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  1. Mike I’m most grateful for your efforts. I think I’m now getting a feel for what is required. I am now sure most of the chassis is missing, but with Phil’s help I am confident I can scratch build the chassis. This wagon is not from my normal modelling period but I am 2000 miles away from my layout so this is an interesting diversion. If I get it finished I will post a pic. My thanks to you and Phil. Bob
  2. Phil That’s absolutely brilliant!! I can now press ahead with the chassis and running gear separately from the body, paint them and then mate the two together. One final question, what is the height of the top of the bunker above the top edge of the sole-bar. Are you able to measure? I work in 7mm but can easily convert a 4mm dimension. Thanks for your help Bob
  3. Thank you Jon, I knew they were rebuilds but not the original wagon source. Following on from that, can anyone point me at a drawing for the BR 21T hopper or scan the instructions from the Parkside PS104 kit which would give me some idea of the chassis layout. Thanks again. Bob
  4. Hi, The title says it all really, I am trying to rescue an incomplete kit by GJH of one of these wagons. Can’t find a drawing anywhere, anyone able to assist? Bob
  5. Thanks for that, I think in some countries including mine(Cyprus) it is also known as denatured alcohol . I’ll give it a try. I have used Dettol but the smell lingers on plastic for weeks. Bob
  6. I’d be interested to know as well
  7. Sounds like the thinners and the varnish have reacted. I’ve had this when washing enamels thinned with white spirits over an enamel finish. I think the white is the matting agent in the varnish. bob
  8. Hi Ernie, I’ve been following this thread with interest for ages. I thought I would share a pic of my Limang minerals, done some time ago. They are all corrected to 9’ WB and bodies shortened, some without top doors. Unfortunately I was unaware the bodies were not high enough or that the doors were too narrow so these errors were not corrected. All have scratch built chassis with added bits from Slaters, Parkside and sundry white metal bits. The wheels a mixture but all metal tyres. They were fun to do and when run together without a Lionheart nearby they pass muster. I apologise for the contrast between morning sunshine and shadow here in Cyprus but I think the pic gives some idea of the result. Glad I did it as I can now see I’ve forgotten the brake levers on one wagon, that will be corrected later. I look forward to the next episode. Bob
  9. You probably don’t want one now but there is one for sale on Ellis Clark’s site, no commission anticipated. Bob
  10. Cutler, you may well be right, my knowledge and interest in horsey matters is minimal. My encounter with 61 occurred in 1961 at Finsbury Park, she had a double chimney and wing deflectors, not those Teutonic troughs which came later. To me that was the most handsome format for the A3. Oh to still be able to see such wonderful locos in main line service. cheers
  11. AFAIK the name for a race horse can only be used once according to the rules of the Jockey Club. 60061 was my favourite being the first A3 I ever set eyes on.
  12. Thank you Jeremy, absolutely perfect. I can now get on and finish this build. You’ve made a nice job of yours. Thanks for my Christmas present and have a Merry Christmas. Bob
  13. Hi JeremyI’m presently fighting a Mercian Models Barclay kit in 7mm. I cannot figure out the brake arrangement and the instructions offer little help. Could you possibly scan your drawing to show me how it’s set up. I have pored over masses of photos but mostly this area is in shadow or unclear. If you can help it would be much appreciated. Best wishes Bob
  14. Hi No intention of suggesting the product is at fault, the positive reviews on this thread speak for themselves. The transfers in question were supplied by Little Loco as replacements for their Cl15 loco. There were no instructions included to the best of my knowledge. Thank you for your prompt response, I wish more traders were as proactive. Do you still want me to pm? Bob
  15. Tried using some Railtec transfers today for the first time. They went on ok but then curled up as they dried. What am I doing wrong?
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