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  1. Hello. So Mk1, 2mm scale NG coupling hasn't really worked. The main problem is I assembled the body of the coupling before adding the loop wire, as a result I had to open out the pivot holes a little too much to allow the wire with the bends through the holes making the loop wire a bit too loose when in position. I also had to increase the size of the catch wire to 0.4mm as the 0.3mm wire was a little too floppy and tended to fall either sides of the catch support bit. In principle it should work but it needs a different approach. A huge thanks to Roger for the original design for this. Any thoughts? Julia.
  2. I went for Penzance as I thought it would pretty much cover 'the west', both top and bottom bits. J.
  3. Probably? I don't know. I am going to say yes. Julia.
  4. Eileens do some (or they did) I have got some down to 0.3mm Julia :)
  5. Thank you Ian, that is very kind but I think I have a solution. Out of interest, what is it? Julia.
  6. Thank you Alex. I can neither agree or disagree with your comment about a layout. Not sure about the navigation lights Mike. I think the rest might be a little too modern for what I am aiming for though. Thank you Jim. There are some interesting and potentially useful pictures within that link you posted. Ha! Thanks Nick. I think the boats are a bit too small for a full on steam plant with funnel. Could be wrong though. Julia
  7. Hi. I am sure I am missing detail here, any thoughts / suggestions....? Thanks Julia.
  8. Hi Morgan. Its a much chopped around Proxxon MF70 milling machine. I have documented quite a bit about it on this thread.. Missy
  9. Hi. I am doing some lobster pots. Any ideas on what I could use for the netting? Thanks Julia.
  10. Fantastic Photo. Thank you for sharing it Jon. Another interesting fact, the barge boards on the ends of the roof were different from all the other station buildings. I never worked out why. Missy.
  11. The canopy does look amazing. I really hope it has shown the guys there what can be done with a little bit of encouragement. Such a shame the rest of the site looks like a shanty town with all the old portacabins. M.
  12. Hi Ben. Yes, you are correct. In this instance the total depth of cut was 0.5mm done in 2 passes of the cutter. Missy.
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