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  1. Your correct, its “alleged victim”. Anyone who has suffered loss can be considered a victim, be it mental, physical, financial etc.. The word physical is not part of the definition of victim., nor is its use exclusively reserved to crime. for instance Ive been the victim of receiving poor quality model railway equipment in the past, and a victim of a dodgy curry... would this apply the same undeclared connotations you imply in your post ? My concern would be the alleged individual concerned is still at large and free to project his will against any one else, or even this alleged girl again... imagine if she, now over 16, faced this alleged guy again and he chose to continue the matter, and maybe even emboldened in his beliefs if seeing she has an over 16 ticket ? Do you know for sure the limit of his intent or that he may not seek to further the matter in any future accidental meeting ? Is there risk here ? if it were me, and the events were provable, as described, I would seek closure, in one form or another. If they cannot be demonstrated, unfortunately options are limited, but a filed report / complaint with a reference could seek to provide credence in event of a future repetition.
  2. Stepping out of context and generally speaking.. I do think there should more encouragement for people (no win no fee) to follow adequate legal recourse in the UK for situations where by those who abuse authority face consequences. The reason why people in the UK abuse their positions is because they know theirs limited chance of recourse. In this regard I dont refer to the role playing individuals being offered protection by the employer, but by being jointly named alongside their employer in any action, so they personally have something to lose by their actions. indeed in such situations, the employer, if finding the employee abused their position, and facing financial loss may actually side the with those bringing action, against the employee, as it shifts blame and reduces their own financial exposure. (Though if the case is about financial restitution and not moral / ethical restitution those bringing the case may chose to not accept that). This is routine in the US, and a successful case like this might fetch 6 figure compensation easily in the US, 7 figures i suspect if actual authorities had been involved, which is why cases like this are much more limited and more publically reported. it draws parallels to this situation, which will likely see a large settlement.. https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/american-airlines-passenger-flight-cover-up-blanket-playsuit-a8996436.html people should face consequences for their actions, in this country its too easy to over play authority and ignore the consequences. The threat of personal litigation focuses mindsets of those with authority to act more appropriately. Lawyers can be useful.
  3. Not one post here has considered the victim... Anyone asked the girl what she wants to do ?
  4. Farringdon is dangerous right now, there’s no escaping it. ive has its pleasure daily in rush hour for the past few weeks. the Met platforms are massively overcrowded, they should close off access to the Thameslink platforms, as too many are descending the “original” station entrance to descend the northbound Met stairs, walk 3/4 of the platform to a small access to the Southbound TL platform... they should split the entrances.. old for Tube, new for TL, plus the northbound exit which seems to cover both. Similarly, outside on the street, there’s construction on 3 of 4 sides at street level throttling the public flow to the main road.. people are queuing up to the station doors, to cross the road 40 metres down. its a real mess.
  5. No argument from me, I can only tell you when I saw them. They replaced the Hadfield units in 1984, so my guess is they arrived then. Would love to see a 303 EMU, lots of potential liveries, and its preserved. I was amazed to find there is even a driving car just down the road from me in South london At Gravesend, just seen it on google maps !
  6. I was thinking it was just the body being offered. :-) i’ll be talking to Dan in the am !
  7. adb968008

    CL74 ?

    Try.. www.google.com and enter silver fox class 89.. theres as many as you want. if you enter Silverfox class 74... theres only 6, one of them is mine, anothers on ebay currently at £40. i guess if everyones buying 74’s there not shouting about them.
  8. adb968008

    CL74 ?

    If theres an opportunity in this... And if Hornby is still sat on a pile of class 71’s... Then maybe do a deal with Silver Fox (or someone) to do a one off run of 74’s resin bodies as a one off collectors edition and mount them on Hornby 71 chassis and source cables, glazing etc from the 71 bodies. Then sell the pantographs on. Doubt it would be less than £200 though.
  9. adb968008

    CL74 ?

    Class 89 would sell better than a 74.
  10. I just got an email saying Locomotion are offering a whole bunch of additional deltics... Very tasty ones... D9008 The Green howards 55015 Tulyar, FP White Cab blue D9009 Blue / Orange stripe as per 2019 D9019 two tone green the whole lot look quite interesting to me..
  11. I admit, I didn't get it ? by chance was this mean for a forum relating to a different subject but the glass in the picture interfered with the interface that was updating the forum ? :-)
  12. Dapol shop still has 5 in stock listed for sale, DCC sound fitted. https://www.Dapol.co.uk/shop/oo-gauge/diesel-locomotives/OO Gauge Class 68?product_id=3216
  13. I see rot on this rat but not rivets, screws nor bolts.. they must be well painted over
  14. adb968008

    CL74 ?

