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  1. On a different note, GBRFs 73’s running on the NRTT tonight around Surrey were working on diesel, both locos.. observed at Stoats Nest, St Helier and Belmont .. its run is entirely on 3rd rail and all other times Ive observed them on this job they've been using their shoes not generators. https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:H13790/2021-10-18/detailed
  2. The LYR had all number of innovative wagons, the Butter Van is one I find interesting.
  3. I took my chances, taking this photograph…. Not many places on the railway where photography is illegal, but this is one of them… Though I doubt an EPS service has ever been in proximity to this sign, which is in broad daylight and on a busy platform. The purpose behind this sign long since abandoned… making it not just a ghost, but a ghost of a myth that never happened. I think the NRM should claim this sign, and put it with their 140mph speed sign in the crate of undelivered dreams. Indeed its so open, I hope putting this picture up doesn't result in the sudden disappearance of it. any guesses where ?
  4. A pair of 66’s seems such a waste of resources on an RHTT, cannot imagine the economics cost of having spare 66’s idling year round waiting for this work too… these things cost millions, and i’d expect hire fees to not be insignificant. tbh maybe 66’s should be assigned to more productive use and turn this over to aging stock with little else productive to do…redundant HST power cars come to mind. in the old days infrastructure / engineering trains used leftovers from the shed, not dedicated boutique resources… thats why NR is costing the tax payer so much.
  5. Dont know if its true but I read it somewhere in the US in relation to Katrina, where the US army used the same markings and an article researched its history… something along the lines if it being used by the army, going back to Romans for things like census of stock after battle.. An “X” with the quarters used for marking notations, things like … Searched, How elements many found, How many affected and a Date. Then if the object is to be destroyed, adding the circle to make the X a target ? For certain a condemned cross dates back to crucifixions 2000+ years ago… a skull and cross bones being a symbol of death.
  6. Wasnt the Belfast Boat Express the last ‘named” steam hauled express, with 45025/45156 as regulars on it in 1968 ?
  7. on RHTT around here 73’s are adept at being on diesel or electric to suit the mood, so more than capable of both modes on this kind of work. I thought that too, but then I look how the battery degrades on my iphone / ipad / normal car and wonder how that translates in older Electric vehicles… replacing a whole old / dying battery set on an Electric car may not be an economic option ? What mileage do you get for a charge after 3-4 years on an electric car ?
  8. X11547 is a standard Hornby lighting board. its stuck onto the roof of several previously issued Mk1, mk2, mk3’s. I think the higher roofs on those, and positioning by a toilet make it less noticeable on those earlier coaches. It has been criticised previously as being not in sync to compartments, and lighting the BSK in the past, but it is a generic fitting. I was hoping they would go down the magic wand route for these, and use a cr2032 like with the generics… concealing that battery in the floor of the coach would be much easier. I have a rake of Coronation coaches earlier this year and the duchess cannot pull them due to pickup drag, similar too with the last Brighton Belle release… so I hope the APT can pull these, though being non-steam and a big metal weight inside i’m assuming it can.
  9. Indeed in this picture its a Taff Vale version, pending a transfer to South Wales for coal traffic and thus become an 0-6-2
  10. this, last line in the text, stood out for me in the blurb.. https://railsofsheffield.com/collections/exclusive-18100-gas-turbine/products/br-class-80-e1000-rebuilt-18100-gas-turbine-electric-locomotive-in-br-black-late-crest 18000 is a lovely model, but i’m not sure I like the idea of shelf ware models that don't go around 2nd radius curves. This is something that must have been known throughout the development of 18000. Was this shared, I certainly didn’t see it. i’m going to wait on an EP for this one before ordering, i’m not sure I want to be caught twice.
  11. Its not that the livery grows on you, its just that Halloween comes around once a year, so it becomes acceptable… just for a few weeks. in Europe it looks even worse than here (if thats possible) https://www.mainlinediesels.net/index.php?nav=1000001&file=emd_200385615_80&action=image#title
  12. Imo brand awareness. Looks nicer, more distinguishing. I dont think red box with stripes would have the same stand out visual impact. New York Yankees have the same impact. Thats my thoughts.
