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  1. Hi Justin. How about using some threaded rod with a washer and nut instead? It normally comes in 12" lengths. J.
  2. Home-brew 5mm diameter, 4mm gauge plain wheels (with the beginnings of some extended axles). These took a couple of attempts to make. J.
  3. There isn't such a thing as a stupid question Nick. In the case of this engine, all the driving wheels are resin 3d printed. I have used the original farish pickups. J.
  4. Hi William. As Jim said, the resin 3DP wheel was taken to my friendly Investment casting company who used it as a master to cast in Brass. Not a difficult or costly process to do. I added extra material to specific areas of the wheel so I could then machine them to size afterwards. I cannot see any reason why this could not be used in any scale really, I do know that the principle has been used for 5 inch gauge live steam stuff, and even 1:1 full size prototypes (I know because I have done it). J.
  5. Hi Don I used the same technique for my City driving wheels but took it one step further and used the 3d prints as masters for Brass casting. I have used both techniques successfully to date. J.
  6. Yes. 3d printed driving wheels, modified original tender wheels.
  7. 2mm Finescale SECR C Class engine.
  8. Thanks for the reply Ben. Trust me, I am VERY aware of the limitations (and advantages) of laser scanning! I have always worked to the idea of its better to get as much information as possible on a subject, hence the thanks for the NRM drawings. Below is my attempt at the engine, the majority is based upon the laser scanning.
  9. Hi Ben Thank you for the tip-off about the works drawings, I'm going to chase that up. I'm interested in the comment about the laser scanning, especially the comment about it being of limited use. What are the reasons behind that? I scanned the engine a while ago and comparing it to available drawings there didn't seem to be that many discrepancies with the limited available dimensions i had, (ignoring the more recent modifications of course). The scanning did highlight quite obviously that the engine was hand built though, it will be interesting to compare the 'as built' against the original works drawings for sure, I bet there will actually be quite a few discrepancies! J.
  10. Yes it is. Its a 3D model generated from a laser scan. M.
  11. Absolutely top modelling Nick. You are an engine building genius.
  12. If we all still had the attitude of you two we would all still be making things by filling lumps of Brass. Shameful attitude towards people who make an effort to try and help others and improve the hobby in my opinion.
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