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    Close to 84F but live in Wombourne, South Staffs
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    Steam Heritage in all its guises...from the smallest item to the largest loco's or building.....

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  1. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi..... Yes......It is from there range of products, which continues to develop and cater for many aspects of modelling.....a nice group of folks to meet at shows too... Regards always..... Bob
  2. BobM

    Severn Valley Railway

    Hi Guys.... Just one further image of 75069 passing through Arley yesterday.....she looked superb here in the sunshine.... Regards always..... Bob
  3. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi... Just to prove that ballast is never pristine,,,far from it,,,,! Who would have thought ballast would be blue/white...! Regards always.... Bob
  4. BobM

    Severn Valley Railway

    Hi..... Just returned from a splendid day on the SVR....primarily to be on the first off Bridgnorth, celebrating not only the commencement of service trains on the 2019/20 season but also the return of 75069...... seen here bathed in brilliant sunshine of a mid-February morning...... Regards always..... Bob
  5. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi Andy......Yes I am okay......( a complicated story) but my late brothers wife passed away recently, and although not had contact with her for a while, this has come as a complete jolt.....otherwise fine thank you One or two other minor things just seem to have compounded everything into 'one of those' weeks......! Regards always.... Bob
  6. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Evening Guys..... Have been a bit 'distracted' lately by the effects of life's twists and turns, so 'work' on Cambrian Street has had to slow somewhat recently........will be posting soon when 'things' get back to normal..... Regards always.... Bob
  7. BobM

    Tynebank: South Tyneside circa 1960

    Hi Try right clicking on the inserted image and a drop down box should appear to allow resizing....of an image already uploaded...or resize prior to uploading where you have them stored and save copy to then upload,,? Regards Bob
  8. Hello to all my 'buddies' on here.....hope we all become accustomed to the new site and we can reestablish contact with each other if we've 'drifted' apart ue to 'technical difficulties'...


    Regards always....


  9. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Evening guys.... Hope that everyone's weekend has gone well and the weather wasn't too disturbed....? Been a busy day today at Arley, not only preparing the station for the return of passengers / trains next Saturday 16th February.....with the return of 75069 to traffic,,,but much activity splitting logs too...only wish all this heavy work would make me like Charles Atlas...some hope...! Any way....not work on Cambrian Street this evening.....but here are few images of the bridge parapets in situ, albeit just to see what it looks like...! Regards always....Bob
  10. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Evening Guys...... Offering up a thought for comment before proceeding...... With regard to the Llangeitho Road bridge building currently underway I have fashioned up the for bridge parapets....the assembly of which has not been as straightforward as I had anticipated, but I am happy with them an with a bit of 'filling' in the gaps it'll be fine enough....... I have had a thought that the bridge may look more aesthetically pleasing if the approach to the bridge used and arched retaining wall.....such as this...? Any good...? Regards always....... Bob
  11. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi All..... Have nipped out the corner of the bridge parapet to make it fit into the column top..which can be filled to neaten....will repeat with other side....will continue to check as I go along but seems to fit and looks reasonable...? Regards always..... Bob
  12. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi.... Cheers for the wonderful inspiration....I was a bit hesitant at even contemplating replicating the underside in any manner, however I may think again and attempt something now...? Also before I begin a bit of trimming.....taking into account the image of the County beneath the road bridge a Wolverhampton Low Level.... took note of the following..... The minimal clearance between that double chimney and the girder in comparison to my 'lash up'....however having seen the image of the bridge here....I have a thought that if I adapt the pieces that I have available I can sort of replicate the bridge by adding another depth of brick above the girder.....which looks like ths..... It then lowers the clearance to the minimum 60mm above the rail......I could then place the bridge construction on pack material if necessary to increase the clearance to suit....... Is my thinking sound...? Regards.... Bob
  13. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi Guys..... Well and truly stuffed after a triple sausage, two eggs and chips / coffee lunch in the village....good job I had a two and a half mile round trip walk to ease the calorific value of it....! On the way took these images of the local road bridge that crosses the now very pleasant South Staffordshire Railway walk which once was the track bed of the Wombourne Branch line on the Oxley to Stourbridge GWR connection...... although a totally different design to the Llangeitho Road bridge I am contemplating to build...this may be useful for anyone looking for inspiration..... In all the 53 years that I have walked either over or past this bridge I have never really taken or noticed the brick arches / girders beneath the roadway on its underside....a beautiful piece of engineering..... Regards always..... Bob
  14. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi.... Cheers Calvin.... It should also be within my modelling skill range too....! Sun's attempting to break through now..so off for a walk up the village for lunch and will take a look at the road bridge over the local disused railway for inspiration on the way there, even though I've seen it thousands of times...! Regards always.... Bob
  15. BobM

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hi... Yes that's my local area normally, only occasional trips to Brum to Ian Allen and to see how the tram extensions are progresssing, but too wet today to walk around for no other reason....spent most of yesterday chainsawing up logs for next winters stockpile for the SMO / Waiting Room fires....beautiful and spring-like at Arley....what an alteration today...! Regards always.... Bob

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