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  1. My wife has our youngest daughter shovelling the drive of snow. Told her it's her homeschooling PE!

  2. Gah! Damned automatic door opens every time it detects movement. Every bloody time I shift my leg. Oh for the days of less clever. 

    1. Huw Griffiths

      Huw Griffiths

      The noise from the things can be irritating enough.


      However, at this time of year, a constant barrage of Arctic blasts can be most unwelcome.

  3. What’s wrong with posting rants/praise for online retailers in the Model Shop Guide, rather than the Products & Trade Area subforums?


    Can we keep the Products & Trade Area to discussion of products (and whatever ‘trade’ means beyond retail)?



    Due to current circumstances, the British Legion poppy appeal is having difficulty this year, as it's not always possible to have the normal stands and personal collections. So keep an eye out (SWMBO ran into one stand at Cobham Services en route to Heathrow), or think of alternative ways to donate. My youngest daughter's school in Dover is selling metal poppy badges, for example.

    1. Hroth


      I got a metal lapel badge when they first issued them, and rather than "buy" another each year, I've always dropped my usual donation into a collecting box in my local supermarket. This year, both the local Tesco and Morrisons had collecting tables so given the circumstances, I doubled up my contribution.


      Wear your poppy with pride!


    2. beast66606


      Donated on-line this year.

  5. RIP Sir Sean Connery.


    He could play anyone, or anything, as long as it had a Scottish accent. American-Irish cop, English King, Russian submariner; you name it, he scottishified it.

  6. The COVID dividend...

    ...tomorrow night we're putting up a "COVID ISOLATION" notice on the door, just to deter trick/treaters! ^_^

    1. Ian Hargrave

      Ian Hargrave

      If this weather continues,that’ll be sufficient to deter them

  7. Welcome back RMweb!

  8. Hmmm, do innocuous posts magically disappear?

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    2. truffy


      :mocking_mini:No, not that long ago. It was yesterday, or possibly today.

    3. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      Couldn't find anything from then, have you checked behind your monitor?

    4. Hroth


      RMweb is leaking into the bit bucket again.....


  9. Medieval citizens may have had pestilence, famine, and war, but at least they never had to deal with the scourge of modern man...self-build furniture.


    So, that was my Sunday. And it will be my Monday too.

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    2. truffy


      See? That’s something else that medieval citizens didn’t have to endure: Les Dennis and Dustin Gee!

    3. truffy


      @Captain Kernow, unfortunately the items in question built up to a wardrobe for my eldest daughter. Not particularly layout friendly. 

    4. woodenhead


      Over the years with decorating and house moves I've become rather adept at building/dropping/rebuilding Ikea wardrobes, without even looking at the instructions.  Took one to bits last year, moved it to a new home and had it back up in no time.


      All good apart from forgetting about the hidden feet that are hammered in and then covered - if you move the wardrobe without releasing them first then they get ripped out and never want to return.  I forget about these nearly every time till I find them on the floor.

  10. Da da da da ... hammock time!

  11. So, farewell Wingnut Wings, closed for good it seems in April.


    They made great WWI plane kits. And, for a while, Peter Jackson could be thought of fondly as doing something other than multi-installment screen hogs.


    Looks like I'll never get a W.29!

    1. Dr Gerbil-Fritters

      Dr Gerbil-Fritters

      Indeed.  A friend of mine has been a fan since the beginning.  He had accumulated a cache of over 40 unbuilt kits...


      As they are now going for mad prices on ebay, he's the unintended owner of several grands worth of plastic.

    2. truffy


      I have 16 in my stash, all unbuilt. But they'll get done eventually.


      I just wanted a W.29 without having to buy another Felixstowe.

  12. Finally managed to get through to BA to arrange a refund. Hell's teeth, they don't make it easy!

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    2. Metr0Land


      Ryanair surprisingly easy at the start but....... 


      Before they canx the flight they were encouraging people to take vouchers or book later dates.  When they actually cancelled the flight there was a seemingly quite easy online form to get your money back.


      Since then I've had approx weekly emails saying very sorry etc etc short of staff to do the processing etc etc you're not forgotten. 


      Given that the return leg was appox 04April I'm not overly stressed.

    3. Jack Benson

      Jack Benson

      Similar situation with Brittany Ferries, only an offer of a travel voucher which is potentially worthless if Brittany Ferries fail. We responded with a formal rejection of their offer and a reminder that failure to provide a full refund within 14 days will result in the inevitable action in a small claims court for the initial outlay for the holiday plus any incurred legal expenses. A long delay is expected.




  13. Why can't people use PM when they address a message to one member?

    1. Mikkel


      Hi truffy, it was great to see you and the wife at the swinger's club last night. I'll pay you for the ecstacy soon. PS: I hope your rash is better.

