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  1. So something interesting has arrived in the electronic post, which after a week of trying I have managed to print out. I have forgotten the golden rule of iphones and taken the shot portrait...sorry. Anyway, you should be able to see the lovely lines of a templot curved double junction and a curved double slip. It’s been a while since I made my own track so this should be a gentle entry back into the business! I always suspected I would have to hand build the fiddle yard throats, but hoped to put it off for a few years whilst I got on with the scenic side.
  2. Wow. That’s really impressive. It certainly makes me think about station and signal box possibilities. On a one-man home layout when you have a job and a family, you do have to be realistic about what you can achieve and I think you’ve just opened up a whole new world of achievable for me.
  3. That’s an interesting reference. I have been thinking about the download and print option, but I hadn’t considered the design yourself possibility. I’d like to build a small running shed next, which I’m planning to do in plasticard. After that it’s platforms and then the quick job of ballasting. Until then all other thoughts are having to be restrained!
  4. The buildings are pretty much a collection of every Metcalfe factory that there is. There’s one each of PO282, 283 and 284, plus the now discontinued PO229 which is the brewery. PO229 is clearly an earlier kit and isn’t to the same standard as the later ones, although it holds its own well as part of a 3D backscene. They are all getting quite hard to get hold of at the moment as Metcalfe aren’t yet back in production, but if you can get 282-4 you can make them up and play around with various configurations. I think with some basic modification you could make a really big fa
  5. Believe it or not, I think it’s a thin wash of frame dirt all over the coach including the frames. It doesn’t really show up on the underframe though. I probably need to get some sort of frame dirt spray given the number of coaches I have to do. I should get to visit an actual model shop fairly soon and collect a decent set of weathering tackle.
  6. A bit more progress in the shed area, with the retaining walls weathered and fixed in place. The factory has been neatened up a bit and is starting to look the part. Whilst I had the paints out, I braved giving some stock a light weathering. First up were the 25 and a TTA. I’m quite happy with them, although they need a spray of matt varnish. Next job is to build a small two road maintenance shed for servicing the 25s and 31s allocated to Bluebeck. Feeling brave I then had a go at a parcels coach. These were always fairly dirty as they didn’t benefit from frequ
  7. I made a list of all the jobs I could do in lockdown assuming no shops or deliveries were possible. It’s inconceivable that lockdown will last long enough! I am very happy to have my wiring done, but sorting fiddle yard pointwork is definitely going to go on hold until ebay prices are at least less than double the RRP...
  8. All the DCC sound manufacturers make all the necessary combinations, and there’s definitely an 8 pin option for the 25, as mine is too. Speakers seem to be best mounted either under the fan or in the fuel tank. I’ll try and get some pictures of mine; I’ve had to reduce the volume on all of them to keep the “neighbours” happy! Given what else you’ve taken on a body shell and chassis is clearly within your capability. And if it all goes wrong there’s very little that can’t be fixed with superglue, solder or beer...
  9. I’m inspired enough to go have a proper go at making some videos with the iphone now! I have both a biffo and a Howes fitted 47; not sure which I prefer and I can’t recall either making that thrumming noise that yours does! New sound units are about £110 from Howes and a doddle to fit, especially the 25. I can probably get you some fitting photos if you’re tempted to have a go.
  10. My local model shop told me they’ve never sold anything like as much track as they have in the past few weeks. It seems that suddenly a lot of people found they had some time on their hands....
  11. I’m really impressed with how you are coming along - definitely capturing some atmosphere! What are you using to record the videos - a phone or something more sophisticated? They certainly work very well. And what sound unit is in the 47? At low speed it seems to really capture one. Thanks - and great work!
  12. Coaches are looking good - are you hand painting? Maroon looks a lot easier than blue and grey, but maybe I’m underestimating the lining! I was surprised to see you chose the Mainline RBR for conversion. I picked up a blue and grey one recently and I think it holds its own against the current Bachmann offerings. It would be interesting to compare before and after photos.
  13. This is how I think of my approach, except in reality I really want the railway to work. I’m happy to take my time over the scenery, but I do like to run trains. I admire your ability to keep taking your time when you could be cutting a few corners and getting something moving. Period wise I thought I was flexible in saying September ‘86, without tying myself down to an actual day! But double headed Hymeks and LL56s...this is far too serious a hobby to enjoy yourself!
  14. I’ve been meaning to comment on here for a while to say how much I admire the work so far, and having spent a happy couple of hours rewatching Bradfield on youtube I was delighted to find some Leeds Midland videos. When I dropped in to comment, I wasn’t expecting to be reminded of my days dancing on the podium in Planet Earth on 70’s nights, or indeed to ever mention it on this forum! Still, it opens up an interesting debate as to exactly which part of my youth was misspent. All that aside, I’m really impressed by progress. I find this such an inspirational layout, although unlike Br
  15. A staggering effort on the baseboards! I really admire the workmanship and the patience. Far too many layouts like this don’t make the final journey to become a model railway, so really nice to see so much progress. I’m looking forward to seeing some blue and grey trains in the not too distant future!
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