  13. We agree to disagree, but thats what makes the hobby a broad church. I think as a collector not a specific fan of any region. Duplication of a model is my pet peeve, and history demonstrates going head to head generally see’s discounts and long shelf lives. Ive bought all 4 Dublo models to date, and have a suite of Dapol A4’s, which means I wont be buying a Dublo A4. After that as a collector with a selected gap in the collection, means its no longer a collection, and my interest wanes in the Dublo brand as a whole. My inbox has any number of discount black LNER locos every week. I agree there is a vocal group of LNER supporters, who may have strong influence on certain manufacturers, but that doesnt necessarily mean its the most popular. An A4 will sell, and there is a strong following, but A4 collectors are a different niche and may have no interest in the wider dublo brand, and so may actually damage it. tbh if I were in the market for more OO gauge metal A4’s, and were paying borderline O gauge prices for them, my attentions would be at Golden Age, which sooner or later will reemerge under one name or another. My opinion is Dublo is a specific niche, and exploiting it needs to be well thought, to avoid becoming a by word for an expensive regular model. To me, that means picking emotive choices that mean something, not slam dunks, like an A4 or 4472.. they can do them anytime. Dublo limited editions is on a new upwards curve, save the slam dunks when its closer to the top of that curve. If I point to history, look at Bachmanns wooden box limited editions, it all went amazingly well until they did Ixion…at 3000 rather than 500..thereafter collectors bailed out. After that releases were just a model in a wooden box, and bargains followed for several.
  14. I’ll try to influence the other side in a seance on Saturday and a prayer on Sunday. Failing that find a model you don't want and sacrifice it on a bonfire on Sunday night, hopefully one or the other might give your package some hope.
  15. True though they discounted them to to clear them, which is now in it’s 11th month of clearance… Before that, they offered them to trade accounts as well. How much will a future run be ?
  16. They could run direct without stopping, as theres oodles of space on both lines from Sutton.
  17. I think an A4 maybe a mistake.. too early in the range, and there is equal detailed rtr metal competition too in the market. I think they need to keep them Dublo models as “must haves” for now, i’d push an A4 further back and bring up something more of a life extension on whats been done in plastic, something like a Castle or an 8F, maybe a King… indeed a cheeky one would be a new original Scot. In my mind LNER is being over sold, the A4 is oversold, and the Dublo brand is a longer term winner, so dont mix.
  18. A number of preserved railways have had a HST visit them… East Lancs, GCR N, keighley, nymr (which means Whitby too). I think there is one planned to Strathspey at christmas.
  19. 500 looks to be the magic number and I think they called it right. This one did not just evaporate to dust like 6231 did. It stuck on the shelves for a few weeks and has largely sold out, but it wasn't an instant sell out… that said it was 3 models all at once, rather than spread out. if they had made 1000 I think it would be still in stock and at the factory too, tieing up cash for the longer term and pushing out future releases. Further it risks shops discounting it, which would dilute the dublo brand value.. which for something niche as this would be bad for attracting collectors to buy it. What I find interesting was when 6231 came out, it dissapeared immediately, and not many images of it appeared here or elsewhere. These three just made are much more visible.. so who bought 6231 that made them squirrel it away ? 500 sold out, Thats all they need.
  20. True, but the tooling is getting a bit older too, regardless whether its used or not. Standards being offered today are a bit higher bar, than they were in 2015.
  21. Mexican standoff, everyone watching one hand on the keyboard the other on their wallet. when stocks dip below 30..the shooting begins, once it drops below 12 everyone rips up the saloon in a big bar fight… buffers everywhere. After the last one is gone, all thats left is the late comer, left covered in horse manure dumped in the horses water tray, spitting hay, just as the big fella walks past and drops an empty parts bag on him. I guess its people balancing priorities. Surprised its dropped to 3 leaving the £99 one there, its issue is an easy fix and its been there a few weeks now. I’d be tempted too buy it, but i’m fattened with 66’s already and that livery isnt my interest (which kind of sums up the rest remaining at this point too). Still c280 left, thats a lot to shift, even if its the leftovers of a greater thing.
  22. Dont know about the bogies, but FGW have run all the way up the LSW from Exeter to Waterloo on diversions. Plenty of videos on Youtube, at exotic destinations as Salisbury, Basingstoke, Wimbledon… c2013 iirc.
  23. Ive taken a scheduled HST service from Marylebone. FGW used it for diversions.
  24. i did a quick nosey on the website at how many it suggests are left.. 66727 -3 after that I think it might be a while before any of the others sell out… 66731 -61 66743 -102 66623 -120
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