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  1. But rather let down by the formica wood effect in the background. Nemo would never approve.
  2. She's tried asking Rails. No response. Unfortunately, I have no experience of PayPal with Rails, I use a bank card.
  3. Talk about faint praise!
  4. It's 'hidden' at the top of the thread list:
  5. Supported by the fact that the rails exit the frame at different angles!
  6. No need. We most of us knew what you meant.
  7. Ultra-realism is not always the modeller's best friend!
  8. Context is everything, and in context the meaning was quite clear. There are many cases in the English language where the same word has multiple meanings; we don't have to stress the exact meaning each time, the context does that for us. Otherwise, little girls with bows in their hair would be constantly chased by boys dressed as cowboys. This may happen anyway, but for completely different reasons; kids seem to grow up so quickly these days. You obviously don't work for News Corp or the BBC then.
  9. I have this same kit. It might surprise you to know that I plan to paint and decal it as s.Pz.Abt. 505 No. 124
  10. I think we need a ‘WTF?’ voting button.
  11. Not to mention the contentious issue of colour scaling.
  12. It was this possibility that led me to hold off on Blue’s. Even axleboxgate wouldn’t be much of an issue, since it would spend most of the time as a shelf queen next to 92220.
  13. I have to admit that I was going to rate your post, until that point. I have no idea what I'm signing up for there!
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