    As a proud owner of the Silver fox rtr model, i find it a dream. its got the railroad 90 chassis in it (not the pancake), which has nothing wrong with it. it comes with correct bogie side frames, under frame detail fitted, with an Excellant paint job, all for £150, less than the rrp of most new models. I cant imagine anyone else making a 74, one livery, small class, short time period, restricted range to operate in.
  15. I never saw anything other than 303 / 304 / 5 on hadfields. There was a class 307 once only. specifics in 1986/87/88: 303036/041/048/049/050/053/057/060/066/067/078/082/ =12 1989: 303036/041/048/049/053/057/060/066/067/078/082/ =11 1990: 303049/060/066/082/ = 4 Glasgow selected its worst examples to send south, and Longsight did little more with them. They were really knackered..i mean holes that you could see through around the windows and doors. The Scottish ones got refurbed windows and panelling, unlike Manchesters. You could rock them on their suspension by jumping up and down.. if something went passed them at speed, they'd rock the carriage and blow the doors inwards before sucking them out again.
  16. Heres a few suggestions... Theyve got big windows / views, Take the bodies off the chassis and use them as a coffee shop. if the seats were removed and replaced by tables / chairs they could serve a grounded purpose. The chassis / cab could be used as a pway vehicle. In an undercover setting, they could be good to display a model railway, if you removed the glass from the windows, people could look in to see the layout in use, whilst giving a degree of separation from The layout to the user. Station waiting rooms, at locations with bay platforms, including bus stations.. Sink a couple off Blackpool beach and offer submarine tours ? (Yes serious). Holiday cottages ? Take out the cabs off two ends and block one set of doors, fit the entrance of the other with a ramp, add a full body width gangway, add the prm toilet and run as a 4 car unit.
  17. Hmm, I thought the 156s were first choice for that, but given the many issues with doors /gears / transmission / gauge fit and dozens of other faults with 155’s the choice was made to switch to splitting 155’s instead and at the same time. Certainly I recall the 155’s being unreliable, 156’s providing cover, as the 158’s didnt start out too well either... Heres my most seen pacer..
  18. adb968008

    Class 59 in 00

    NER was just an annex of the GNR.
  19. Easy to model as a train, most of the first 20 hits on google its running light engine. The rest are a bit harder as there mostly with a 442. ive seen it many times, its always parked on Stewarts Lane, and if on an Overground from Clapham towards Wandsworth road you get a brief glimpse through the arches.
  20. Easy to model as a train, most of the first 20 hits on google its running light engine. The rest are a bit harder as there mostly with a 442. ive seen it many times, its always parked on Stewarts Lane, and if on an Overground from Clapham towards Wandsworth road you get a brief glimpse through the arches.
  21. In 6 hours its gone from public complaint to resolution. Thats a pretty good turn around, considering an internet forum, unrelated to the site in question was the vehicle, and still picked up and sorted by the source. imagine how fast it could have been solved by phoning them. (for context I was one of the “missing” last year, and had to go to an extraordinary measure to get it resolved, but resolved it was, and now my confidence to them is restored as demonstrated by my praise above).
  22. That glass is half empty, but there is another way of looking at it... At the time of their inception, the models on offer were superior to their predecessors... your comparing the above to their “at the time” market Peers.. Lima 33,47,52 and Hornby 47, 58 and no equal for a garratt and 17... indeed the pricing of the Garratt was very good, the 17 has been done dozens of times and consistently sell out, so they cant be that bad. With most modern image types previously modelled, and at high detail, the bar in the future has to be higher in the past.. It would appear Heljan recognised that with their recent staff hires, and having met the man in person twice I am giving the benefit of doubt to the future.. plus he's a fellow ex-northerner too. Give the future a chance.
  23. Its a positive sign another business expanding to railways. besides the obvious financial reason, It would be interesting to know the basis of motivations for railways, as opposed to other hobbies / road, sea transport etc.
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