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  1. 51 minutes ago, Paul_sterling said:


    No doubt you won't be alone in that thought D9001, sadly there will be others in the hobby and it's ageing demographic that miss out. 


    I've said on a few discussions in respect of delays, if it was any other industry, most of the project leadership would get the boot for delivering a year or more late. I couldn't imagine the reaction if I had told Ford (In my previous job) that their new oil separator was going to be 2023 instead of planned summer 2021. 

    The car industry is a bad analogy….

    They are suffering huge delays in components..


    My neighbour went to buy a new car, (Mercedes) although the car advertised several onboard services, the car was delivered without them, due to lack of chips. The dealers response..shrug shoulders, take it or leave, with/without the price is the same, and they wont be retrofitted… They are struggling to get new cars delivered at all.


    Things like this has seen my own car increase by more than £7k since 2020  due to shortage of components for new cars, and people are “walking away” to buy a second hand car with all the features.


    I was planning a new car myself, but when I checked and confirmed above, I decided to hold another year.

    You can bet cars will get chip supplies before model railways do.



  2. 41 minutes ago, Roy Langridge said:

    To be honest, being a millionaire is not hard these days, own a reasonable house in the south and you are most of the way there. 


    Theres a difference between being a millionaire and a 10c millionaire.


    I spent a half million in a model shop one day alone.


    The guy came out, gave me a chair, even brought me a beer. I stopped short at the back rub. Each model he had a lacky bring out unwrap for my viewing, had  it tested.


    I paid cash, he shut up shop for the day behind me.

    I went back to my hotel, and paid 2000 for a tomato soup.

    Good day out in Budapest, cost me about a £1000 for a bunch of kit built brass V43’s, soup, about £4. :D


  3. I lived amongst these units, and my own recollection is the units were darker, the livery felt dark, compared to contemporary units in “lighter airy liveries. It certainly felt more “executive” than the GMT Orange/White and Brown it replaced.


    So when the pictures emerged looking lighter,I was surprised. My own pictures are a bit mixed depending which side of the sun I took them, and the weather (usually wet).


    But on balance I think the Bachmann model looks closer to my recollections of the livery than the other real photographs, but admit the real world photos presented so far don't seem to convey it.

    Here is one of mine below.. typically wet manchester day.. but looks darker than the other images provided… if anyone is able to adjust my image to correct the exposure, and bring out the image please feel free to do so…

    colour points to note is the “Bright” yellow high speed warning on the right, the red light traffic light on the left.



    But to me, my picture looks closest to the below so far, admittedly its under exposed, but in those days that was a trade off between poor light, 100ASA film and an object moving at 75mph.. as well as a teenage photographer.…



    if I underexpose the model picture to be a bit more like my own.. the difference is even closer.


    it might not be perfect, but no model is, but I think its being overplayed. Its a livery I never thought would be done and its not a bad effort by any means.


     its enough to move me to support the model, I think its fine… there is a risk if it was much lighter it would be too reflective, and not highlight the white line separation between the red stripe and the grey.

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  4. 5 hours ago, stewartingram said:

    Must have been a VERY quick restoration of that Crewe power car - judging by the rust holes on the back end! I wonder if Hornby will model those?

    It was repainted BR Blue, the cab has seen a ton of work, they are now making new interior panels.


    The cosmetic restoration on facebook shows good progress, on facebook look up 43018 restoration. Crewe also has 43081 also, which is mechanically complete and just restarted, its the 8000th locomotive built at Crewe.





  5. 1 hour ago, Wickham Green too said:

    NOPE ....... like all S.R. units at the time these had internal slide-locks so passengers didn't have to lower the windows to get out - they lowered the windows for ventilation ( or for photographing another train, of course ) !

    Some of us were too young to use internal locks as they were designed for adult fingers, plus habits die hard,… ive always click, slide, arm out and give a twist to exit a train.. slide lock or not, even in the early 2000’s, indeed at Epping the other week someone asked me why I exited their DMU via the outside door handle when an inside one was there.


    have and have nots i’m afraid… exceptions always apply.

  6. 1 hour ago, scouse889 said:


    As far as I am aware, the only discernible external difference between a VTEC HST and an LNER HST is the branding on the sides of the power cars. However, when the trains transferred to EMR, in addition to the power cars being rebranded again, the coaches had "EMR INTERCITY" added to their bodysides in quite large black lettering, and the sets were shortened and so the coach letters were changed, indicated with round EMR-style bodyside stickers rather than square VTEC/LNER ones. So, there are a few obvious external differences on the EMR coaches as compared to the VTEC/LNER ones; thus Hornby's current releases don't very accurately represent these coaches operating for EMR. I would very much like an EMR set next year, but I hope it doesn't arrive in the form of just a set of power cars to soak up the existing VTEC/LNER coaches.

    I never saw much difference between VTEC and LNER on the coach exterior, agreed EMR branded was added, but only to some, many LNER coaches just continued as they were unbranded.

    A modeller can quite easily adapt this.


