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  1. I agree with the idea of a premium for fancy liveries, although there are actually three tiers in the cases of this particular model, which rather complicates the situation: super-fancy (SECR silk); moderately fancy (SR, SECR grey scraped, BR lined); and plain black. I don't think that I'd want to pay the same for the SR as for the SECR silk. But YMMV.
  2. I had a three month stint in the US back in the early 2000s. Craving proper chocolate, I was excited to find a box of Cadbury creme eggs in store. This was followed by a deflating disappointment when I bit into one. It’s only then that I read the fine print on the box: “made under licence by Hershey” I believe that they add sodium butyrate to prevent heat spoilage. It’s that that gives the vomit notes. It also prevents enjoyment. Sorry for the OT
  3. You did better than me. I got about a quarter of the way in, and he still hadn't said anything of note. At that point, my algorithm closed the browser tab. I guess rambling is just the nature of unscripted live feeds.
  4. It depends on how far back you have to go for the days to be “good old”. FOMO was invented after t’internet. Before that, there was only unidirectional marketing, which is like a flat white compared to a cappuccino...no froth.
  5. Alas, not so much now. Even Markit's retailers are having problems. I received a partial refund for an order with Roxey Mouldings, which included the following: Dave then goes on to advise how to go about placing future orders. But it's clear that Roxey (and others?) are having similar frustrations with Markits. Great products. I hope they don't disappear because of the owner's ambivalence/availability.
  6. Have you tried adding a load to the Bachmann wagons to bring them up to the weight of the Cavalex?
  7. Is this an aitch vs. haitch thing? It's not a speech defect, it's a regional difference in pronunciation. Flat vowels bother me more, but that's just because I'm a southern pansy. But this has just led be to appreciate, as a kettle man, how beautiful the HST really is. I'm glad that I have Hornby's FGW 125 (R2812) with dynamic lines carriages. It makes a truly eye-catching train.
  8. But, in "the good old days" FOMO wasn't a thing.
  9. truffy

    The Engine Shed

    Could be worse. ‘Montana Muses’ anyone?
  10. Actually, they wouldn’t have been LCDR livery anyway, since they would’ve gone into SECR pregrouping. Stupid me. I don’t know much use and love they would’ve received under SR, but they would certainly have been refurbished prior to camping use. So in that photo they would be green. But, as you say, whether Maunsell or malachite, or a variation of either it’s difficult to say.
  11. At least twelve ex-LCDR 6-wheelers on SR https://sremg.org.uk/coach/camping.html Although I’m not sure whether they’re wearing SR or LCDR livery. Probably the former. The latter isn’t among any of the first three batches.
  12. Unfortunate typo? DJH, surely? Ahhh, so much more positive and diplomatic than my initial thought, which was ‘ploughing the same old furrow’.
  13. Hmmm, I think I prefer the shade of green on Hornby's. The Rails/Dapol one seems to be edging uncomfortably towards malachite
  14. Actually, I believe that the announcement is a direct response to my earlier suggestion for the iconic 9F to AS standards. I also believe that a man, and possibly pigs, may fly.
  15. truffy

    The Engine Shed

    There are posts on here much older and still relevant. And SK’s reminisces may still be of relevance or just plain interest. I’m just personally happy that I’m too old for life on social media to be of much relevance to me. I feel for the yoof.
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