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  1. Alternatively, an ‘accommodation’ could be arranged… If you catch my drift.
  2. Don't ask me why, but I get an impression that they're satisfied with the design.
  3. Not if the reviewer is open about the fact that it’s a return. It depends on whether the purpose is to give a prospective buyer a balanced view on a model or just churn through them. What @dibber25 said, really
  4. Plus plus plus…advertising & other sponsorship deals.
  5. It looks as if they might’ve addressed the under-boiler seam. If so, props. But better photos would confirm if that’s the case.
  6. A blessed relief for me. I've always worried that the CFO would see how much I'd spent in the past!
  7. Also, different shops had different Maunsell Greens. Phoenix offer Ashford (light olive) and Eastleigh (dark olive), for example.
  8. It's not apparent on the prototype. Or at least not as apparent as Hornby might have us believe: Funny thing is that when I questioned Simon Kohler about this, he said that there was no seam on the model. Hmmmmm.
  9. 150 more updates along these lines should get this thread to 200 pages! Let's just hope that the stocks hold out
  10. truffy

    70000 BRITANNIA

    Brilliant! I must remember that.
  11. The only B coaches that I have are the birdcages. I’d consider the Bulleids when available but, since I’m already 57, I may not still be around when they finally get here.
  12. Watching Terror By Night, in which Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes solves murder and jewel theft on the London-Edinburgh express, on seeing the 'external shots' all I could think was "train set curves".

  13. I expect that Graham is hardly surprised, accepts it for what it is, and is doing something far more productive with his time.
  14. Presumably you’re referring to the rails being too close together?
  15. As a doctor with poor grammar skills might say, patients is a virtue.
  16. @GreenGiraffe22 FWIW I have no idea whether the path of that white lining is prototypical or not, but it looked weird to me even at the decorated sample stage. That’s when I started to have misgivings.
  17. I’m going with the more commonly accepted definition of being born to the east of the Medway. The best of the best.
  18. Pah! Balancing them’s nothing, it’s getting the little b*****s to dance that’s the trick! Men of Kent. So better’s a given!
  19. I’m not sure of the specifics of your case, but importing into Switzerland, I only pay a handling charge if tax is levied. And that kicks in only above a certain threshold (which is low enough to catch any locomotive).
  20. truffy

    Hornby Make a Profit

    He says nothing of the millions in carry-over debt though.
  21. **** BA

    They cancelled a flight that my wife had booked, and ‘helpfully’ automatically rebooked her on a flight a week later. It seems that they’re bait and switching. 

    Have you tried getting a refund from these clowns? :mad_mini:

    1. woodenhead


      Your refund will be in the denomination of unicorn droppings.

    2. Kris


      Easier than getting a refund from Norwegian or Ryan air.

  22. The presence of traction tyres evidently rules that out.
  23. Why not gripe at Bachmann over their site. What “plenty of other retailers” do is irrelevant. B’s site is their own, and their shop window to their customers. It’s in their best interest to get it right, and rise above the competition. Their site has a lot of usability problems, as noted elsewhere on RMweb. It’s a pity that they choose to do nothing about improving it. The previous site was better in some respects. It’s a pity that they used a designer to take them two steps forward, and one back.
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