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  1. So, farewell Wingnut Wings, closed for good it seems in April.


    They made great WWI plane kits. And, for a while, Peter Jackson could be thought of fondly as doing something other than multi-installment screen hogs.


    Looks like I'll never get a W.29!

    1. Dr Gerbil-Fritters

      Dr Gerbil-Fritters

      Indeed.  A friend of mine has been a fan since the beginning.  He had accumulated a cache of over 40 unbuilt kits...


      As they are now going for mad prices on ebay, he's the unintended owner of several grands worth of plastic.

    2. truffy


      I have 16 in my stash, all unbuilt. But they'll get done eventually.


      I just wanted a W.29 without having to buy another Felixstowe.

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