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  1. Many thanks for your help Jason, Just ordered some. Cheers, Andy
  2. Thanks for the replies so far - does anyone make a 145 solder that's Cadmium free or is it essential to have Cadmium in to get such a low melt, as I understand that it helps lower the melting point and also the flowability. Andy
  3. I normally use 145C solder for my modelling, and usually buy small coils of it off e bay etc. The only info the packets usually have on is that the solder contains Cadmium. Im looking at buying a 500 gm coil to save buying lots of small ones. The solder in question is 145C and its constituents are 50% Tin, 32% Lead and 18% Cadmium. I'm after help - does anyone know if this is the ideal formula and I hope its the same as the small coils that I have been buying - I dont want to spend £60 and find it isn't, so any help appreciated!! Many thanks, Andy. Reply
  4. The CoBo is planned to be on display in Bolton St station this coming weekend at the ELR Diesel gala if anyone fancies a closer look.
  5. Very interesting topic. Dont mean to take it off topic too much, but a few people have mentioned grit blasters ....anyone have any info / experience with these to help a newby ?? On the flux issue, I started with Coralite and also Fluxite, and never saw any green deposits, but when I tried others, then it became more apparent - its either the flux, or that I am not cleaning up as good as I should !!!??? Thanks, Andy
  6. Hi, I own 55170 SR Brake Van, which I've painted in early SR colours. The question on which shade of red to use for the ends is certainly a hot topic, and there are many different opinions. I won't go into all the correspondence, but the conclusion that came out of asking many people, including SR Historians, who had seriously studied the subject, was that the closest was 'Post Office Red' equivalent. Hope that helps - ! See http://hardmanrail.zenfolio.com/ for some pictures. Andy
  7. Cheers Dan, Many thanks for the info, Andy.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know what colour nameplates ie red or black background, the Territorial Army, carried with an early emblem (ferret and dartboard) tender? Thanks for any advice, Andy.
  9. Many thanks for your help Andy - thats the one !!! Andy.
  10. About two years ago, I bought a Knightwing 0 6 0 sentinel kit, along with a chassis, motor kits etc. I now need some spares for it, but it must be an age thing, as I cant for the life of me remember the name of the company I bought it off. I think it was based in the Midlands, and it had just changed hands at the time. They sold both the 0 4 0. and 0 6 0 versions. Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks, Andy
  11. Many thanks for all the replies - they are very useful, and I am most grateful for you taking the time out to give me the info. Cheers, Andy.
  12. Hi, Looking for a bit of advice on if any B 12s carried unlined black, in BR days? Can't find anything googleing, so any help is appreciated! Many thanks, Andy.
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