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  1. I suspect that you might want to make that fine print more prominent!
  2. The difference between a red stop sign and red cab light (other than intensity and direction) being that one is moving and the other isn’t.
  3. Irrespective of how many people search on what term and their demographic, if it sells Hornby will continue to crank the handle. If it doesn’t, they won’t.
  4. Yep Kernow’s search facility can be a little ‘esoteric’. Searching for ‘Midland Pullman’ will return the upcoming Hornby HST, but not the accompanying carriages. At least they’re linked on the HST page though.
  5. Given that most of this thread seems to be about prices and what hasn’t been announced, I’d have thought a little frivolity would be welcome.
  6. Starting a new consulting project with a client who I’ve enjoyed working with in the past. Good times. 

  7. Unfortunately, there's not enough room under my snug-fitting tinfoil hat to fit a F*c*book account. So I just don't bother with companies that only work through that medium. That said, I have had a reply to my email query. Apparently there was a problem with some decoders, which has delayed shipping. I am no longer a nonperson. I don't think that the journey back is going to be as straightforward for Joss Whedon though.
  8. Hooray, hooray, the first of May

    Outdoor sex begins today

    - Spike Milligan

    1. Hroth


      Not this week...


      Have you seen the forecast?


    2. truffy


      Yeah, well he wrote that donkeys' years' ago, before global warming.

  9. Hmmm, it appears that those of us who don’t do F*c*book are non persons. I still haven’t had a reply to my email. Although I guess it was only sent yesterday.
  10. Most people’s carpet monsters hide small things. Perhaps Sam’s has graduated to altogether more sophisticated shenanigans.
  11. I’m gonna hold back until I get my GT3.
  12. Dave’s not wrong to point errors out, like anyone. But he has been one of the constant snipers in this thread, so it comes across as just more of the same-old same-old. That’s all.
  13. Bojo likes pretty pictures. And it means that his carers don’t have to explain lots of ikkle numbers to him.
  14. Tamagotchi 

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    2. truffy


      It only hurts when sitting down. 

    3. beast66606


      I killed many off by forgetting to feed them - then had to hatch a new one to keep my son happy.


    4. truffy


      It was a relief when my daughters grew out of it. Come to think of it, it was during that time when my youngest first showed signs that she’s not cut out for motherhood. 

  15. Far be it for me to disagree with you Graham, and I rarely enter into these debates, but the boiler handrail around the smokebox has a distinct lustre to it that suggests brass, not black. Also note the shadow is more brown.
  16. IMO, it's only the toy trains that are at all relevant to the BL brand moving. The man himself is long-dead, and irrelevant to the majority of people...those who don't have a bona against him, that is.
  17. And I bet the other locos in the scrapyard scoffed at its “I’m so pretty” frippery, for between the buttons and behind the bows it was no better than them after all.
  18. Agreed, Rob. While diversification can strengthen a business, more frequently it just dilutes focus and energy.
  19. This was my concern when I first heard about it. A proprietary challenge to something that's already widely accepted. It'll all be over in five years' time.
  20. truffy

    Preorder email

    My LMS is a mere 15 minutes walk! However, they don't stock 4mm railway models. For that, my nearest model shop is about 400 miles and 5½ hours away.
  21. She was, apparently, one of the wives of Herod the Great. Nevertheless, it still sounds more like a Wackypeedeeyah fact than a QI one. Still worth a laugh anyway.
  22. And he never got a telegram from his wife. 

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    2. RJS1977


      Yes, there have been some quite amusing clips released of the Queen making Zoom calls, and clearly enjoying it.

    3. Trog


      Sad that of its self, it would have been a very good chance for an in family joke. 

    4. truffy


      It appears that, despite her move to IT and Zoom, Betty will still nip down to the post office should you wish:


  23. It would take the most obsessive of super-detailers to install a crew member reading a newspaper with his trousers ‘round his ankles. I wonder if anyone’s done it?
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