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  1. On 28/02/2021 at 13:11, AY Mod said:

    One request, please write any posts in word processing software first to check spelling, punctuation and grammar and copy/paste into here; they are hard work to try and read. 


    @jay*bobble, banging your head against the keyboard is not an effective method of communication.


    Your posts are borderline unintelligible at times, which makes them difficult to read, so most people won't bother. Andy has given you some useful advice to address this limitation. The rest is up to you.

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  2. 9 hours ago, 9402 Fredrick said:

    Can an admin please for the sake of everyone close this dumpsterfire of a thread please?


    9 hours ago, cbrooks122000 said:

    I have never blamed Hattons, I know exactly where the blame lies.

    No, you think that you know. But the only ones that do know are H&H. What you have is supposition.


    6 hours ago, 9402 Fredrick said:

    these types of threads are not healthy.

    I wondered how long it would take for the self-appointed thread police to drop in. Nobody, and I quite literally mean absolutely nobody, is forcing you to read this. You can quite simply put this thread on ignore, it’s really not that difficult, is it?

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  3. 1 hour ago, cbrooks122000 said:

    Hornby no longer has a viable market.


    How so? If Hornby can shift the units now, and have done in the past, they'll be able to shift them in the future.


    When/if things normalise, people who (feel that they) have been let down by Hattons will either return to them or continue buying from their new reseller(s) of choice. As has been noted above, there are plenty of resellers that don't appear to have been afflicted in the same way that Hattons has.

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  4. 4 hours ago, JRAS said:

    It would be great if KR Models could reconsider their numbering strategy and, at the very least, produce 36002 alongside 36001.   

    Aaaaand the problem with renumbering is.....?


    (point being that this is a release of a pretty esoteric one-off, and you want KRM to provide an even more esoteric never-happened)

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  5. 3 hours ago, johnhutnick said:

    So are there to be Genesis coaches offered in Highland livery?  I do not see this in batches 2 or 3.

    I guess it depends on whether there’s a batch 4+, and that will depend on how the first three batches sell. Only Hattons will be able to tell, and even they only at some point in the future. 

    You could try asking them directly, of course!


    3 hours ago, johnhutnick said:

    And seemingly undecorated models are not being sold. 

    This suggests that you’re not afraid of rolling your sleeves up. So why not by the closest offering and relivery it?

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  6. 2 hours ago, Roy L S said:

    I can't recall another model with so many reported issues ever doing this. 


    2 hours ago, Roy L S said:

    I personally find it hard to reconcile a loco with the range of faults and defects as reported on this thread winning the category


    TBH, H-66 didn't so much have "many reported issues" or a "range of faults" so much as a few repeated incessantly (and some of those, such as big light and EWS font, didn't pertain to all models). Given the wide range of variants produced, it's not surprising that there were some problems. IIRC only the axles and wobbly bottom (ooer matron!) were consistently reported across variants, and even then it seems to not have affected all.


    Glass half full, or half empty?

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  7. 7 hours ago, rembrow said:

    I later found out they had not received sufficient for orders received, but didn't let customers know in a timely manner.


    As I've mentioned on here before, I had a longstanding order with Hattons for the Bachmann H2 from the time that it was announced. It was only when members posted here later (much later! :rolleyes:) that they'd received theirs, from other retailers, that I found out that that Hattons had had a falling out with Bachmann, and that my order was as viable as John Cleese's parrot. Did Hattons communicate proactively, or at all?


    That's why Hattons have goe from my favoured retailer to one of last resort. If it weren't for their originals, I wouldn't bother at all.

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  8. 8 hours ago, Les1952 said:


    It does seem now to be standard to charge VAT and duty on postage- it has annoyed me for years that eBay charge fees on the postage- sending something abroad for £15 postage attracts a fee of £1.50.  


    The 15 Euros to UPS is the bill for collecting the VAT.....



    IME tax and duty are levied on the total value of the goods. Meaning that not only do shipping costs incur tax, but they are also included when determining whether a shipment breaches any given threshold or limit for incurring these levies. Fun fun fun!

  9. 2 hours ago, spamcan61 said:

    There is, you announce early in the development so that pre-orders can be taken before production quantities are finalised; but that's not Hornby's modus operandi and I can't see that changing.

    Perhaps thay're concerned that some b*****d's likely to swoop in and gazump them. Oh, hang on, that's their MO. :o

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  10. On 02/02/2021 at 20:45, Jack P said:

    I fitted screw links and sprung buffers to mine, and they can finally go around corners!


    @Jack P, did you use the Bachmann-supplied (cosmetic?) screw links, or sprung links such as Smiths'?


    For anyone searching for these solutions in the future, and with apologies for the lousy 'phone photo, this is my attempt.


    I used a burring tool on a Proxxon Micromot (Dremel-alike). With a little fiddling, and a fair deal of swearing, I was able to get the keeper nuts installed with a pair of needle-nosed tweezers. If I had a Markits screwdriver, though, I'd probably give that a whirl in the first instance.



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  11. 35 minutes ago, APT Fan said:

    Aye, I read that about the online pre-order and it kind of put me off...


    From my past experiences, they seem to know what they are doing and I like dealing them when all is said and done.


    I've preordered several items, paid, and then immediately been refunded. TBH I'm not sure why they do that, I'd rather they just kept the money or not take it in the first place, it'd be easier.


