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  1. But colour matching and application over the side windows hardly represent challenges in the same degree as changed tooling though.
  2. Needs more work, methinks. When I selected Era 3, it showed 10 pages and 115 items. As I progressed through, from page to page, the number of total pages reported dropped to 9, then 8, and finally 6.
  3. From Jenny's review, it doesn't appear so, John (ca. 8:36):
  4. What? No F for management? Presumably they... Sounds like a fascinating area to model railways!
  5. Ummm...no. At least, not according to the Flag Institute (who might be considered an authoritative body): http://www.flaginstitute.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Union-Jack-or-Union-Flag.pdf
  6. Kind of ironic in a discussion about generic coaches, no?
  7. I wasn't sure whether the appropriate vote there was 'like', 'informative', thought-provoking', or just plain 'supportive'. Unfortunately, I can only give one.
  8. Did this also apply later? I'm thinking of the upcoming(ish) Bachmann Bulleid carriages, and was considering a rake of the C&C 15" carriages with one swapped out for a BR(S) Green 10", to add a little variety. Will that work, or will it irk?
  9. My wife has our youngest daughter shovelling the drive of snow. Told her it's her homeschooling PE!

  10. I don't know how much reliance can be placed on Hornby's eras though. https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/sr-maunsell-kitchen-dining-first-tbc.html
  11. Good choice! I have had that, and the pre-1936 one, on order since 01.03.2018 (no, my memory isn't that good, I've just checked my account!) I figure that, since my primary interest is late '30s (1938-ish), I can get away with a van that's about 3 years old, for a little variety.
  12. In your original post, however, you state (my emphasis in bold): These conclusions derive from counting the posts/views in each thread. But, given RMwebbers' propensity to go off-topic, this may be little more than a 'never mind the quality, feel the weight' approach. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "big steam", presumably large steam locos, as opposed to Terriers etc. But I don't think it fair to conclude that there's little interest in "big steam" in this case. Note that each of these threads is not just about big steam, but a specific prototype. So, t
  13. Thank you for that insight. It appears, however, that I’d overlooked @adrianmc’s earlier post: Which suggests that I can get away with pairing R4816A and R4833 without the need to renumber. This should be suitable for the late ‘30s, I think. Update: it appears that others are following this discussion. Both first/dining cars at TMC had gone by the time I came to place my order. Fortunately, I was able to nab the last at KMRC. Phew!
  14. @Les1952 was referencing Yogi Berra’s famous quote “it’s deja vu all over again”
  15. I haven't trawled the whole thread, Mike, so apologies if this has already been said. But I don't think that your breakdown is either representative or fair. But only because it represents the thread topics as laid before us. 'Big steam' is fairly…generic, no pun, or otherwise, intended. But we also have specific threads on the 9F, A1/A3, P2 etc., which add to the general steam enthusiasm but split the vote. So I'm not sure what's achieved.
  16. If it's a Conflat L, @Porcy Mane will have your babies!
  17. So, for 1938, would it be appropriate to pair R4816A (Maunsell Kitchen Dining First Coach number 7865*) with R4833 (Maunsell Open Third Coach), and renumber the latter from 1375 to 1365? Or are there other differences between the reclassified third class diners and other open thirds? * from the numbering, I assume that this is to Diag. 2656
  18. Or a just newly-tooled 92220?
  19. Perhaps they figure that only a few RMwebbers will worry about it. After all, if generic coaches are 'good enough', the sky's the limit!
  20. That would be the Imperial Airways set. I have the T9 (and chunky plastic header) from a split pack. I'll get both of the SR numbers, one to run in a slightly better IA consist.
  21. The HST is a favourite of mine, and the Midland Pullman is definitely on the cards. Is this tooling updated from that of 2009? I already have the first incarnation of FGW (R2812), but would be tempted to replace it with R3958 if there are notable improvements.
  22. Without knowing each company’s cost structure for each model, that is completely baseless speculation. Simple fact is we don’t know and we don’t need to know. Each of us has our own cost/benefit point of view, and that’s the only thing that matters. Compared to the scalpers on thief-bay, it all looks pretty reasonable to me.
  23. But, even though steam hasn't been mainstream since I was a mere baby, it's still what children think of when they think of a locomotive, watch Thomas, go to a heritage railway etc. Steam 'lives', it has presence and passion. People may travel on modern trains out of necessity, but does it imbue the same passion? I think kettles will continue to sell for a long while more, while the more modern stuff is the niche of aficionados. I might be wrong, it happens, but both H and B seem to consider that there's a future for steam models. The problem with any categorisation system is ho
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