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  1. Living in the badlands of the Marches, all planning decisions are made to suit the purveyors of expensive identikit houses such as B*rd*r O*k and their competitors , all of whom churn out the same factory produced vaguely scandimodern wooden houses for baby boomer retirees. The current batch are being built down the road from our place on what was previously stables and waterlogged rough pasture prone to flooding...
  2. Ahhh yes, the restoration of Bassenthwaite Lake station and the installation of the anachronistic German locomotive film prop, of which I shall say no more, save that I have undertaken my own modest restoration of an LMS (ex-CKPR ?) poster board rescued many years ago from the ruins of the old station. Actually, I will say some more as there is clearly much unserviceable rolling stock mouldering away on heritage railways the length and breadth of the UK and which will never turn a wheel again. Surely some late period LMS or LNER coaches (possibly ex-BR engineers fleet) could have been found that would have been more in keeping with Bassenthwaite Lake station ?
  3. An appropriate place marker whilst I finish off the painting and lettering of various wagons. Bassenthwaite Lake was, of course, on the CKPR and is one of my favourite places ever since the mid-1960s when I was first taken to watch the 'sail boats'. Sadly, the CKPR was abandoned west of Keswick by 1966 and so I only knew the station after it closed, but remember the permanently open crossing gates and the line still being intact. Here's a little puzzler for you - how many lakes are there in the Lake District ?
  4. Given that the M&GN tangentially comes within the orbit of the Midland, possibly Arthur Whitehead and Robert (Bob) Essery ?
  5. Well, as I need both NER hoppers (P5 or earlier) and an NER brake van for my interpretation of 'Brampton Town', a perusal of the Furness Railway Co. catalogue for the former and dusting down plans of the O/F 'Waskerley brake van for the latter would seem to be in order. I've always wanted to build a model of the Waskerley van ever since I saw a photograph of one running on Bill Tate's 'Millport & Selfield' layout (from which I first read of the North Sunderland Rly.).
  6. A good example of a single platform station on a double track line is, of course, Maryport where this arrangement is still in use with the platform being on a loop off the running lines. This arrangement dates from at least 1860 and possibly from 1840 when the first Maryport station was built. The retention of this arrangement might be related to the fact that the M&CR was essentially a goods orientated railway and Maryport station was right in the middle of a complex of goods lines to and from Maryport harbour, various pits and ironworks as well as dealing with freight going to and coming from Workington. Therefore, the single platform on a loop arrangement probably worked well as a means of keeping the passenger trains out of the way of the goods.
  7. As I've got a rake of Smallbrooke Studio P1s waiting to be built, I'll pass on the caldrons and wait for the S&DR long boiler 0-6-0 that must surely be in the pipeline...the mineral lines of the north east are a long-standing interest of mine and my hypothetical project would be the Waskerley line ( perhaps just a working diorama of the loco shed ?)
  8. I stand corrected - classics was never my strong point and as for Ancient History, it always seemed like a right carry on to me.
  9. You want pig anecdotes ? When I was at the grammar school in the 1970s, one of the science teachers was explaining Boyle's Law when he looked out of the classroom window , exclaimed "Good heavens, there's a pig on the headmasters lawn" and then continued with the lesson. The rumour subsequently circulated around the school that one answer in the end of year physics exam asserted that Boyle's Law states that the pressure of a gas is inversely proportional to the volume of the pig on the headmasters lawn...
  10. Got your PM - it's all yours and I'll be in touch about posting, etc.
  11. I've got a 16mm (32mm gauge) Corris Rly bogie coach going spare. I think it is scratchbuilt or possibly a batch built item (Archangel ?) - it's wooden and neatly made if a bit basic (no interior fittings, etc) and I've fitted it with new metal bogies. I bought it on a whim some years and it's completely & utterly surplus to my requirements. It can be collected from Ludlow, otherwise it will cost about £10 to post.
  12. The rot of stripped pine pastoralism and all things Artsy Craftsy cottagey had started to take hold by then (compare 'House & Garden' in say 1972-3 with any copy after the mid-1970s) - I grew up in the 1960s with full-on Danish modernism and my parents were always a bit sniffy about Habitat, preferring Elizabeth David and Divertimenti when we used to go on holiday in Chester.
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