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  1. When Dapol said they would be doing the whole fleet they weren't joking. Fortunately my two renumbers, Lord President and Black Douglas are safe for a bit longer... With 5 TPE I think i’m done... If I pushed my self, Felix, but i’d kick one from the nest.
  2. On the subject of scam phone calls, I got one once, they talked some rubbish to me, so I talked some back.. along the lines of... “confused have you got the right department”.. stops em mid track, they start rabbiting again..,... I interrupt “Er sorry your talking to the cyber investigation unit, which case are you referring to”.. then a bit more pause, waffle, followed by “really sorry love, your talking to an investigations team, can you tell me who you are, number and reference number and I can look up the details...”.. I then get a click, and never got called back. Another occa
  3. I do recommend the reamer, I have one of these (not on these coaches yet obviously), but it definitely does the job on other coaches / wagons in similar situations. You could save money using a 2mm drill bit, cut to axle width, and putting 1 wheel onto it, to use to spin the drill bit too.
  4. Oh, good call.. Class37.co.uk lists it as on a railtour that day... https://class37.co.uk/fleetdate.aspx?strdate=17/07/83 1Z28 0635 Wellingborough - Whitby Between Nottingham - Whitby and reverse. A week later it did another railtour from Bewdley to Paddington.
  5. Oooh, you do rub me up the right way. Faith restored.
  6. I’m waiting for my from Kernow still, i’m getting itchy.
  7. I didnt get one. They notified me that they were out of stock, and my personalised test email was canceled.
  8. yet I can still go to Hornbys website and pre-order them. so whats going on ? Beginning to think theres a loaded roulette table. Are retailers becoming the offloaded leftovers outlet for Hornbys website ? I see one high profile retailer still doesnt have coronation coaches....
  9. The earlier ones arent quite the same though, the screen wash jets, headlights and jumper socket are in slightly different positions... otherwise it would be an easy job.
  10. I recall that being said about R3115 34001... it turned out be a long wait and the next ones had differences to the originals.
  11. Freudien slip perhaps, its good for the early numbered 20/3’s...upto 305 (flickr url)- 20301,2&3...
  12. I’d guess. maybe slightly older, late 1970’s. Most builders plates were nicked in the 1970’s, in the 1980’s I only recall smaller numbers of 08/09/47 still having them, and nearly every 73 still had them into the late 80’s. I really cant remember any 37’s still having them in the early-mid 1980’s, though you could buy them for under £30 at BR opendays of various stalls, aside of 40 and 55’s no one really wanted modern builders plates.. 08’s were had for a fiver. The other clue would be the shedcode bolts still being in situe.
  13. I would have thought class 86 would be on their list, it fits their “heritage” profile... Freightliners not likely to use them again.
  14. Dirt ? if you can still see the locos lining.. its definitely clean I recall reading a story from 1968, that when some locals decided to clean up an 8f, that when they started scrubbing they discovered its tender was actually lined green.
  15. And so enters another new livery... High Speed Hauliers.... HST power cars, being paired up to create the UK’s first double locomotive.. using European nomenclature I guess thats a 2C43 (2xClass43). ready drag units near you.. https://railcolornews.com/2021/04/19/uk-railadventure-announces-new-uk-partnership-purchases-8-class-43-power-cars/?fbclid=IwAR2SJ3tXk4g4z3zGkS9ckM0mm8EaAprhresRyXgKJCc9GeIQ_bdlPsUubNc We just need someone to make a unit for them to pull. this line teases me... Does that mean new paint on 50008 too
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