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  1. I’m £816 lighter... second time in a week Hattons ordering system has glitched and triplicated my order and triple charged my card! Need to wait until tomorrow to get my order sorted.
  2. Somebody get that man a Pannier. Quiiiiiiiiiiiiick.. he’s hallucinating, I fear were losing him.
  3. adb968008

    LMS Jubilee

    The “new” tooling (12+ years old) is the short firebox version. The prior tooling (which dated back to 1979) was the long firebox version. upgrading the old 45596 model, made c1991 to a latter old type chassis (upto c2007) is a straight swap, and gives metal slide bars and darkened rods & wheels... though Bahamas itself in preservation has its own trade mark shiny wheel rims.. so I just stuck with my 1991 chassis which has the silvered wheel rims/rods (I run DC), though I may at some point upgrade the pony wheels, cylinders etc too a newer spec. It is noteworth
  4. Nothing really wrong with them as a basic coach, but the snob in me replaced them over time. Good cheap coach.
  5. Is that blue 47 destined to be 47593 ? intrigued on the 31, the 47 at the back too. its like looking looking over the fence at a BR paint shop !
  6. only 19 left now... of the most popular variant. Tooling for the most popular versions is surely the most practical option ? Since covid started Ive seen more Salmon wagons than railtours... ive socially distanced myself away from passenger trains, even at remote railway bridges !!! Salmon wagons are on Southern Ballast workings every weekend.
  7. Quite, these 73/9’s are very noisy beasts on diesel power !
  8. These look very cool. Q. Will you supply cables to allow modelling the electrical connections between the coaches or will it be possible to remove the “docked” ones so they can be connected up ? love the axle hubs on the wheels.. thats extreme detail on a coach. Ive ordered 2 sets but feel a full 16 coming on...
  9. Only 22 left.. https://footplate.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=212_437&products_id=6728 someone is buying them.
  10. Maybe someday these coaches might appear as a circus train, including a caboose, and elephant in the room and a giraffe car. There could be the driver as the invisble man, and room for those 100 HO painted figures for £3,99 on ebay, whom all seem to wear green and orange suits and hats, that no one in the real world ever wears. Generic coaches, its steam punk for the mature person.
  11. Looking at the picture of 66779 above.... 1. extra bodyside door / folded roof grill 2. no mirrors 3. Later sandbox. 4. LED Wipac lights 5. cab seam line 66-027/66-028 (GBRF 66756 / 762) match. close match - just the sandbox under the cab window being smooth not riveted, and below cab window seam line under the handrail missing: 66-011/12/13 - 66433/301/409, DRS 66-018 - 66957 -Freightliner 66-025 66731 -Gbrf first. Obvious 66779 needs a bell, peters spares will sell you one, just cut the bell frames of
  12. No chance of that lot. Hornbys jobbing out Rockets and coaches to maximise the dime they get out of you. If you bought Rocket last year, and want the mail coach, you now own two Rockets, 6 coaches and they extract another triple digit sale out of you. They missed a trick releasing the 3rd class coach as a single, under priced, but now they've done a 3 pack at the higher price, but that horse has already bolted. With a 3rd Rocket and 9 coaches, and 4 different 3rd and 3 wagons... thats a lot for a theme which only has 1 experimental engine in the range to pull
  13. I agree about enthusiasm, but dont confuse it professionalism. speaking generally.. We are the enthusiasts, professionals are making a career. ive given up many weekends on a professional basis, but it doesnt make me an enthusiast of my work topic. But agree enthusiasts in professional roles, when applied would be tremendous. Unfortunately professionals making careers dont generally like it, as it threatens. BR for instance actively discouraged enthusiasts in roles as it was percieved people maybe distracted by enthusiasm in their profession
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