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  1. I still have a bunch of Lima 37s, ViTrains 37’s and Bachmann 37’s When I look at ebay, the floor fell out of the 66 when Hattons announced theirs.. you could pick them up at £50 at one point. The same is not true on 37’s and 47’s. The 47’s did dip..but theres not many new ones from Bachmann this year, and prices on both ViTrains and Bachmann are circulating the £100 mark second hand. Bachmann 37’s.. well ROG is up past £200... certainly no ones dropping that. The difference is Hattons announced tons of liveries all at once. Accurascale and Heljan have anno
  2. I was surprised at the second batch. if they’d changed the number, i’d have taken a second. Lets see how it sells now FOMO is gone.
  3. Several models.. sounds like wagons to me. Was Warley going to release a wagon pack this year, without a show it could it be this years wagon pack, plus whatever the usual winter BCC model might be ? -speculation. Bachmann have a very wide range, popular items sells out fast, HKA for instance, But if you look at the website, they have loads in stock of lots of classes.. if lots of little black steam locos, or newly duplicated toolings are not as popular, it might make them stick on the shelves, we have to see. But DMU/EMUs they certainly are doing more
  4. FOMO risks fatigue if over played. ive seen a few instances where a certain manufacturer has played the “sold out” card, only for more to mysteriously appear in stock a short while later. Ive grown immune to that. But additionally if everything becomes “a sell out”, we’ll either have a huge hobby bubble of buyers, or, a whole bunch who throw in their cards and leave it to chance. I think Hornby in 2020 has played well, the 2020 editions have their sparks, the 2021 deliveries look to be at market expectations. I’m interested to see if 2021’s new release
  5. They sell more than loaves. i never leave without donuts. ;-) but seriously they are a £8mn a year turnover, there is real brass in bread. Anyways, the point I was trying to make.. was £1.6m, in my mind, isnt a big sum, for an organisation with the logistics, overheads and staffing costs of Hornby, to have a viable operation in a market the size of the US. I maybe wrong, and could well be, but to me it looks way too small. if its profitable so be it, but I think theres more ambition and potential that could be explored. I’d wager Hattons exports
  6. Not quite sure about 47831, it certainly went around with an unconventional headcode panel for a while.
  7. Well enjoy it whilst it lasts.. a 66 was on the NMT last month as a trial for the SE and SW NMT trains. 66’s are a blurry one too.. exports are they withdrawn ? And imports.. Rush Rail 66 from Sweden is it new ? And then theres 66999.. import and export... Some of GBRFs 66 are renumbers of EWS’s.
  8. Actually its 37025. I was just wishing it was 37114 ;-) Dunrobin Castle was a favourite of mine. Here it is, approaching Wimbledon, full greens onto Platform 6 heading up from Woking, heading to the Carriage sidings at Wimbledon... The problem was, full greens means Clapham and Waterloo, so good job the driver brought it to a stand, and redirected it to p5... not bad for a withdrawn loco, just coincidence but i think it was 175 at the back...
  9. B2C ? only on the website. Most of their sales are to trade i’d have thought ? B2B. Last time I was running a shop it wasnt “sale or return” and I doubt that has changed... it was goods invoiced and 30 day payment, with 2% extra deducted for 7 day payment, the invoice turning up a after Month end, so if you were lucky, and order went out on the 1st, you got 59 days to pay, upto 65 days before your cheque was actually cashed if you sent it in the mail right at the time limit... those loop holes are surely closed. Once the goods have left Hornby and the invoice is in t
  10. 73101 still shows up on TOPS reports, indeed I saw it on a list today, ive copied it below.. 73101 GBSD ELGHARLTN ELGHARLTN U It was withdrawn in 2002.., preserved several years, heres it in 2018. (not my image / flickr url) preservation, storage and service are often blurred. DRS has a 37704 stored unservicable at the SRPS steam railway, but its running trains, whilst SRPS has a preserved 37025 working for Colas on the mainline...
  11. Whilst it goes counter to the “must have the best” mantra of the forum, My Captain Tom, stood up well against my Bachmann and Hattons ones, so I decided to add a Pink 66 from Hornby to the collection, to entertain my little one... so 66731 did manage a +1 sales of another 66 in our house.
  12. I’d imagine the 100 year range has passed through weve had: Tinplate, Rocket, Merton, Smokey Joe, 9f, Duchess, 4498 set, 46201 set.. it leaves: Clan line, Peckett to come. if the sale is recognised at the point of invoicing, then i’d imagine the cream is covered. That said the real big ticket / higher revenue items have yet to come: w1,Coronation, apt, 91 Dont underestimate the revenues of the 66’s, kfa’s & mk2e’s.. they might be cheap but they seem to have dissapeared as quick as they came out... faster than the Terriers and 61xx’s.
  13. My local bakery does £700k turnover in a month, at £2 odd a loaf. If a model is £100 trade, this is 7000 models.. in a country 6x populace and a country who’s disposable income is much higher than ours. Still growth is growth. Covid sounds like its emptied the warehouse of dusty stuff. What hopefully comes from this is confidence to invest, and to plan for growth, rather than a return to the same... it seems like they have gotten themselves grounds for a new beginning, in that the management should be pleased.
  14. LSL- Locomotive Services.. if your world stopped in 1994, getting to know them may please you, there fleet includes 34046,46100,5029,60532,60019,70000,6960,45231,35029 and many more. When it comes to modern, there world too stops in 1994, these being a recent acquisition... They are planning a series of class 86/87/90 hauled mk3 rail-tours, in intercity livery using a DVT in 2021, supported by 20,37,40,45 & 47’s. ROG - Railway Operating Group is a general haulier, based out of Leicester depot, who’s main business is moving large amou
  15. Dont be buying Dom Perignon just yet... it took a once in a 100 year event to get a 1%, £200k profit off the back of a 30% up lift. They need to keep that trajectory, and improve that margin. Theres a lot of new good stuff, thats cost a lot of investment, coming down the pipe, that will be the real test. but, Hornby has finally got a win. Lets Celebrate that.
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