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  1. Finally managed to get through to BA to arrange a refund. Hell's teeth, they don't make it easy!

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    2. Metr0Land


      Ryanair surprisingly easy at the start but....... 


      Before they canx the flight they were encouraging people to take vouchers or book later dates.  When they actually cancelled the flight there was a seemingly quite easy online form to get your money back.


      Since then I've had approx weekly emails saying very sorry etc etc short of staff to do the processing etc etc you're not forgotten. 


      Given that the return leg was appox 04April I'm not overly stressed.

    3. Jack Benson

      Jack Benson

      Similar situation with Brittany Ferries, only an offer of a travel voucher which is potentially worthless if Brittany Ferries fail. We responded with a formal rejection of their offer and a reminder that failure to provide a full refund within 14 days will result in the inevitable action in a small claims court for the initial outlay for the holiday plus any incurred legal expenses. A long delay is expected.




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