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  1. Gosh... that puts me with my 77 class 47’s into the shade.
  2. *ooo-ooo (my proposed Whyte notation for a car headlight 37) ;-) thats a nice announcement, I was actually just putting a white stripe 37 on my to do list.... 37027 looks a must here.. Heljans doing the unpowered Ethel to go with it too
  3. I wonder if the photographer got wet ? - he seems close.
  4. If Foster Yeoman had assembled a fleet of class 52’s the whole history of UK railways could have been different, alas the unions saved the few but cost Britain most of its locomotive industry, and several BR works.
  5. Is it advertised as GV / Oxford ? Or as a Hornby offering with an “R” number?
  6. A Trainset is your own work, your own risk & time and quality. A rtr model is you transferring the risk to someone else to make it on your behalf assumedly to be in much less time at an assumed higher standard. Therefore when critising a rtr model you've paid for, it will be judged against the observations you see, or do not see, and you’d hope that the risks of errors you would try to avoid yourself, would not be materialised in a paid for model... However, as almost never, does one specify their requirements when buying a model, you are accepting risk that one making the model will overlook aspects important to yourself... thats why interacting with forums like this are a great idea in development, as collectively the risks and errors can be mitigated... In that regard dont criticise Hattons too much.. they are more engaging than most... both in pre and post sale.
  7. adb968008

    New Hornby Rocket

    Theres something refreshing about seeing a Triang box, that isnt dog eared with age.
  8. adb968008

    New Hornby Rocket

    If he could paint that fast on an operational railway in 1829 he must have been good. However my thoughts still stand. The image is conveying a message, not a historical record. Was it even painted in 1829 ? (Ive no idea, but could guess it was years later perhaps).
  9. I guess that makes this even more of a bargain then.. just £45 over rrp for a full respray of a new 2 car unit. For BR Blue on a new model, which wouldn't have all the handling grime.. i’d probably take a little more risk.. take the body off remove glazing and obvious protruding and non-blue bits, remove the numbers / logo / warning flashes. Wash in soapy water, mask off the yellow ends and respray it, maybe 2 or 3 times with very light passes each time to build up some layers. You don't have to go over the top every time, though I admit theres many occasions where it can get complex very quickly, but blue on a new BR Blue box shaped 73 probably isnt one of them. if it goes pear shaped, then you can revert to the full strip down as above.
  10. Thats the danger of the virus, complacency. Its only under control after 28 days of no Infection being detected. (14 days incubation followed by plus 14 days to catch any potential of undetected)... thats how they beat Ebola, I’d imagine this wouldn't be any different. it started by 1 person, it can reemerge from 1 person.
  11. Harry will have you for that ! - i’m sure he knows where to find you ;-)
  12. Anyone looked at 45596’s Bahamas’s front pony wheel to check ?
  13. 37688 has roof mounted horns. You would need to remove the horns, fill the cavity. A split box 37/0 has different grills on the nose sides to a refurb 37. tbh £80 is about the rate for a Bachmann 37 second hand now, with a new contender on the horizon..indeed a lot more 37’s will come to the market the closer we get to A-day, Much like class 66’s a price between £60 and £80 will probably become the norm. On the basis I’d wait for another refurb 37/5 or 37/7 to come your way.
  14. Not 100% but I understand two tenders appeared at Swindon works in the early 1980’s I saw them a few times, but they weren't there first time I went which would be 1979 as the last Westerns were scrapped. I tried following the history of the Swindon tenders, 1 I understand is with 7027, the other may be at Didcot. the tenders at Swindon had numbers 1 and 2 painted through the Lion in the logo, the picture above seems to show a “2” through the lion on one of the furthest of the two in the Raneleigh bridge image above. for pictures of the Swindon tenders, see here...
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