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    Model railways in P4, prototype interests the railways in Telford. Author of 12 books on railways on ex LMS l and BR standards. Motor cycles, particularly Hinckley Triumphs. Military history, particularly the Napoleonic wars. All books by Bernard Cornwall.

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  1. I lived in what is now Telford from 1961 and have been researching the area ever since. Have you had a look at the following books?
  2. A change of topic for the collective. Paul Marshall Potter recently reported that one of his Hornby Re built Patriots has suddenly developed the dreaded “Mazak Rot” in the chassis. Now Mazak rot is nothing new and I believe it is caused by impurities in the metal, but I had thought that more recent models would not suffer from it. My real concern is that many of the recent RTR models not only make use of Mazak for the chassis but things like foot plates, boilers and other parts ( the Hornby Peckett is almost all Mazak castings). The Hornby re built Scots and Patriots are of course not co
  3. Referring to the thread about getting models made by professionals, I employ a different approach, that of collaborative modelling. I enjoy building and painting but the chassis I build are a bit hit and miss as far as good running. I do however like painting and weathering, so I now have loco chassis built by my friend Tony Sheffield and I paint and weather his wagons as well as painting and weathering his locos. I also do the same with that supreme modeller Dave Holt, I paint, line out and weather his locos and he does some superb detailing (Injector pipework etc ) on my locos. Attached a ph
  4. The ex LNWR brake van was destroyed by fire, I understand this was deliberate by the site owners! David
  5. Dismantled mine today and noticed that Bachmann have now had another change to axle sizes ( as a precursor to investigate possible P4 conversion) my micrometer gave me a size of 3.20mm which is as close to 1/8” as near dam it! The chassis also has individual axleboxes on all axles, but no springing and no movement up or down. Any one else had a fiddle with the chassis? David
  6. An interesting thought about the contractor built locos, how did they get to Swindon ( what route and were delivered singly or in numbers). So as conjecture, did the Bagnall locos run to Wellington on the ex LNWR from Stafford to Wellington and then down the ex GWR main line to Wolverhampton, Birmingham and onwards to Swindon. So how did the locos built in Newcastle and Yorkshire get to Swindon? David
  7. In the early 1960s there were regular Banana trains from Barry in South Wales and Shrewsbury allocated Jubilees were used on a regular basis. I think the trains went to Crewe and beyond. David
  8. Anyone had a look at the wheels/axle/gear wheel as a precursor to converting to P4? Given the wheels are the same as the 57xx and Ultrascale do a conversion set, will the Ultrascale set fit? David
  9. Does the fitting of DCC make a difference? Does the chip need to be matched to the motor? David
  10. I would have ordered one of these, but the power train is a no no to convert to P4. It’s an expensive way to have a loco when buying the RTR .loco and then a Mike Edge chassis. So I am buying one of the Victory class to be introduced by Planet as it has a conventional power train. David
  11. My understanding is that Hattons no longer sell new Bachmann. I had to order my 94xx from Rails. David
  12. On the basis that you may be using the vice for many years I would search for a quality jewellers vice second hand on say EBay. I bought the attached from a modelling colleague for £40.00. Mounted on an IKEA bread board cut down. David
  13. I thought the problem was not the motors but the fact that the gearboxes are too stiff, giving the motor a really hard time. So perhaps check how stiff the gearboxes are before just replacing the motor. David
  14. Withdrawal by a list sent from Control was not confined to the Clans. Sheffield Millhouses was told to withdraw all its re built Patriots and re built Scots on a given date. This annoyed the sheds boiler smiths as they were in the process of completing a. re tube one of the re built Patriots. Because the shed was now in the Eastern Region the locos were not transferred away. The Caprotti Stanier Black 5s suffered a similar fate, Control instructed all sheds that no money was to be spent on any repairs. Southport received a loco a week out of Crewe works which needed some adjustment to the brak
  15. David, which loco are you modelling as there are lots of differences in balance weights. Some locos had Stanier style balance weights some on all wheels, some only on one or two axles. Let me know and I will sort out some photos. David
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