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  1. A couple of pics of wagons I have been working on, playing around with some processes. The end metal bracing treated with powders fixed with matt varnish, left todry then painted over with acrylic brown. Attacked with white spirit and a cocktail stick. Empty conflat using dry brush wood coloutlrs on a black ground. A parkside 13t open and BD container with more powders fixed with varnish, painted over with acrylic and attacked with white spirit. More acrylic over enamel paint, this time scrubbed with a fibre brush.
  2. I recently finish one in humbrol rc423 carmine which is acrylic. It seemed to represent the maroony colour of the containers I have seen in photos but I used the modelmaster white lettering transfers which I doubt is accurate but is fine for me. With the weathering it just reads as being slightly different to the bauxite wagons. Cheers Dave
  3. I agree, my point being (which I did not make clear in fairness) is that I didntt think they were Gibson wheels. I am hopefully mistaken and I just got a couple of dodgy sets.
  4. Are markits the old romford ones? I thought Gibson were a good quality wheel and the latest peco 4mm kits have been supplied with some fairly ropey ones. They are all black and with metal axle and tyre, with a plastic wheel disc. The mould of the wheel disc is not always true so there is a pronounced wobble to most of my most recent builds.
  5. The wheels are useless in the new kits so I would say it is likely economies have been made elsewhere. I don't know this to be true of course. I am sure you have found your own work around but I tend to use a sprue cutter to snip the main runners attached to the part I need., then use a curved scalpel blade to complete the removal. Cheers
  6. Hello all, I have used Springside tail lamps on my models for a number of years. This remains my favoured approach but I have a set of Lanarkshire model supplies white metal lamps, both tail and side lights. I bought these as I felt they were a little finer, but there is now the necessity to paint them. The bodies are straightforward of course but I wondered if anyone has a tried and tested method which makes for a prototypical look i. e. Not a blob of signal red! I model pre tops so am thinking about the BR Traditional lamps. This also means I don't intend to add LED
  7. Very very nice. Can I ask where are the transfers from?
  8. Yes!!! Just stumbled on this thread. I love Dapol kitmaster kits! My Dad made me the station set way back when and they represent many a happy memory playing trains. Here are some I have built and modified more recently. A de-branded esso tanker with MSE ladder, pre-weathering. A 20t brake finished as the LNER predecessor of the BR standard Brake van. Duckets are glazed with humbrol clear-fix. Air piped brake. 20t standard with underfloor trusswork and footboards scratchbuilt. By this point I had started to use .33mm handrail w
  9. An oft forgotten aspect of the hobby, sitting (or standing) and running some trains!
  10. I am enjoying your work here John. I am impressed at the results that can be achieved at this scale. I am very much 4mm but I am very very tempted having seen your wagons. I also bought the 2mm association starter 16t wagon before xmas as a cheap experiment in soldered chassis building. I also picked up a bargain Bachmann graffer class 25. Not committed just yet but am very tempted.
  11. Here are some pics of a completed Cambrian Walrus. The kit did not exactly fall together but it does make up into a nice model. The wagon is sprayed matt black using a humbrol acrylic rattle can. I have started using railtec transfers and I must say they are superb. Although they should optimally be used on a gloss surface I was very happy with the finish directly onto matt. The sides are treated with light applications of carr's weathering powders. Very light application of humbrol white to simulate ballast dust is also applied to the sides.
  12. I was able to dig out the van and the battery boxes use .4mm monofilament as you say and the vac cylinder rigging uses .6mm (using my vernier calipers) but my original commentary of the build says .5mm. So, my calipers measure the monofilament as .4mm amd this I assume is used for the periscope wiper also. Mine are missing and in truth I dont remember ever fitting them.
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