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  1. Value is only created when something has Utility and Warranty. .. ie it looks like what you expect and works like you expect. How well it provides both determines value. A Lima 117 looks less like a 117 than Bachmanns. A Lima 117 certainly doesnt work as well as Bachmanns. So the lima one, to me has less value than the Bachmann one. Thats really the only fair comparison you can make, as thats the only two 117’s on the market. if you want to compare Realtracks 2 car 156 (£230) to Bachmanns 3 car 117 (£314). Then your comparing Apples and Pairs, but the price of fruit is still comparable. If you want to compare Rocket to 117, then I dont see the point, theyve never met in Reality, your not comparing multiple units, nor even relevant technology, merely comparing a plastic model to another... why not compare a Class 117 to a £20 CD player.. both plastic, from china with a 12v motor ? Or How about a class 117 to a £300 Mercedes wing mirror... again plastic with a 12v motor.. simplistically speaking... Theres no electrics in Rockets coaches, no lighting, no complex couplings... Rocket is in essence a n gauge model on oo gauge wheels with a bunch of wagons behind it..It doesnt even have that many separate detailed parts. Nice, Delicate, Highly accurate, but a DMU it is not. I value both at their pricing, I suspect though Hornby is laughing more than Bachmann at what price for what, especially on volumes sold. Value is only what you see, if you don't see the value, then its just not the right model for you, but it doesn't make it not worth it to others.
  2. try a Heljan DPU out... its a brick on wheels. Massively over engineered, for something which in real life pulled next to nothing. Not sure if the factory spec had a 1:1 ratio for haulage on a 1:76 model. Theres a video out there of one pulling nearly 40 coaches.
  3. Thanks for posting that. it is a bit of a groan sigh... Ive just had the recent GWR HSTs, and the numbers can be removed in seconds without trace... I wonder if the print quality is the same here, and if they could be lifted / replaced ?
  4. I assume thats why your a customer, not an investor.
  5. 70013 doesnt have air braking so your safe on that. As above, the 15 guinea set, or R2565. Mods include protection plate under the coupling at the front, box on the tender, AWS box, anti-climb ladder prevention on tender, and the yellow warning flashes. I miss 70013... you always heard it long before you saw it, Ive some very strong performances with this loco, the Wandering 1500 tour was one of my best experiences, including standing starts in gas works tunnel, climb to Letchworth and its sprint towards Manningtree, but Ive oodles of other memories. 2008-2011/2013-2014. we got sick of the diet of 34067, 35028, 70000,70013, 4464 punctuated by 44932,45407, 45305, 34046... the bridge at the end of plat 2 at Victoria actually developed smoke scarring.... happy days now gone.
  6. Any class 14’s too ? Perhaps 142’s as pway trolleys... high speed testing perhaps ? :-)
  7. At 60 years its not as if they've not had there monies worth out of them. Though for RHTT, it would feel too me to be a more appropriate use than a pair of class 66s.
  8. Where theres muck theres brass.. “The Salford Binliner” you always smelt it before you saw it. You just hope that when it passes, its a green signal.
  9. patience, i’m still waiting for a class 45/1. I ordered it from Lima in 1994 for £19.99 and i’m still awaiting a class 45/1 now. I was a teenager then, my daughter soon will be, but no fears, ive educated her what too look for incase she needs to take on the baton. I recall my dad ordered a Lima V2 back in the 1970’s, thats still order pending too.
  10. At the museum at highley, they has a fully restored door, but no coach of its type exists... so the basis of a rebuild is there...
  11. i’ll raise that bet... though i’m not sure if the lilliputians are passengers or fuel...
  12. That theres no window glazing doesn't mean that people hang like monkeys out of them. It can be done sensibly.. Europeans are also more able to manage themselves... i’m not even going to mention India. Thing is, it is the art of the possible these coaches are barred, preventing the monkey hanging we get with class 37 fans, but still are open air (covid risk reduced)... theres no reason some mk3’s (or even mk2’s) couldnt be similarly configured. I would add, there is a Uk precedence, which exposes passengers to open air, OHLE, mass crowds, reasonable speed and is unbarred by fencing.... And has not had any noticeable HSE event to bring over bearrance...in decades...
  13. That has an East Midlands Parkway feel to it... just need some huge cooling towers unlit, foreboding in the background.
  14. I’m sure it’s commercial reasons... 43002 with 43198 sells you 2 cars. 43185 with a.n.other sells you 4 power cars. Dont forget you with a spare GWR power car you could always do this with it... The numbers on this car come off easily enough. I’m actually about to bin this as an experiment and put the 2018 logo in its place.
  15. Following up my message from friday, heres a quick concept of how a pin from the rear, into a hub cap on the front might work. The cap is 2.85mm wide, 3mm deep (so room to trim). This is using an invisible earring, ive removed the pin for the hex screw (see right), and threaded the spike from the rear... rolls easy enough, I’m able to roll as is, the hub cap turns with the wheel, or glue the cap to the coupling rod, and have the spike at the rear do the rotating. made it green, just to blend in...
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