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    Steam Heritage in all its guises...from the smallest item to the largest loco's or building.....

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  1. A side of the station often overlooked......so if anyone is modelling Arley here's a three quarter view from the yard.
  2. Hi Guys Sadly 4953 'failed' today so wasn't operating on any services..... The pairing of 1501 and 9466, sounded and looked splendid indeed..... The local residents were busy in the early morning sunshine making the most of the pleasant weather while it lasts.....! A regular visitor to Arley has kindly donated two amazing Staddle Stones to the station for display as a feature in the gardens. Being over 100 years old, the original iron pins that secured the tops to the bases had corroded away and in the process of rusting had expanded and threatened splitting the sandstone. The SVR's stonemason Philip Chatfield has worked his magic and inserted new pins to safely secure the tops to the bases for the longer term benefit of these pieces of architecture. They do look rather splendid in their new home in the bed beneath the down Arley running board don't you think?
  3. She looks sweet - especially paired up with 7714 - look forward to seeing her tomorrow (Sunday) Regards Bob
  4. Hi.... Haven't seen 9466 but only been at Arley all day after a trip up from Bridgnorth, due to work commitments will be at Arley only tomorrow and Sunday, looking forward to seeing 'the passing traffic' and folks out and about again hopefully. Regards Bob
  5. Hi 'Pitchford Hall' 4953 - Looking good this afternoon both in black and the early-autumn Arley sunshine passing southbound as a light engine movement in preparation for the commencement of ASG tomorrow. For the first time in nearly two years took a service train southbound in connection with my Arley (gardening) duties, it was a pleasure to be behind steam once more and delightfully it was a double header 7714 and 1501, the former a positioning movement I believe. Taw Valley the other loco in service today....trains busy too felt somewhat more like 'normality at last? Regards always Bob
  6. Hi Guys I am so sorry for the 'radio silence' on these pages lately, have been rather 'preoccupied' with other matters one way or another, hope that some kind of 'normal service' can resume shortly? Regards always, Bob
  7. Still if you look the other way we still pass muster.....! Bob
  8. Santa is on his way back to Arley this year, tickets already selling quickly by the sound of it, planning to be in the same format as last year. Hopefully they'll be elsewhere by then, a marque has to be erected across the siding and whole yard, so they've got to go somewhere? Regards Bob
  9. Probably be in trouble for this but....and it is only my humble opinion that I wished that the goods set could have come up to us instead, freeing space for these to be stabled elsewhere, we have a 'classic car' weekend coming up, not the best foil for these and what about the ASG...? Revenue yes. it is a 'temporary arrangement' and not as if we are painting the station blue....but as someone may have said 'akin to a carbuncle on the face of a dear and much loved, old friend'...? Bob
  10. Hi The reasoning is that we at Arley have available storage space....? Bob
  11. We have 'House Guests'.... Here at Arley for a few months.....certainly a bit out of our 1930's time period yes, and in certain quarters has caused the 'dropping of one or two jaws' but 'welcome' in other and many ways perhaps for the limited time they will be with us? Regards always Bob
  12. Wise words?




    1. truffy


      It started well before then. Electing a PM who consistently looks like he’s just fallen out of bed in the first place. 

    2. Mallard60022


      Wise indeed.

    3. Welly


      Any wise ones putting themselves forward?

  13. Evening guys, hope all are well? This is the range of items that I’ve collected together to have a go a white metal kit assembly. Haven’t a clue at the moment where to begin. Regards always Bob
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