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  1. Hi Guys.... Hope all are keeping well and 'chipper'....? Just to say that I am currently 'gathering together' the necessary 'proper' tools to have a tentative play with making the signal kits, when all here will begin to post my step by step attempt. Stay safe my friends..... Regards always Bob As an aside, this is how the wisteria looked on Sunday, just 'going over' now but has been glorious, the combined warmth and humidity powering out the fragrance!
  2. Thought these may be of interest...? I have been growing this white wisteria for about 15 years....and it at its best just now....eye catching for sure Regards always Bob
  3. Hi Not modelling related, but thought you may like to see these images of the gardens at Arley? Been growing this white wisteria as a standard for about 15 years now, with missing pruning during January, I thought that having to complete the task in late March on our return ti volunteering, we'd loose this years flowers as it was too late....? Just shows nature knows better....! Also a topiary loco has been attempted.....it has been in 'the works lately' having a new smoke box door and buffer beam added as the original had rotted away...needs its firs
  4. Hi Lez, Is this the product? Haven't purchased anything yet so want to obtain the correct medium. Regards always Bob
  5. Evening Guys...... This arrived in the post today.......ordered a spare just in case I mess up along the way! A bit daunted on first opening the package, that I will 'pass muster' when constructing this kit, but will do my best......have ordered a selection of 70c, 145c and 180c solder for the building process, in a short while I will obtain a new variable temperature iron, set of drill and files, so it'll be a while yet before construction begins. Regards always... Bob
  6. Evening all.... When constructing the kit, is there a standard solder that can be used, scanning the instructions it mentions switching solders? Regards always, Bob
  7. Hi... Just a 'bog standard' AntexXS25 - so will upgrade to a variable temperature one soon. Regards always Bob
  8. Hi To 'dip my toe' into the white metal world of modelling, I have ordered this kit from Wizard Models.....I will need assistance, guidance and a good 'dollop' of luck...! Once I've had a go at constructing this kit and feel able I can move on to adapting the bracket signals perhaps....? Regards Bob
  9. Evening Guys..... With the heads up from Lez, have acquired the following lovely 2nd hand brass Scalesig items...... So some change of tack may be on the cards regarding the method of signalling if I am proficient enough.... Granted they are 'upper quadrant' and will require adaptation to 'lower' and GWR'ising, advice on which way to go I will certainly require, but a task I am willing to have a go at, using the MSE range from Wizzard....the posts will be most useful as a starting point....as I have no knowledge on this way of modelling I will be extre
  10. Thanks Chris.. When I'm gardening at Arley, often 'become lost' in my own 'little world'....the weather has been perfect over the last couple of days as has the 'branch line' feel of the SVR replicated superbly. Regards Bob
  11. Evening Guys..... Hope all are well? Thank you for you kind birthday wishes, very much appreciated. A package of drill bits arrived today, (14mm flat head), for when it comes the time to drill through the baseboard for fitting of Dapol signals.....? I hope that I haven't set myself an impossible task, perhaps not thinking through the implications - attempting to make a centre post, double arm, bracket signal, but here goes..... The intention is to have the platform centred on the post..........both arms of the same height......
  12. Thank you....... Spent it down at Arley among good colleagues, working in the sunshine, with steam as well, what more could one wish for,,,? Regards always Bob
  13. Evening..... Although this is of southern extraction I hope that I may be able to fashion something similar in a GWR guise? Regards always Bob
  14. Evening guys..... Hope all are well....? The 'adventure' is about to begin....! As it was my birthday yesterday, I treated myself to a Dapol GWR signal to place into the parcels road, along with two Ratio kits which are destined to be 'butchered' in some fashion into a larger bracket signal to be sited at the end of the main platform and a few push switches to control the Dapol. I have a dedicated transformer on order to follow and provide power to the parcels signal, the ratio one will be hand operated, if I don't make a complete hash of it in the construc
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