SR (right region) is too late for my pre-war era.
  13. truffy

    Hornby 66s

    Not to mention build cheap 'design clever'!
  14. I'm not for a second advocating that Hornby should be supplying instructions on taking apart coaches to fit lighting of unknown origin (although taking apart coaches for the erstwhile harmless addition of passengers?) I cannot currently check instructions as to whether they specifically recommend one brand of decoder (I wonder which one they would?...and how many people would, rightly, choose differently?) But there's an incongruity there.
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