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  1. This is what your looking at removed.. X11547 is a standard Hornby lighting board. the capacitor is soldered to the board. close up, you can see a couple of rectifiers, to allow bidirectional DC, goes into the Capacitor and hence the LEDs
  2. Got to admit I was disappointed to find mine cannot pull 9 either. My layout is uneven, with minor gradients which affect very little in general, but even with wheel mod I probably wont get a result on my level track. As for my gradients loops I already know the long term answer to that one, but that was never expected.
  3. Yes, but there is no capacitor (stay alive), so they do flicker on bad joints and dim/brighten as you turn up/down the power.
  4. Maybe your looking at the opportunity the wrong way around… Ive more than enough spares to sink a ship…Ive all kinds of obscures odds and sods…ive boxes of it. i’m very certain on this forum I am in good company. Rather than ranting about a shop which sells thousands of SKUs but relies on the buyer to know what he needs… you could ask for help on here and find many will point you in the right direction, if they don't have it already, you may even find that bit a lot cheaper. I like the comment about setting up your own repair company, I actually did as a student, fortunately I got a nice niche doing most of Limas nationwide repairs.. nice because I got 5 boxes of spares, and only a half dozen repairs a month ( they all worked except Lima crabs). I still proudly have my Hornby Service dealer approval letter from 1993, though Ive heard nowt from that in 20 years and long since assumed thats in the bin. However high street repairs was little more than fun, as people wont pay for your time and it was more a labour of love with a few quid attached. I doubt that has changed today… instead I like to buy broken stuff off ebay, fix it up, part it out, and then either keep it, sell it or store it. My recent haul at Bachmanns return sale was quite satisfying and will keep me busy for another year, Dapols is via dcc supplies, the rest wash up at Warley. ive heard various retailer complaints on Hornby returns, and ebay seems to be washing up more of these “almost perfect” models on sale on ebay, spares isnt a profitable business, otherwise everyone would be doing it. Most manufacturers sell off their returns, and only offer in house warranty repairs. None have repair networks anymore. You have to think lucky a few have chosen to commercially do it but they have to run it as a business selling units, not a consultancy selling advice… fortunately for you though, this forum is full of “consultants” excited to help for free.
  5. On a different note, GBRFs 73’s running on the NRTT tonight around Surrey were working on diesel, both locos.. observed at Stoats Nest, St Helier and Belmont .. its run is entirely on 3rd rail and all other times Ive observed them on this job they've been using their shoes not generators. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:H13790/2021-10-18/detailed
  6. The LYR had all number of innovative wagons, the Butter Van is one I find interesting.
  7. I took my chances, taking this photograph…. Not many places on the railway where photography is illegal, but this is one of them… Though I doubt an EPS service has ever been in proximity to this sign, which is in broad daylight and on a busy platform. The purpose behind this sign long since abandoned… making it not just a ghost, but a ghost of a myth that never happened. I think the NRM should claim this sign, and put it with their 140mph speed sign in the crate of undelivered dreams. Indeed its so open, I hope putting this picture up doesn't result in the sudden disappearance of it. any guesses where ?
  8. A pair of 66’s seems such a waste of resources on an RHTT, cannot imagine the economics cost of having spare 66’s idling year round waiting for this work too… these things cost millions, and i’d expect hire fees to not be insignificant. tbh maybe 66’s should be assigned to more productive use and turn this over to aging stock with little else productive to do…redundant HST power cars come to mind. in the old days infrastructure / engineering trains used leftovers from the shed, not dedicated boutique resources… thats why NR is costing the tax payer so much.
  9. Dont know if its true but I read it somewhere in the US in relation to Katrina, where the US army used the same markings and an article researched its history… something along the lines if it being used by the army, going back to Romans for things like census of stock after battle.. An “X” with the quarters used for marking notations, things like … Searched, How elements many found, How many affected and a Date. Then if the object is to be destroyed, adding the circle to make the X a target ? For certain a condemned cross dates back to crucifixions 2000+ years ago… a skull and cross bones being a symbol of death.
  10. Wasnt the Belfast Boat Express the last ‘named” steam hauled express, with 45025/45156 as regulars on it in 1968 ?
  11. on RHTT around here 73’s are adept at being on diesel or electric to suit the mood, so more than capable of both modes on this kind of work. I thought that too, but then I look how the battery degrades on my iphone / ipad / normal car and wonder how that translates in older Electric vehicles… replacing a whole old / dying battery set on an Electric car may not be an economic option ? What mileage do you get for a charge after 3-4 years on an electric car ?
  12. X11547 is a standard Hornby lighting board. its stuck onto the roof of several previously issued Mk1, mk2, mk3’s. I think the higher roofs on those, and positioning by a toilet make it less noticeable on those earlier coaches. It has been criticised previously as being not in sync to compartments, and lighting the BSK in the past, but it is a generic fitting. I was hoping they would go down the magic wand route for these, and use a cr2032 like with the generics… concealing that battery in the floor of the coach would be much easier. I have a rake of Coronation coaches earlier this year and the duchess cannot pull them due to pickup drag, similar too with the last Brighton Belle release… so I hope the APT can pull these, though being non-steam and a big metal weight inside i’m assuming it can.
  13. Indeed in this picture its a Taff Vale version, pending a transfer to South Wales for coal traffic and thus become an 0-6-2
  14. this, last line in the text, stood out for me in the blurb.. https://railsofsheffield.com/collections/exclusive-18100-gas-turbine/products/br-class-80-e1000-rebuilt-18100-gas-turbine-electric-locomotive-in-br-black-late-crest 18000 is a lovely model, but i’m not sure I like the idea of shelf ware models that don't go around 2nd radius curves. This is something that must have been known throughout the development of 18000. Was this shared, I certainly didn’t see it. i’m going to wait on an EP for this one before ordering, i’m not sure I want to be caught twice.
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