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  1. I really like this wagon Bryn. Its beautiful in its blandness. I love the little details you have added too. J.
  2. Hello Guy. They were printed on my Phrozen Sonic Mini 4k printer using eSun Hard Tough Resin. I normally add material to the outer faces so I can machine them to size on my lathe. I have noticed that this resin is quite dimensionally stable so, with a bit of tweaking, it might be possible to remove this. These were then pressed onto some steel axle material using the 2mmSA quartering jig with a spot of loctite to hold them. Julia.
  3. Buffer beams next. Will probably end up remaking the cab steps too. Julia
  4. Hi Andy. It was because the open cell foam was catching the details on my models and removing them quite efficiently. I have never (yet) had an problems with dissolving foam (thankfully). Hi Rich. The easiest way of telling if the foam is open or closed cell is to try and breathe through it. If its open cell then you will be able to, closed cell, unable. Checking my 'foam reference chart' (yes, I have one!) the original foam seems to fit either Open Cell Reticulated Polyester 'FR' foam, or Polyester Polyurethane Foam.
  5. Hello. One of those 'little' jobs which has been on my to do list for what seem ages was to update my stock box. I have had problems with the open cell foam which is normally used for a while, as it seems to love nothing more than stripping detail from my engines, wagons etc. A recent opportunity came when my new toolbox was packed with some closed cell foam which was an ideal thickness, saving me having to mess more than I needed to. A little while later, the box has new foamy bits... Julia.
  6. Thanks Nigel. FYI I haven't gapped any of the trackwork yet. I have been waiting to work out this wiring first before I commit to anything. M.
  7. Hi. Yes, apologies, I should have made it clearer in the original post (I wrongly assumed the scale wasn't relevant). Its 2mm scale using 9.42 and 4mm track gauges. M.
  8. Thanks for the replies and suggestions guys. It does all sound quite complicated but not impossible. As a result I have a couple of questions. 1. Is the consensus to use a common rail then isolate the DCC and DC rails from each other or to have a common rail, leave the NG and SG rails electrically joined, then switch the supply so its either DCC OR DC? 2. If there is either a DCC or DC engine left on the track when operating the opposite type, will I have to totally isolate that engine from both the 'common' track AND the supply rail? Thank you.
  9. Hi Nick. After seeing your results I wondered to myself if it was worth investing in some of this 2 pack primer to see if it was any better than the regular aerosol paint I have been using from Halfords. When checking the website I came across this little nugget of information... As a result I am now not sure if it is the right stuff for me. It might be what is causing your problems maybe? Julia.
  10. I am struggling to fit motors into some engines, let alone decoders Richard. M.
  11. Thank you John. Installing decoders into my NG engines isn't an option I'm afraid. M.
  12. Hello. I am after some advice. Currently in the design works I have some dual gauge track. The thing is, my standard gauge engines are DCC whilst my narrow gauge engines are DC. Is it possible to do such a thing? I dont plan on running both SG and NG at the same time but there will be times when both SG and NG engines will occupy different parts of the layout. I am a bit worried that the DC engines will interfere with the DCC engines or am I over thinking this? Thanks Missy.
  13. Watching that film certainly gives you an understanding to why steam was phased out so quickly! What a horrible, dirty, and smelly place that was. J.
  14. Classic Single Point Failure! J.
  15. HI. Ok, here are my thoughts.. 1. Maybe it would be easier to have something simple like a common dropbox account or similar? That way members can upload / download files etc anytime of the day / night without having to email it to get uploaded onto a website? 2. STL files are excellent for printing but rubbish for anything else. I am not a fan of the filetype and just generate a STL file purely to print. Maybe using a more user friendly format like STEP would be better? It it should give people more flexibility to adjust the files to suit a particular print
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