    2. St. Simon

      St. Simon

      But what do you do when you're not messaging the Prime Minister?

  14. I am really over people stating "stay safe" at the end of calls; emails; conversations; and, yes, posts!

    WTF, when we have all these restrictions, what choice do we have, other than jumping off a bridge?

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    2. Corbs


      I quite like it, it makes me feel like people care about my well-being.

    3. truffy


      No more than "have a nice day", or "how are you?"


      But I care Corbs, even if I don’t express it so much :friends:

    4. Corbs


      haha thanks.


      To be honest 'have a nice day/how are you' I have been hearing my whole life and just equate to 'hello/goodbye' rather than an actual enquiry or wish.

  15. The upside to the current restrictions is that there's plenty of room on the trains. The downside is that there are no supersaver tickets. Bah, my travel just got more expensive!

    1. St. Simon

      St. Simon

      The other advantage is that the punctuality is quite high at the moment!


    2. RedgateModels


      Which backs up the old adage about the trains running to time if only for the bloody customers that kept insisting on getting on!

    3. Worsdell forever

      Worsdell forever

      Mrs WF was the only passenger on the bus to work (Supermarket) yesterday and the only one on it coming home. 

  16. At least the European Song Contest has been cancelled. 

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    2. Harlequin


      "We have to lose that sax solo!"


    3. snitchthebudgie


      Boom-bang-a-bang!!!!  Nil points

    4. Trog


      It is an ill wind that blows no good.

  17. Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining.


    Thanks to the coronavirus, all gatherings of more than 1000 people have been banned for at least two weeks in Switzerland. This means that the three days of mess, disruption, and nasty piccolos that is the Basel fastnacht (carnival) has been cancelled!


    Don't get me wrong, I'm all in favour of carnivals. But, three freaking days is just extracting the urine. And piccolos en masse are never right.

    1. Hroth



      Even the darkest clouds have a silver lining.


      You'll find that the reason the cloud is dark is that the silver lining has a coating of silver sulphide!



      And piccolos en masse are never right.


      True, but not as bad as this...




      Almost, but.... 



  18. Somewhat puzzled by status updates that consist solely of one arcane word. What's the point?

    To show some intellectual gravitas?

    Swallowed a dictionary or thesaurus?

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    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      It asks you 'what's on your mind?' Perhaps a single word can describe that, at that particular moment in time.

    3. Harlequin


      Yes, it's telepathy via RMWeb!

      The message only means something to you if you are on exactly the same specialised wavelength as the poster.

      If you respond it signals that you are in the same reality stream as the poster - which, judging by previous responses, is a sparsely populated place.


    4. Mallard60022
  19. There's a special place in hell for people whose eyes are glued to their devices while walking along. And for people who cycle/drive while on their device. And for cyclists who cycle on the pavement.


    But the most special place in hell, right between Satan's butt cheeks, is reserved for the total a-hat who was on his device, while cycling in the dark, without lights (except the one emanating from his screen) in a pedestrian area. Of course, neither of his hands were anywhere near the handlebar, or brakes. :mad_mini:

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    2. RJS1977


      Yup - hardly feel safe these days. Nearly hit from behind by three cyclists on the pavement in the dark last night (in the space of 40m), and nearly hit head on by four others coming at me with no lights on tonight. Don't tend to walk through Reading station subway these days either as I don't feel safe there too.

    3. DavidCBroad


      They had to close that special part of hull due to staffing problems and budget cuts.

    4. Hroth


      Actually, a medieval author (Dante, Chaucer?) reckoned that the cosy space under the Devils Tail was inhabited by Churchmen* who would come scurrying out whenever his tail was lifted, before returning to their noxious abode.   It really is a suitable place to stow your miscreants!


      * I think the particular species mentioned were Mendicant Friars. It always makes me think of earwigs under a decaying log.

  20. Mrs T loves your avatar. She has a Russian dwarf hamster! It's a thing, apparently.

    1. Talltim


      I just suddenly occurred to me that a hamster in a wheel would work well with the circular profile pic format. My mum had Russian hamsters for years when I was a teenager because the first pair she got weren’t the same sex like they were supposed to be!

  21. Happy birthday Switzerland. 728 years old, and not looking a day over 720.

  22. my mind is a blank canvas

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    2. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      I haven't got a canvas.

    3. BoD


      Mine is just

    4. Mikkel


      You're lucky to have a mind. When I was a lad...

  23. Been playing with Thomas the Tank Engine with my youngest daughter. Toot toot!

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    2. big jim

      big jim

      Strange name for your daughter, ‘toot toot’!

    3. chris p bacon

      chris p bacon

      I'm trying Brio in P4

    4. Kylestrome


      Much more fun than ballasting!

  24. Been playing with Thomas the Tank Engine with my youngest daughter. Toot toot!

    1. Metr0Land


      Catch 'em young!

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