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  1. Hi All. I have a GWR China Clay wagon ready to go if anyone is interested? It fits a 2mmSA chassis although I cannot remember which one! Usual disclaimers, only for personal use, etc, etc... Julia
  2. Hi Justin. These might be adaptable if you can find a set... http://www.tpmodels.co.uk/1820.html Julia.
  3. Hi. I think what the Stationmaster is trying to say is this.... I really like the "What RMweb really needs is to get shot of the idiopt profanity filter and introduce a proper dumbo filter which automatically rejects nonsense on a sort of 'three strikes and you're out' (for ever) basis but that would need an awful lot of AI to make the system do it instead of humans intervening. " comment. M.
  4. Hi Izzy. I seem to get mixed messages regarding that. Some say you can and others not. My theory was to try it and see! http://modelenginenews.altervista.org/techniques/skews.html Plenty of places around like this if you are prepared to take the risk https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32508729832.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.2d4d2a35zkQ3YP&algo_pvid=4073d1ab-5dc0-41ef-baef-5b58a7c18718&algo_expid=4073d1ab-5dc0-41ef-baef-5b58a7c18718-19&btsid=2100bb4c16031810784491686e838f&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,search
  5. Hi Izzy. I am designing the machine as a stand-alone so its not reliant upon a mill or similar, which would make the control harder to work out with retro fitting etc (as you probably know). The cutter spindle bit is still being designed by myself. The intention is to build in the ability to angle the cutter upto 30 degrees which should allow the cut skew gears for worm drives (but not quite enough for bevel type gears). There is a source of gear hobs from China so I have one already (0.2Mod) to setup the machine. If it works then no doubt this can be swapped out for others.
  6. Apologies Izzy. It's a machine to (hopefully) enable me to cut my own gears. It will use a gear hob instead of involute cutters. Julia.
  7. Thank you Jan. The parts were printed on a FDM machine. It makes producing parts for these mods so easy! https://www.prusa3d.com/original-prusa-mini/ I haven't had to do anything other than ream out (by hand) a couple of holes on some of the parts. So far it looks like it is going together really well (there is still quite a bit to do) but I will use a DTI once complete to check the critical dimensions. Julia.
  8. Hi Mike. The only options I can think of are to either replace the speed control for something a bit more flexible for driving the motor or fitting some sort of gearbox like the USOVO planetary gearbox. Julia.
  9. Mini Hob is progressing... J.
  10. Would something like this help? https://www.axminstertools.com/skill-centre/engineering-courses Julia. This should be in the jigs and tools thread....
  11. Hi. If I had realised you posted the same question in this thread I wouldn't have bothered replying to your PM and posted here instead! I would very happily find a home for that lathe! Julia :p
  12. You will be telling me next you have never popped into a supermarket to use the loo or parked in one of their carparks while getting some fish and chips next door? M.
  13. Hi. I'm might be missing something but there are plenty of browsers around with quite robust ad blockers built in, free to download, etc. I never have any problems with pesky ads anymore. Missy.
  14. Hi Mike. You can but it will cost you lots of money! Julia.
  15. Hi. Its not what I would class as an easy mod. You have to make a few bits... The original setup uses a splined socket which the motor locates into (red). As I was replacing the motor, I had to make a shaft to suit. Fortunately at the end of the original shaft, there is a M6 thread so I made the replacement shaft screw into that. I also designed and made a plate (3DP) that sits onto of the original housing, this was designed to mount the new motor along with a top bearing for the new longer splindle shaft. C
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