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  1. Tungsten - won’t rot Mazak - might rot (but you might not find out until it’s too late to warranty return)
  2. Odd. I looked just now and it was frozen on the Bulleid diesel. I guess I must’ve touched and stopped it.
  3. ”This banner will be on the homepage of our website so, fear not, if you aren't signed up to Facebook - you can just click the banner on our website from Sunday!” (in the festive spirit) OH NO IT ISN’T!
  4. Me 3. A couple of years ago, I would've been interested in Bachmann's announcement of their Class 66 as 66779 'Evening Star'. Now my reaction is a solid 'meh', and I just hope that Hattons bring out that livery at some point.
  5. I don't think that the same issue is being addressed here. @KymN is referring to the dispatch of received stock, while @Pre Grouping fan is referring to upstream process challenges. I'm not sure what versions are affected, but the second SR one seems to be (the) one. If it makes you feel better, I received my SR model 2-3 weeks ago. But I could only order one because the other was already sold out. So, at least you'll get the one that I couldn't, even if you have to wait a few weeks. It's not a life-saving kidney, after all.
  6. That's because he had bought the one that he reviewed. The one you see is the one you saw.
  7. I did check the public shop, obviously not the members' one, and there was nothing there, indicating that it's members only or not up yet. EMSG seems to only have a members shop.
  8. I don't doubt it. Nevertheless, how many 00 modellers are members of S4S/EMSG? And how many S4S/EMSG members are likely to buy Exactoscale 00 track? Limiting 00 sales to these niche outlets is unlikely to support uptake among the wider 00 community. Given that that could limit the longterm viability of the 00 product makes me hesitant to try in the first place.
  9. And all 00 modellers have to do is join a completely irrelevant society to make said purchases; hardly conducive. I wonder how long the 00 range will remain viable.
  10. https://www.oxforddiecast.co.uk/products/aec-matador-sunters-lorry-76aec003?_pos=1&_sid=2261cb8ea&_ss=r
  11. If we’re wish-listing variants for Hattons to tool, could I put a request in for a carriage with a giraffe poking its head out of the roof?
  12. The announcements for both the Rails/Bachmann 812 and the Bulleid 64' coaches are preparing to celebrate their second birthdays, and the latter at least isn't even on the agenda for Q3/2020! And let's not forget the 5 years for the H2. But that's only the stuff that I'm interested in. They may well be as prompt as the head girl at Mrs Timely's School for Promptness and Neatness for everything else.
  13. Perhaps everything for adults should be hosted on youpube?
  14. As a wild, and wantonly uneducated, stab in the dark, I would assume that anyone buying a well-known exhibition layout may be less interested in exhibiting it than having a 'drop-in' layout to play with. Given that this is a niche subject, and comes with no relevant rolling stock, that may temper enthusiasm.
  15. With tooling that had been dumped by management during one of Hornby's moves?
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