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  1. Q: what's the difference between .jpg and .JPG?

    A: none



    1. John M Upton

      John M Upton

      And jpeg and JPEG are exactly the same format too.

  2. I’m holding out for the Class 70 (electric).
  3. Do they also eulogise about tax being added to airport food at the till? When has anyone heard of a freakin’ airport changing states? I think they just like to p!ss people off TBH.
  4. I was originally sceptical (mainly due to engineering numptiness). I got over it and bought one. I am happy. Well done, and well deserved @KR Models!
  5. Yeah, I think that at least is down to camera angle.
  6. Not that odd. It’s not in the RoS or Heljan forums, so is likely to get less visibility.
  7. I tend to go for the earliest versions of these ‘not my era’ oddities. But E1000 looks more interesting.
  8. Christmas is coming to the UK!


  9. Alternatively, an ‘accommodation’ could be arranged… If you catch my drift.
  10. I tried that cream you recommended and the rash has started to fade, but it still itches.

    1. truffy


      The important thing is not to scratch it. 

    2. Harlequin


      We have some stronger cream in the consulting room. Would you walk this way, sir?


  11. Don't ask me why, but I get an impression that they're satisfied with the design.
  12. Not if the reviewer is open about the fact that it’s a return. It depends on whether the purpose is to give a prospective buyer a balanced view on a model or just churn through them. What @dibber25 said, really
  13. Plus plus plus…advertising & other sponsorship deals.
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