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  1. I hope Nearholmer will allow a small hijack from me. This thread has been nagging away at me as I have had a half baked idea in the back of my head for a while now ( I even started collecting a few kits - any excuse eh ? ) .The images here only make me more encouraged to think more seriously about the idea. My day job has me striving more and more for realism and increased detail and while I enjoy that I can't help feeling that something so much simpler might be more enjoyable for my own 'layout' - really more of a moving diorama / No, a moving collection I guess. The last few pict
  2. There is something about this that I find really very appealing. Can I ask what your plans are re ballasting - it looks like the track is laid onto cork and I am guessing that might be the finished effect ?
  3. Some fantastic work there I will be keeping an eye on this thread I think
  4. Hi guys I am planning on building some O gauge trackwork using Peco code 124 individulay items They do sleepering - running chairs and slide chairs - all in plastic I will be building to 0-MF standards with 1.5mm flangeways and 1.75 through the checkrails. With only the single type of 'normal' chair available it means I am going to have to chop chairs down for clearance - for eg between the running rail and the checkrail. Due to the fact I am building short and tight turnouts my checkrails are only supported by 4 timbers so I need to get as much support as I can from the chai
  5. Hi Martin It's a good while since I first downloaded Templot and I have to be honest and say that I forgot about re eading the intro stuff again I will do that later I am trying to think of a good excuse why I haven't - ummmm ?
  6. Thanks Martin I have now - wish I had spotted that before - VERY useful I am starting to have fun now
  7. Thanks SS - I think I am now half way to the solution but I am STILL doing something wrong I can now group my entire plan but for the life of me I cant work out how to move the whole lot using the F7 shift - I can only move the control template - not the whole group ( in red ) I am feeling quite thick now :-(
  8. Hi Mike I am guessing this was meant for me ? To be honest I have no idea what the minimum I can get away with actually is - I think the Peco Setrack that is coming soon (?) is going to be a 1 : 4.25 ( I think ) , I wonder what they suppose will get around that ?
  9. Hi Martin Yes of course you are correct - it was the approach road I needed to change ( F3 ) I am getting ever closer - my next issue is that I can't work out how to add the control template ( in white ) to the group - so when I try and move ( shift ) the whole plan using F7 the control template doesn't move. What am I doing wrong ?
  10. Thanks Martin Of course that worked perfectly I am starting to get started now - I have my crossing and another turnout TR013 That I have shunted to the left towards TL08 to make that section as compact as I can - I have removed some timbers using the Timber Shove section. I have added a reverse curve Currently stumped with adding sections of straight track to the ends of TL016 and PR011 at the moment I can change the entry road length easily enough but cant yet work out how to change the exit road length using the mouse
  11. Tonight when I get back to my PC, I want to try and draw a simple crossover using some small industrial type turnouts of about 1 in 4 using short hinded blades. I am thinking of a track spacing of 105 centres. Is there a setting which defines this track spacing somewhere when making a simple crossover from the menu ? ( I cant get to my pc yet so cant check myself and am hoping to get cracking as soon as I can get on the pc so I am asking now ) Alsomassuming I do manage to draw this ok will it be practical to use - will it create a problem with buffer locking do we think ? I will be
  12. I have ordered some Peco individulay sleepers and chairs ( I intend to use Peco code 124 flexi ) I will probably try and build a simple turnout first and see how it goes before trying to develop a plan for my very small space I am wondering already though what would seem a sensible track spacing for the sidings in this environment ?
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