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  1. Wow! Though may I ask why is what looks like an indoor layout sat in the garden?
  2. Won't go wrong with a Facom set, though you can buy them individually too
  3. Did exactly that and got a couple of boxes to put me on for a bit
  4. I'm after Flexi track more than anything! But I will certainly be ordering a few bits from them
  5. As per the title, does anywhere have stock of 00 Code 100?
  6. I've got the area marked out in grey to play with, i'll have a play with the sweeping curve idea
  7. I've just created a 4th option thats more a hybrid of the 1st and 2nd design, I'd be interested to see what you think being as your preference is towards the 2nd design
  8. Because its a loft layout, its still very much in view and if I can make it look more marshalling yard like than fiddle yard its a bonus The third designs width is dictated by the geometry of the points
  9. I'm designing my new layout and I'd like to accommodate some scale length trains (32 MRG + A Pair of 20's/Class 60) I've come up with a few ideas but all have their issues. I'd appreciate any ideas for rectifying them or improving them. Happy to send the AnyRail files over. My first Idea - nice and narrow, prototypical-ish track formation but doesn't quite accommodate the full length of the train (red rectangle) on any of the tracks. If I had a longer board, this would be my preferred design Second idea - elongate it around the curves - now the sidi
  10. The 56 has a floating coupling pocket that can move, the other locos don't. Maybe it's that causing issues? I suspect it's designed to get trains round second radius bends rather than assist full length trains
  11. Well thank you all! Some invaluable experience shared, plenty of things to consider that I had overlooked. I think before I commit to anything I'm going to be setting some big test ovals up on the loft floor
  12. Well that certainly gives me a degree of confidence!
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