    35 minutes ago, APT Fan said:

    From my past experiences, they seem to know what they are doing and I like dealing them when all is said and done.


    +1 (although the website could do with an overhaul)

  12. 18 minutes ago, APT Fan said:

    Okay, doesn't that mean you have to pay up front with them? Whereas if you phone you can just reserve it with card details rather than it being debited at the online checkout?


    Yes...and no. From their FAQ:



    I recently placed an order online but have noticed that my payment has been refunded. Why is this?


    Orders placed online for 'out of stock' or new items yet to be released, which cannot be guaranteed to be supplied within 28 days, are refunded and the items placed on back order. You will be charged again for the items once they are either imminent or in stock.

    If you wish to place a pre order for 'out of stock' or new items yet to be released without your card being charged and refunded then please ring us on 01209 714099 to place an order then we will not charge until ready to despatch, but you still need to provide your payment details.


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  13. 1 hour ago, RAF96 said:

    My policy is if I desperately want a model then I will pre-order on many sites to invoke Hornby towards running that model.

    I can then bin any unwanted pre-order offer as it comes in and collect from my preferred retailer. 

    I know this is fudging the system but if that is what it takes to break the go/no-go algorithm methodology then so be it.

    Unless you’re preordering from a hundred retailers or so, I suspect that your tiddy extra orders make square root of buggerall difference to Hornby’s planning. All it will achieve is some degree of inconvenience to those poor saps in the middle. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, MGR Hooper! said:

    Anyone had their order for one of Hornby's forthcoming BR 9F cancelled randomly by Hatton's with absolutely no reason? I placed my pre-order within 15 mins of them being listed for pre-order by Hattons.

    The 9F hasn’t been mentioned, but there’s a whole lot of other Hattons/Hornby woe in the other thread:


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  15. 23 minutes ago, Robin Brasher said:

    The R1 series is for train sets, R3 for locomotives, R4 for coaches, R6 for wagons, R7 for scenery and Harry Potter, R8 and R9 for buildings.

    There’s also R2 and R5, in case anyone’s wondering, but I’m not familiar enough with them to generalise. 

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  16. 36 minutes ago, Hilux5972 said:

    Just received an email from Hattons saying they are unable to fulfill my preorder of Hornbys Grey Streamlined W1 and one of the Clans. Anyone else had a similar email?


    35 minutes ago, JackB95 said:

    A few others have had similar by the sounds about other ranges they've preordered... 


    Have Hornby and Hattons fallen out?.. 


    There has been speculation here on RMWeb that Hattons might oversell their preorders, or otherwise not get the allocation that they were expecting.


    I second the suggestion of Derails, and would also add KMRC to that.

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  17. 1 hour ago, slg said:

    Just look at those RRP, the class 24/1 has had a £10.57 per year price increase in the 7 years it took to arrive!


    1 hour ago, Butler Henderson said:

    Given the increased costs of production in China over those 7 years not that surprising; their was a period when costs were almost doubling annually


    33 minutes ago, davidw said:

    I suspect that Bachmann are competing for production slots.


    The point here is that the end customer is the victim of (a) B announcing a product early at a given price-point, (b) timelines that cannot be met due to internal (and other?) constraints, and (c) spiralling costs in the intervening period, even irrespective of inflation.


    It's up to the end customer as to whether or not that's acceptable and they suck it up. Personally, the only thing that B have of interest for me is the Bulleid carriages, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the cost is likely to put them into the 'no thanks, I can do without' category. Hey, and indeed, ho.

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  18. 35 minutes ago, Nearholmer said:

    Getting back to Mr Gould's book for a moment: does he mention the set(s) for the 'Continental', i.e. Birkenhead (or short thereof) to Margate (and a lot of other places)?


    I ask, because I'm almost wondering if he has got mixed-up between destinations and railways with that list of coaches "to alternate with LMS stock", or whether perhaps the SR built for one service, and then used them on the other.


    In preface to what I quoted earlier, Gould notes:



    The 9ft stock for through services was unusual in that nose of the brake coaches had standard gangways (adaptor-fitted) at the outer ends, although gangways within the sets were the Pullman type. They were so fitted to allow them to run with LMS or GW stock. The intended formations are quoted, but whether all of the coaches worked in these services is not known. In particular, the SR never supplied coaches for the 'Sunny South Express' as far as is known; it was always LMS stock.


    Beyond that, I'm beginning to think that, while the tabulated, diagrammatic, and photographic data are solid enough, the discourse is a little....'loose'. As I mentioned earlier, it's open to interpretation as to whether some of this stock was built by the SR for ownership/operation by other companies.


    35 minutes ago, Nearholmer said:

    And, here is a lovely picture of one of the "conti" trains in pre-Maunsell-coaches days. People really would raise their eyebrows at that combo on a GWR layout! 




    ...a rake of ex-SECR stock in 1933. This is probably the 9:10 Deal to Birkenhead cross country service which ran via Ashford, Redhill, Reading, Oxford, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and Chester, arriving at Birkenhead at 18:15. This express normally comprised eight coaches including a restaurant car.


    Birdcage non-corridor stock. Which suggests that passengers could only join/leave the dining facilities at station stops. Perhaps the timetable also allowed them opportunity to avail themselves of other 'facilities'.

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