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  1. Great work, Jack! One thought occurred to me. Rather than having the model continuously rotating, it might be more informative to focus on a still image of each modification as you discuss it. It took me a moment to figure out what “stips” are! (In my defence, I should state that I’ve just gone through the annual performance appraisal time-waster, and my employer’s HR uses 'STIP' as an acronym for something that I don’t care about, so it’s a little stuck in my brain)
  2. @jay*bobble, banging your head against the keyboard is not an effective method of communication. Your posts are borderline unintelligible at times, which makes them difficult to read, so most people won't bother. Andy has given you some useful advice to address this limitation. The rest is up to you.
  3. I would like to fit Head and Tail lights both ends. I could use a pre-made set, but working out exactly where to drill holes in the body is beyond my expertise, this way, if the drill holes are not exactly perfectly placed it would have little overall effect.

  4. Weiss Kaninchen

  5. truffy

    Preorder email

    No, you think that you know. But the only ones that do know are H&H. What you have is supposition. I wondered how long it would take for the self-appointed thread police to drop in. Nobody, and I quite literally mean absolutely nobody, is forcing you to read this. You can quite simply put this thread on ignore, it’s really not that difficult, is it?
  6. truffy

    Preorder email

    How so? If Hornby can shift the units now, and have done in the past, they'll be able to shift them in the future. When/if things normalise, people who (feel that they) have been let down by Hattons will either return to them or continue buying from their new reseller(s) of choice. As has been noted above, there are plenty of resellers that don't appear to have been afflicted in the same way that Hattons has.
  7. Aaaaand the problem with renumbering is.....? (point being that this is a release of a pretty esoteric one-off, and you want KRM to provide an even more esoteric never-happened)
  8. I guess it depends on whether there’s a batch 4+, and that will depend on how the first three batches sell. Only Hattons will be able to tell, and even they only at some point in the future. You could try asking them directly, of course! This suggests that you’re not afraid of rolling your sleeves up. So why not by the closest offering and relivery it?
  9. TBH, H-66 didn't so much have "many reported issues" or a "range of faults" so much as a few repeated incessantly (and some of those, such as big light and EWS font, didn't pertain to all models). Given the wide range of variants produced, it's not surprising that there were some problems. IIRC only the axles and wobbly bottom (ooer matron!) were consistently reported across variants, and even then it seems to not have affected all. Glass half full, or half empty?
  10. Hi there. In another thread, @Jack P stated that he was using Roxey Mouldings' screw links on Bachmann birdcage carriages. That might be these ones, although the Terrier photo suggests brass.
  11. truffy

    Preorder email

    As I've mentioned on here before, I had a longstanding order with Hattons for the Bachmann H2 from the time that it was announced. It was only when members posted here later (much later! ) that they'd received theirs, from other retailers, that I found out that that Hattons had had a falling out with Bachmann, and that my order was as viable as John Cleese's parrot. Did Hattons communicate proactively, or at all? That's why Hattons have goe from my favoured retailer to one of last resort. If it weren't for their originals, I wouldn't bother at all.
  12. That's what rule #1 is all about! That way I can justify not only this but the GT3!
  13. IME tax and duty are levied on the total value of the goods. Meaning that not only do shipping costs incur tax, but they are also included when determining whether a shipment breaches any given threshold or limit for incurring these levies. Fun fun fun!
  14. truffy

    Preorder email

    Perhaps thay're concerned that some b*****d's likely to swoop in and gazump them. Oh, hang on, that's their MO.
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