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  1. Hi Justin. Guitar strings. The ones with the wire wound round them. No doubt someone will elaborate as to which particular size. Unwind the coiled bit for the solid pipe and keep the coiled bit for the flexible bit. J.
  2. -missy-


    OooooH! Do the broad gauge thing. I have always been tempted by that stuff. J.
  3. Hasn't Alex Duckworth done something similar recently? J.
  4. HI. You are a modelling genius! By far the best miniature engineering I have seen on this forum. That is amazing, even if you sadly didn't get it to work. I'm intrigued about how you formed that plate, especially how you got it to that shape with just pliers, a vice, and some steel rod. I'm loving the gearcutting, that is something that has always alluded me. Missy.
  5. That has always intrigued me. Can anyone shed any light on that statement he made? I have never found anything related to it. M.
  6. I like it The obvious question would be where did you get the stuff from? I'm guessing there is no evidence of fogging on the clear plastic? J.
  7. Isn't it where DRC load and unload their stock? M.
  8. Hi Justin. The way I dealt with what I needed was to use an original farish chassis (which had the correct wheelbase) then reverse engineer the bogies to suit what I needed. The middle bit of the bogie has been designed to match the original farish design and on the test print it clipped into the farish bit no problems. The design used the same single gear which engages with the farish worm. I have also maintained the same MOD 0.3 gears throughout the assembly. Julia.
  9. I'm so glad I have a CNC mill so I don't have to bother with all that faff anymore! J.
  10. That has to be some of the best quality 3D prints I think I have ever seen Tom! You will have to tell me your secrets at some point. I am seriously impressed. J.
  11. Thank you Paul. All the machining was done on my Proxxon MF70 milling machine and my Unimat 4 lathe. Some bits were pushing the capacity of the machines but its all possible. Julia :)
  12. Thank you Don. Nothing specific. Just a personal goal of mine. Julia.
  13. Thank you. Yes, it is machined from a kit https://www.stuartmodels.com/item/39/stuart-10v-unmachined Julia
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