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  1. Hi Guys..... Hope all are well.....? Can it be, that just there's a glimmer of hope that the show scene may be able to recommence through the latter stages of this year, if both the national restrictions are adjusted and confidence amongst the population grows sufficiently to attend large, enclosed gatherings. It may inevitably mean that venues may have to be larger, the space available for internal distancing greater or attending participating layouts/ suppliers reduced, quite what impact this will have on the viability of smaller shows is debatable, but it would be gr
  2. Hi Guys.... In 2003 I became a working member on the SVR, having been a steam enthusiast since childhood and a frequent visitor to this superb heritage railway, it seemed a logically step and long held desire now that I have greater free time, to join the team somewhere on the valley, not only to contribute, hopefully something constructive back for all the fantastic times I have had on the railway previously, but also to make like minded new friends - to that end I was honoured to join the folks at Arley Station. I have no great talent, but having been in horticulture for nea
  3. Hi....Strange how these side-effects manifest themselves in some and not others, apart from a partially sore, aching arm....nothing further at the moment? I too have the same vaccine. Regards always, have a good weekend, Bob
  4. Which of the two available did you receive? Regards always Bob
  5. Hi Guys..... Sorry for the 'radio silence' recently, all been well but just so busy, spring coming at the nursery and with some staff off ill it's been a 'bit stressful'.... Anyway have had my first Astra Zeneca / Oxford Vaccine shot today.....superb NHS staff and volunteers with a well organised set up at the BlackCountry Living Museum where the centre was located.....even had a loco for company while I waited! Regards always...hope to post further soon... Bob
  6. Afternoon everyone, All the passenger shelters bays have been initially painted up in dark and light stone, after a bit of tidying in the back garden, even managed to do some of this sitting outside in very pleasantly mild conditions before showers broke out and forced a retreat indoors. Will require some tidying where I’ve over painted but fairly pleased with the results so far. Enjoy the remainder of Sunday, take care and stay safe, will post further when able. Regards always Bob
  7. Evening Guys, Took it slowly, but have applied both light and dark stone lightly across the central passenger shelter bay ‘woodwork’ to see both what the effect be and how ‘steady’ my hand was painting such small areas, quite pleased with this initial painting, will revisit in daylight to finish. Take care, have a great weekend, stay safe, regards always, Bob
  8. Hi Guys, Light stone has been applied to the passenger shelter bay ‘woodwork’ Regards always Bob
  9. Thanks Lez, I have found doing this canopy very therapeutic to do bit by bit and it has turned out much better than I thought I could have hoped for when I began. Take care, hope all are well, Regards always Bob
  10. Hi This is how I intend to leave the roof for now, photo taken in a better light (despite the very gloomy and wet) conditions. Regards always, Bob
  11. Morning all, Hope you are all well on this wet Saturday morning? A fibreglass pencil has been used to lightly rub over the corrugated panels which has blended the grey tones together, to me it looks okay, but as always I am appreciative of your comments. Don’t want to overdo it, so may leave for now and move on to the painting up in light and dark stone of the shelter bays, any tweaking and surface moss and weathering effects can be undertaken later perhaps? Regards always, stay safe, Bob
  12. Hi Hope all are ‘chipper’....? Have applied a darker tone for contrast, will allow to dry overnight and then intend to take a fibre pencil to it, taking it back down to a ‘uniform’ base colour...... Will post when done, holler if you think otherwise Regards always, Bob
  13. Hi..... Have applied an none uniform cover of a light grey to the already darker tone of the Wills corrugated sheets, hopefully this will provide a suitable base for the intended roof effect, prior to the application of a darker tone? Will post further when done, Regards always, stay safe Bob
  14. Evening guys, hope all are well? The plan is to paint up the corrugated roof next, have a light grey for the base colour, then to dry brush over a darker shade with lighter tone to follow. Intend to add some mossy or algae indication to weather off? Regards always Bob
  15. Hi, Me again..... Have painted dark stone on to the internal and external surfaces of the central spar...... Regards always Bob
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