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  1. How far did they get out of CX? Folkestone? If so, I may have to have one, as I may have commuted on it.
  2. This is part of Hattons' wider 2020 Festive Sale. So, while it's a bargain (too good for me to resist), it shouldn't be seen as anything more than that IMO.
  3. What’s wrong with posting rants/praise for online retailers in the Model Shop Guide, rather than the Products & Trade Area subforums?


    Can we keep the Products & Trade Area to discussion of products (and whatever ‘trade’ means beyond retail)?

  4. If you're referring to the subject of this thread, it's not a train, it's a locomotive. It becomes part of a train when someone sticks stuff on the end. </pedant>
  5. TBH, I wonder how many will truly miss it.
  6. If you cared to read and follow you’d notice that it’s related to the 18000’s decoration (both presence and colour). (NPM)
  7. While I am familiar with the concept of colour sampling and matching, I have next to no clue about ageing of photographic images. Specifically, do all tones age/fade in the same manner? Sure, you might be able to judge how the blues have changed by comparing the colour of the sky. Or grass for green. But what does that tell you of the red hues?
  8. My only criticism of Blue's 92220, which is my favourite locomotive by the way, is the lack of painted cab detail. Other than that, it's nigh on flawless.
  9. But with a Kent Coast logo? Unless it was running as a fill-in, I would've thought that KC emblemed stock would've remained somewhere close to the Kent coast. Or is that naivety beyond measure?
  10. Huh? Did Network SouthEast trains run in the SouthWest? At least, without modification? The 31-392 has the Kent Coast logo, which must've caused some confusion in Exeter!
  11. Isn't reverse engineering (on a commercial basis) essentially stealing IP? I realise Chinese companies do it all the time, but that doesn't make it right. Or perhaps everyone does it (on a commercial basis).
  12. TBH, I don't think that your approach runs the risk of duplication, at least not risk to AS. If JoSchmo Ltd announces a Conflat L (yes, @Porcy Mane, that one's for you!), with a lead time of two years, and then AS delivers six months later, you've just got in under the radar! I don't have any particular preference as to when in the cycle an announcement is made, just as long as the lead time isn't measured in millennia.
  13. Or perhaps people are happy to apply the 80:20 rule. In many cases close enough is good enough.
  14. All of which only serves to remind me that I need more bums on seats!
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