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  1. Through the winter the projects been on pause but couldn't resist having a play in the snow, so one of the 08s came out of hibernation
  2. Personally I run my Heljan Class 20 on 00 Gauge Loksound V5 as the current drawn the Class 20 is quite low
  3. Fantastic! I've only ever had one up to 30mph with about 400t behind it, would love to have driven one at speed, though they don't look like the smoothest of rides
  4. Any examples? Not found anything on Google myself so far, but then again I might be looking for the wrong thing
  5. I remember seeing a photo of a 31 + a pair of 37s all in different liveries in Rail magazine, must have been mid 90s
  6. That's ones of the things I wondered about with different classes, they behave, perform and drive completely differently, driving them in MU must be interesting and easy to overload one of the locos
  7. Don't think it was for that reason as the pair worked a return working! But yes it's often the reason you see double headed working these days just to move the locos about as you say
  8. 37s were just the first loco I thought of, 40 + 25 seems like an odd combination
  9. Does any one know of any other classes working together in multiple like the blue star equipped Class 40 and Class 25 shown below? Also any idea why it was done? A pair of 37s would have had similar power output and tractive effort
  10. Swap the wires over coming back from one of the motors
  11. Wow! Though may I ask why is what looks like an indoor layout sat in the garden?
  12. Won't go wrong with a Facom set, though you can buy them individually too
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