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  1. I recall purchasing quite a lot of the castings c.1986-87 (from an address in Leicester IIRC) and using them in my first scratch-built M&CR and FR wagons. I soon graduated to ABS and MJT parts but I still have some packets of the various 'L' and 'T' section ironwork and pre-cut plasticard strapping - I'm always pleased to find a packet of these in rummage boxes at shows and collectors fairs.
  2. I think something like this used to offered for O gauge in the 1960s by CCW.
  3. Thanks but alas, their website was unaccessible the last time I looked (I also prefer the original Mike Sharman produced items).
  4. I've long thought that a 4mm model or, more likely, a kit, of one of the more commonly used standard designs of 0-6-0 from Kitsons / Beyer-Peacock or Sharp Stewart would be a more viable proposition e.g. the Sharp Stewart 'sharpie' 0-6-0 used by the Cambrian and Furness or the Kitson / Beyer-Peacock engines supplied to the Taff Vale and L&Y along with very similar engines supplied to the M&CR (the later is of course already made by London Road Models). That NSR locomotive might come via a standard NBL design that was supplied to the Knotty, as well as the FR and also seemingly to the G&SWR and the M&CR.
  5. I'm looking for one of the original 4mm Mikes Models L&YR water cranes, in particular the version with a gas lamp mounted on the top.
  6. Hmmm, so the possibility of German spies off the East Anglian coast in the early 1900s has attracted the attention of the Parish Council ? Mysterious aerial craft or otherwise, I think I can see where this is going...
  7. Since we're usually discussing making replicas of obsolete modes of transport...
  8. I do like 'Rugton' station - are the buildings based on an actual station ?
  9. Just saw this on Ebay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wardie-Master-Models-price-list/193546700455?hash=item2d104846a7:g:bHwAAOSwQTle6jQz
  10. It just shows how parochial we can be in our interests as my knowledge of the G&SW is very sketchy despite it having a major presence in Carlisle, the link with the M&CR and, rather shamefully, my own Scots ancestry on my mum's side. Mind you, my dad's family came over from the Netherlands in the 17th century and my knowledge of the pre-NS HSM is nil...
  11. if you can get hold of a copy of the December 1976 Railway Modeller, there is an article (pp 368-371) by Bill Salter called "BG7 makes its debut" in which he describes his 7mm broad gauge terminus and branch line built with just three points and a sector plate.
  12. That's very kind as you're presuming there's actually some detail to appreciate...expect an update (with better photos) at the end of the week when I've hopefully made further progress with the very Stirling-esque cabs
  13. For a modern freight facility, you could worse than the railway-connected harbour at Workington, which has handled a variety of goods over the past few years including railway rails, chemicals, timber, inter-modal and china clay.
  14. I didn't do history at school and the kernel of my interest in history came from watching 'Chronicle' on BBC2 and reading "Military Modelling" magazine.
  15. I can't recall if I've posted this previously but I can recommend Brian Thompson's history / biography 'Imperial Vanities' for its insights into the unplanned and almost accidental nature of 19th century British colonialism with its contradictory mix of adventure, out and out greed, Christian evangelism, political expediency and clear-headed pragmatism - https://www.harpercollins.co.uk/9780006532217/imperial-vanities/ . It's also a cracking read, especially if pace CKPR, Victorian "little wars" and the campaigns in the Sudan are a particular interest.
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