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  1. truffy

    New Hornby Rocket

    Just gloss over the posts that don't interest you. That's what I do. We cannot all be interested in everything, but there's nothing wrong with people expressing their opinions..
  2. York. Or did you mean to write 'young Andy'?
  3. truffy

    New Hornby Rocket

    He's not keeping up, but leaping out on the spur of the moment to stop them!
  4. Somewhat puzzled by status updates that consist solely of one arcane word. What's the point?

    To show some intellectual gravitas?

    Swallowed a dictionary or thesaurus?

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    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      It asks you 'what's on your mind?' Perhaps a single word can describe that, at that particular moment in time.

    3. Harlequin


      Yes, it's telepathy via RMWeb!

      The message only means something to you if you are on exactly the same specialised wavelength as the poster.

      If you respond it signals that you are in the same reality stream as the poster - which, judging by previous responses, is a sparsely populated place.


    4. Mallard60022
  5. Hi Dave, I apologise if I'm being obtuse here, but I'm interested in H4-66-025, which is stated to have an LED Wipac. 024, which is on both lists, has a large headlight, and is therefore affected. 026, which appears on the first list, but not the second, also has a large headlight. Presumably, it's affected and missing from the second list by error. Can you confirm that the 'sandwich filling', 025, is unaffected? Thanks!
  6. Very diplomatic inverse use of the Royal ‘we’ there, Dave!
  7. Have you tried painting them with Maskol or PVA wood glue? That for the raised parts, and tape for the straight line is how I would do it.
  8. truffy

    Bachmann 4BEP

    We will. How many restaurant cars is anyone likely to buy? How many wagons, to make a prototypical train?
  9. truffy

    New Hornby Rocket

    Where there's lack, there's brass!
  10. truffy

    Bachmann 4BEP

    If it was just the 4-BEP, you might have a point. But, seen in context alongside the hike in price of the C class, for example, it's easy to conclude that Bachmann (or Kader) are having a laugh.
  11. truffy

    New Hornby Rocket

    Your analogy is flawed. The Hornby video is a publicly-available marketing piece. It should be created and edited as such. Musicians' demos are not intended for the public domain, but to be used by those in the business. If they ever get into the public domain, it's usually because the musicians are supermegafamous and the completists will buy anything.
  12. As far as I read it, @Alan Oliver's not asking for a commitment to a delivery date, but simply a status update on the stage in the pipeline. If they're already on the high seas, the virus epidemic is less of an issue.
  13. truffy

    New Hornby Rocket

    For some reason, something about axle boxes springs to mind...
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