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  1. I converted one into a RSU. Handy, useful things, but be careful and do your research so you know what you're up to. They can usually kick out over 30A if you wire the outputs in a certain way....
  2. Somehow reminds me of the hudswell ones:
  3. Couldnt they get their carpenters/set designers to build a rake of suitably generic 4 wheel stock which could sort of look the part for most railways if relettered or repainted. I believe Messrs hattons might have some drawings they could use....
  4. A double unicorn, illusory (the unicorns being created from intangible nothingness), for the 31st of october. Interesting choice. Whilst not a fan of the americanisation of Halloween, it must be said that pumpkins are a far better choice for carving than turnips. I remember carving turnips when I was a kid - lethal and hard work, and then youd end up getting fed the barely edible stuff in some meal afterwards.
  5. Resin kits for the small boiler early 240t were produced by malcolm mills a while back. Not very common, but there is a photo of one here: http://philsworkbench.blogspot.com/2018/08/?m=1
  6. If you put a few of those viaduct kits together....
  7. It's the commitment and expense. We might think of something daft, maybe even chop up some Dapol kits, or once in a while bash a secondhand loco, but someone has had an absurdly (but brilliantly) daft idea and spent several years, no little skill and a few grand pulling it off. Impressive.
  8. I'd heard a story a while back regarding indian influence for the jones goods. Turns out the web may be more tangled than we thought, and less CME dependent. Dubs built this in 1889-1890. L class for nizams state railway. Hendrie, the chief draughtsman at lochgorm when the jones goods were ordered in 1893, had previously worked at Dubs as a leading draughtsman, and at Sharp Stewart before that (previous to which he'd started out at lochgorm). So perhaps it was his design, inspired by work he'd done at Dubs, agreed by Jones and ordered from his old friends at SS. In which case, credit to Jones for recruiting someone with experience further afield. Coincidentally the river class was also known to be based on a previous design for india.
  9. A porter built forney? A bit ugly, but there were some. I think your Hudswell looks very good, my only thought is that I'd personally rather see the buffers as separate parts on sprues (allows you to put nice turned ones on if you like - you'll not get printed ones as robust, thin and sharp) it would also make your kit more robust for posting.
  10. I was probably being unduly picky - there is little argument against churchward having produced the best pregrouping 460 of any uk railway design office, then just playing variations on that very successful theme. I picked the HR because they produced a range of very different 460s, all pretty well regarded in their time, but clearly without any strong commonality of parts or design. That a relatively small line could roll the dice half a dozen times and get it pretty right every time, whereas many larger railways consistently turned out disappointments intrigues me. Clearly the secret ingredient in the HR's success lies with the design offices of the manufacturers, but again they're coming from a range of builders, so the knack of making a good 460 was out there, were some railways (and CMEs) just too prideful to ask for help?
  11. The highland railway might beg to differ on that (although it's fair to say that their designs might owe more to the design and drawing offices of the manufacturers than those at lochgorm).
  12. There is of course a loco to scan to get you a G class. Several liveries available there too.
  13. The battle worked out ok as a trainer and target tug. If we're playing worst RAF plane of ww2 I'm going for the saro lerwick (following the obscure town theme). A flying boat noted as being unstable in flight, unstable on water, structurally unsound on water, and if one engine failed its control surfaces were inadequate to compensate, so it'd fly in circles, but it was also underpowered and couldnt maintain height on one engine, so slowly descending circles. In its 3 years of service over 50% of aircraft crashed....
  14. That option is very prototypical - when the SLNCR bought its first bogie coaches in the early 20s (straight sided cletestories that looked 30 years older of course) it couldnt quite spring for lights in all of them so one became infamous as the daylight coach...
  15. Rail cleaning fluid is, to my mind, far less of a necessity than insulated joiners might be.
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