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  1. The FEA's got a second run very quickly, I suspect they are being sensible and if something sells like hot cakes, cashing in on the tooling (which I assume is paid for by the first run). I think it's a sensible proposition and with 30+ on the way at the moment it will show them how popular each livery is dependent on what sells out. Personally I have a 66005 with sound on pre-order and depending on how things move have a plan to purchase all of the sound variants over the foreseeable...
  2. Thank you! Will give it a try !
  3. Duple


    This is where things are currently up too! I have 2 more back scenes to cut and secure. Track is currently loosely placed to work out the best radius of turn. Hopefully by the end of today trains should be running!
  4. Historically this particular patch was the loading point for Trentham Super Pit so up until the early 90s had regular coal trains plus I'm sure Steel traffic from Shelton. Moving the clock forward slightly the Stone branch only tends to get the odd diverted freight / tamper moves. Marcrofts wagon moves as I understand don't come quite that far south but rule one applies after all, and if a terminal was built in such a location it would no doubt affect the local infrastructure. It may be worth moving your location north of the Stoke station to somewhere like Eturia / Shelton on the former steel works land as it would be possible to include all the loco moves etc between Derby and Crewe that occur and realistically the warehousing over Stoke isn't dissimilar.. the track layout with Grange junction would make an interesting feature of getting trains into and out of the terminal too
  5. Looking great Simon, will have to pay a visit to Blackburn to see it live!
  6. Looking forward to this, I work near Trentham and always thought it would be an ideal place for a container base! If you need any on the ground photos, just ask!
  7. Looking fantastic as always James, can't beat a good 60 (or 2) ! What adhesive do you use to apply the name plates? With regards to licensing for model cars, it can't be that prohibitive.. they've managed to produce a mundane Galaxy and all those Jags and Astons, I will make some enquiries, I bet there would be a market for Mk7 Fiestas / Focus's especially those of us that grew up with them.. anyone fancy a crowd funded project??
  8. Sounds good! I am a Ford fan myself (currently have a Kuga) and the interest in the real car trains sparked me into wanting a collection of miniature cartics. I have also amassed a quantity of the similar Electrotren equivalent, both double and single decks but the prices they are fetching now is eye watering. They are quite a basic model however compared to Bachmann's. I'm certainly looking forward to RevolutioNs ! Interestingly, Electrotren supplied with their last run small resin cars, they are "wrapped" though and fairly generic in shape, they are quite weighty too! - Ford seemingly only go to the expense of foam blocks on doors. So I think to look true to life the model would have to look at least the right shape and of course a variety of Ford colours to match. I wonder how much small injection moulding machines cost, if they can pump phone cases for next to nothing you could theoretically use the same material and just mask windows out.. wouldn't weigh much either.
  9. I love your work! The Focus looks great. If you can master resin moulding the Focus shape, I have 15 x IPA pairs to load with them and would happily contribute! I was thinking of getting the basic shape 3D printed and using that to resin mould from. Never tried it before but I'm sure it's doable..
  10. Seen them at the factory shop yesterday, not my era but very nice, and weighty.
  11. Duple


    Things are becoming real ! Managed to catch a space of dry weather and cracked on with the timber work. I am debating what to cover the tops with, I am torn between cork and laminate underlay (which I have seen used successfully). I have lots of the underlay lying around so will give that a "test" first, cork prices seem to be quite high at the moment ! I have amended my original plans, the left hand side is now 3' wide instead of the 2' planned. This gives me slightly more tinker room, I am going to give the whole framework a coat of paint tomorrow.. Then track layout testing can begin ! Thanks for looking!
  12. Duple


    This is the current state of the shed as of a few weeks ago. Models have been moved out of storage so the space is quite full at the moment whilst plans are being drawn up. I am hoping to get the vast majority of the timbers laid and in place this weekend. All of the storage boxes will then vanish, much to the delight of my OCD
  13. Duple


    Morning all, This topic will be used to display progress of my 00 gauge model railway. Anything goes from 1995 to the present day. Trenton is loosely based on somewhere around the Midlands. It isn't intended to replicate anywhere in particular, I will be "Youtubing" progress also, more on that when more has developed! I have attached a basic track plan, this will be developed slightly further when I have the boards in place and looks slightly peculiar because it is missing some elements! The space available is 10' x 8' (3m x 2.43m) The front sweeping curve is to be its own and the main scenic feature. The intention is for this to be a "watch trains go by" style. Somewhere to give my seemingly endless amounts of stock a run about ! I will drop some pictures of the shed soon and progress on the timber framing. Thanks for now!
  14. Yes, thank you! My plan for mine is to have OHL but not dissimilar. I have had a busy few weeks with work, but the shed is now ready to re-accept the railway, wiring for the shed itself is complete with working lights and plugs. Will post some more photos when the timber is down!
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