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  1. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi Guys, Hope all are well and safe....... Now that the 'lockdown garden revamp is complete'........(almost).....evening time can be spent 'tatting' to keep under control......if as is hoped a resumption of possibly a day at least will be permitted back on the SVR at Arley in the not too distant future...... ...and of course .........the serious stuff can be revisited soon hopefully? Regards always, Bob
  2. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Still working on 'the doodle'.... Take care guys, stay safe and regards to all as always, Bob
  3. Hi For all you guys that like myself love the environment which is uniquely Arley, here's just a (self indulgent) update on 'the doodle',,,,,,further detail to incorporate just yet but advancing hopefully, keeping Arley in my minds eye.... Keep safe guys Regards always Bob
  4. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi Guys.... Hope all are well....safe and secure...? Just an update....may be doing a little further ballasting on Cambrian Street hopefully soon along with additional substantive work..... however, I have not been 'idle'...... ......even though still going into the nursery five days a week (as it would be a very long hose pipe if I had to 'work from home') ......two days a week have been spending the available 'good weather and enforced 'stay at home (non SVR) time', ......... tidying up the back garden, which after 17 years of Arley volunteering duty induced 'neglect', and (working for 36 years at a horticultural nursery I was 'ashamed at the state of my own back garden had become ) over the time Arley station gardens were receiving all my attentions.... .....and 'settling my head' with filling out some of the shading on the 'Arley doodle'..... ......looks as if life may become busier soon if the nursery is allowed to reopen to footfall customers? Strange how everything in my life has seemingly always been ' a work in progress' Stay safe please guys.... Regards always Bob
  5. Thought this may be useful....although I have no knowledge of signalling I have been fortunate enough to be allowed into the box at Arley many times and the the view from its central position does afford good views of the approaches on the gentle curve on which the station is situated.... Regards always Bob
  6. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi Guys.... Hope all are well, safe and keeping it together.....Just wanted to message you all good guys as thing have stalled on Cambrian Street during the 'lockdown' due to a combination of factors.....although sadly many of my colleagues are on the govt furlough scheme, I am thankfully still in work at the nursery each day as along with a handful of fellow growers and workers, we have to keep everything alive, growing, propagated and available for our mail order service and the nursery operating, so after very busy days, feeling too tired out by the evening to model with confidence. Days off which would ordinary have been spent at Arley at the SVR have been used at home to revamp an all too long neglected back garden, an absence for 15 years two days a week from home, spent at the SVR taking its toll on a once quite tidy garden, so taking advantage of the (current) splendid spring weather......and this has inspired me to plan for a possible garden layout, should my retirement plans have to be altered due to the economic consequences of the current problems and stay here rather than move to west Wales as planned? ........one thing I have done though which is 'railway orientated' is to try and bring my dear and much missed Arley 'to life in my head' and on paper, drawing up an image.....still a work in progress with further to do, but along the right lines? Please, please do keep safe my dear friends..... Regards always Bob
  7. I'm in too....great idea Andy...we all must stick together in these testing times. Did it by paypal, safe and easypeasy method to happily donate to this with the greatest pleasure. Regards to all as always Bob
  8. Thank you for your very kind comment....it's difficult to say really how long, as it's been spread over many evenings, but an hour or so generally each time, so perhaps 24 hrs so far in total, but sometimes just perhaps 10 mins here and there to tweak things as I see them and correct them, but a fair few hours for sure, and many further hours required. Have done a little further work especially to 'centralise' the once off centre boiler..the station building, waiting room, SMO and roof will be next, then filling in the detail....so much to do! Regards and thanks Bob
  9. Hi Phil Yes it is Mrs Jones , the doodle is from the BR publicity shot taken if 1959...it is indeed so atmospheric of the station I so dearly love, the railway and friends I am missing so badly at the moment and is just so evocative of the last days of steam. More work still to be done on the drawing but at least doing this drawing is 'keeping me off the streets'! Regards always Bob
  10. Hi Strange isn't it, that you don't notice something until you actually 'see' something in a different way as here as an image....I now can see that the front profile of '2207' as drawn here, is way off centre in relation to the frame, so have corrected it to make it central, personally happier now...! Regards Bob
  11. Thought this may lighten the mood.... As I cannot get to Arley ( missing terribly not only the station, but so much the 'family' aspect of volunteering and just the atmosphere of my second home), thought whilst although I am still at work through the day (as we cannot look after the horticultural nursery stock plants from home) to fill the solitary confinement hours during the evenings, when I cannot tend the back garden....I'd bring the station to me a try a pencil drawing of the station from the bridge, here's what the 'doodle' looks like now....a bit dark and cropped of its full size though, A work in progress, still a way to go yet until I'm happy with the result... Hope its raises a smile! Take care my dear friends, keep safe.... Regards always Bob
  12. Hi Bob here from Arley Station, missing everyone on the SVR terribly, in the meantime, keep safe Regards always Bob
  13. Will follow with great interest.... Regards always Bob
  14. Great stuff! Al the best to moderators and contributors...! Regards always Bob
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