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  1. Not another lock down! Got to admit, this fabulous hobby has saved my sanity, (that and daytime television) only joking. Even made some layout progress and a few new additions.
  2. Have to say, Thame was the reason I started in s scale. I saw it at the Manchester show in the 70s.I think in those days it was circular with Bledlow on the opposite side.
  3. Just noticed that you once modelled in s scale, I think, maybe I have 2 of your excellent locos, that appeared in  magazine articles many years ago. Kind Regards Bill

    1. Izzy


      Oh, that’s nice to know, and they are still going and in use. I presume these may be the pair of MR class 3 goods. I am sure I’ve seen another loco I made in a photo posted somewhere in the past. 

    2. Trueclaret


      One 3f with belpaire firebox and an industrial 0 6 0, lovely models and I enjoyed reading the articles. 

    3. Izzy


      Thank you very much. It’s the industrial I had seen sometime. Glad you are enjoying them.

  4. Bit more progress on the loco, mainly detailing, then, lining out. Not really much info regarding this, mainly the Rush book. I, m thinking more of a cameo style for my version of Nateby, my next model for this project will be a LNWR rail motor, the etchings have been produced by Worsley Works, who supply various parts in s scale. I should also mention the excellent book on the line by Dave Richardson and published by the Cumbria Railway Society. Bill.
  5. Yes Scott, I started it several years ago, but was never quite happy with the running, however, lock down gave me the time to rebuild the chassis and now it runs OK. The hunslet has continuous spring beams which is probably a topic in itself.
  6. Trueclaret, Just thought I would show my latest, lock down works in progress. First is the hunslet 15 inch, a lovely prototype, from Judith Edge, which was made available to s scale. Secondly, is Knott End from the Garstang and Knott End railway, which I plan to become part of a small cameo of Nateby Station on that line. Still work to do on both and then another hunslet to build.
  7. I have finally got round to replaceing the final drive gear on the second loco, the mogul. I was fortunate to obtain it from a private seller via eBay. Strangely this time the task seemed easier, even considering the inside valve gear, again following the instructions and picture sequence, available on the Internet.
  8. Have managed to replace the gear wheel/axle, used one of several photo/instructions, available off the Internet, which were a great help. Just need to keep an eye on the small screws, etc. I'll post a photo on a future running session. Bill
  9. Thank you for all your help. I have managed to obtain a brass gear wheel and axle assembly from Bachmann UK, they were very helpful. Hopefully, I will report on my progress. Bill.
  10. Thanks for your reply, the locos are, the consolidation and the mogul.
  11. Thanks for your advice, having recovered from my initial disappointment I have gone back to examine the locos more closely. It appears that the motor is running OK, the firebox light is on and the nylon? gears in the gearbox are turning. The wheels are free to turn but the gears are not driving the wheels.
  12. Wonder if someone could help me ? I have two Bachmann g scale locos, which were running perfectly for a couple of years on my garden railway. However, for various reasons I have stored them for the last 3 years. Recently, I have tried to run both of them on the railway but although power seems to be there, they will not move. I would be grateful of any advice forthcoming, thank you. Bill.
  13. Having been a keen rmweb watcher for a few years I thought it was time that I made my own contribution. My layout is S scale and was built about 10 years ago. It is meant to show a rundown area at the end of steam, much as I remember it, around NE lancs. It has appeared at several shows but not in the last few years. I will try to post further details later.
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