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  1. Something akin to this? Although preference would be for a flat roof....easier for me to construct....! Regards always Bob
  2. Evening my good friends, hope your respective Saturdays have gone well,,, Been a tad wet up here this morning and chilly, but perhaps not as cold as it may be next weekend, even some snow showers about! Have had further thoughts on the development of the parcels / small goods platform......this is how 'we' left it last night..... Although I was happy enough with the overall concept it wasn't something that I would have left as the final set up, so have thought through and come up with this expansion which seems to me somewhat more fitting......
  3. Evening guys........ Here are the provisional thoughts on how I could revamp the 'local' platform into a parcels / milk dock....... So, firstly intend to shorten the 'head shunt' which allows for a greater depth to the end of the platform, then will position the end of or part of a building which would provide an indication of the parcels / admin offices, there will perhaps be gated fencing to the left hand side......? Comments and suggestions as always will be greatly appreciated to move this forwards....... Regards always.... Bob
  4. Hi Came across this interesting video of parcel operations, great when some of the parcels (staged) fall off the trolley! Food for thought here at about 10 mins is the type of building I could try to indicate as a low relief feature in some way? Regards always Bob
  5. Hi Chris.... Thanks for the kind posting....I am looking to use the smaller platform for parcels, unsure how to treat the far end whether to try and create a lo relief office building of some kind perhaps......using the platform for parcels would negate the need for a large bridge, so yes the covered one would go sadly, and given the fact that I've 'butchered' the ends to create one structure, I can't work out how I'd make a single unit, unless I joined 2 halves..? Regards always... Bob
  6. Hi,,,,, Hope you're okay.....? I have straightened things out in my head out today, I am sorry about yesterdays 'wobbly'....leaning now towards the parcels platform idea as it'll be an additional interest to add trolleys and such furniture.....the bridge too will be shortened to a single open span, so yes some changes but all i hope for the better. Stay safe,,, regards always.... Bob
  7. Hi.... Rather than the somewhat 'chunky' footbridge, I have considered this more open kit from York models....could be a nice alternative? Regards always.... Bob
  8. Hi Guys, Hope all's well....? I start with an apology.....to say sorry for my 'wobble' yesterday over the intentions for the smaller platform, I won't be making any major alterations, certainly will investigate the ways to make it into a parcels or mixed purpose platform.....have to a think about the footbridge too. Regards always...stay safe, here in South Staffs we've been moved up a tier, into T3, so plenty of time to devote to the layout ahead in the coming weeks outside work commitments. Regards always, Bob
  9. Hi...... Cheers Lez....I do have these 'wobbles' from time to time, I even had a stage which I am sure you'll recall when I could have take a hatchet to the whole thing! I am minded to keep at it, as planned, be interesting to investigate use as a parcels facility......with a style of different footbridge too,....? Will keep updated for sure..... Regards always...... Bob
  10. Evening......... This is how I hope to provide the indication of the front edge of the platform 'kerbstone' with a thin strip of plastic card ...? Regards always, Bob
  11. Hi Gary..... Thank you, yes personally okay as of now, nursery has been open as we are in the exempt retail listing, quieter trade wise, but fortunate not to be furloughed..... Cases abound in the area, even though we are semi rural.....we have a number self isolating staff off due to close contacts being positive, one having been tested positive whilst on leave, so no contact at work, unwell for a time but thankfully back after recovering. There is hope that spring may bring better times, once a successful and safe vaccination is available across the world. Can feel one larg
  12. Thanks Gary, Much appreciate your input.....really in a muddle at the moment.... Hope all's well with you? Regards always Bob
  13. Hi Guys.....Hope your mid-week is going okay....? With reference to the posting above, this is what I could do if the mood takes me and taking into account what you good guys think also....as I mentioned this is only an option and is not set in stone. The reason I have had thoughts on this is only due to the fact that I have had a niggling thought in my head that the station was perhaps too big and an ill conceived design, another result of my lack of earlier planning....all my own fault. I have the option here to reduce the size of the station itself by re
  14. Hi..... Hope all's well with you and all....? If I had taken more care to plan this layout thoroughly in the first instance rather than to my eternal shame, just 'blundering' into it then consideration of the important and finer design details would have dawned on me? Frankly (from an authentic representation of anything which would be remotely possible), I feel the whole layout is a mess really, but building it is rewarding, so I plod on and as a result in doing so, to have contact with all you fine guys on here is the greatest reward of all. As far a
  15. Hi Guys....Hope all are well and safe...? Will need to take a pause on 'slab laying' as have for the moment run out of said cut pieces, so will spend a while cutting further plastic card slabs and then post when the laying is underway once more, in the meantime this is how far we have got....the local platform too has seen some slabs laid. Regards always.... Bob
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