    I seem to recall they actually made effort for the last day/week rake to ensure they all have the branding on...as seen here.. that vinyl isnt 18month  old…

    for £320 on a new rake of EMr (exlner) coaches, I instead can just buy a railtec transfer and put them on one side of a few coaches… dont forget ex-LNER and Ex-EMT mixed for a few months to..


    If Hornby did a 4th run of LNER red coaches, but with EMR branding on i’d think they may not succeed…


  7. The volume of LNER coaches is quite odd.


    whilst there is VTEC HSTs power cars including locomotion, VTEC and 1xLNER all of these power cars are all now somewhat scarce, and releasing 1 set of coaches without a set of power cars at the time was quite odd.


    The way to soak them up is EMR power cars at this point. though savvy modellers probably have their set already and just swap the power cars. EMR is already fading to memory so peak demand on these has passed, indeed I think peak HST demand is passed and Hornby sated it quite well.

    That’s why I’m surprised at a retool, once EMR, 43102/272 and Blue Pullman are done the story is pretty much complete.




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  8. 23 minutes ago, D9001 said:

    To be honest I do genuinely wonder if I will live to see it. 


    Thats a bit extreme its only 2 years.


    the class 29 took around 7 years, the class 59 is heading into 6 years ( and the fully painted EP was 3 years ago), I ordered the steam railmotor 7 years ago.


    I honestly cant see the current backlog being cleared in 2022.. theres simply too much and only so much factory space in China, so 2023/24 is a possibility for some stuff.

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  9. 2 hours ago, scouse889 said:

    I think this is the key thing here - despite the fact I love the HST (and perhaps it’s just me here), I just can’t get excited about the thought of Hornby moving the door handles a fraction to the left, and adding three more rivets to one of the roof panels, and so on, if these new absolutely fantastically spot on power cars are still going to be released with the current mixture of Hornby and ex-Lima vehicles which have very obvious visual differences from each other (let alone worrying about whether either is true to the prototype) - and these very obvious differences are relevant if we are talking about a game changing “bells and whistles” product. Plus, the closest Hornby seem to get to the “bells” part with their current HST releases is when they make a clanger of an error with the livery application - which is then entirely another issue!

    I have noticed in the office, at the desk a bunch of Oxford boxes, which suspiciously look like mk3’s… they might be the “upgrade”.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Blandford1969 said:

    Not sure about most, maybe some and those that use Mk2 coaches, however many have removed ETH from Mk1's as its extra to maintain. 

    Must be cold in those non-ETH coaches when the steam loco is removed from the train..?


    Not many steam heat diesels on the mainline these days, even fewer using it.


    The trips ive done generally are Dual braked, Dual heat.


    WCME is always a treat, 86259 keeps you like an oven from Euston to Carnforth, but after that it sometimes gets a bit grim up north in the February for the rest of the day until your back at Lostock Hall and 86259 came back.  About 10 years back WCRC would couple up one of the ACLG locos to do a bit of pre-heating in the platforms at Carlilse, one trip I recall came a bit icy inside when the steam loco was using all it had just to move us through a Blea moor blizzard… the choice was to be warm or to get home that day.

  11. On 28/04/2017 at 20:31, Mike Storey said:

    It would also be interesting to learn, in layman's terms, how different the 74 was/is from the Vossloh Class 88 now coming into use for DRS. Has nth generation new technology overcome the issues? Their European equivalent has only just achieved its first major sales (and that to an open access freight operator).

    Class 73 and class 73/9 are both “been there and done that”… 73/9’s are hearty beasts compared to 73/1’s which are distinctly pedestrian.

  12. 4 hours ago, caradoc said:


    IIRC Class 74 did not work passenger trains west of Bournemouth, ie on diesel power, although they did do so over the short and slow distance into Southampton Docks. 


    Agreed in reality, but were the intentions originally different ?


    A 74 was hopelessly underpowered on diesel beyond the work you stated, but BR had several stints of being over ambitious (or under budgetting) the needs on diesel projects.

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  13. 10 minutes ago, G-BOAF said:

    Good point. You might want to email Hornby about this.

    Hopefully they will be measuring body details from other known points on the body (i.e. bottom of bodyside), not just 'rail level' otherwise a whole host of things will be off

    They would never listen to me, that i’m sure.


    Besides, the date on Railcam, on the filming was May 2021… That power cars changed a lot since then.

    Tbh imo a trip to Ruddington might be more fruitful, plenty of powercars and lifetime experts there… of course Laira, Haymarket still are active.


  14. 13 hours ago, Markn said:

    On the show, they photographed and measured the ex FGW powercar at Crewe Heritage Centre, then 're-vamped' their current offering around the rear doors, front lights and coupling mechanism.  They also mentioned that a double sugar cube speaker would be present and new led lighting functions.  It looked pretty good!  Especially the coupling!


    Such a shame the FGW set are finally being re-released on the old chassis :-(

    Iput this on another thread but wonder if its pertinent here but…


    43018 is an empty shell I understand. Unless its been resprung, or weighed down, its going to sit higher on its bogies (potentially even as far as being out of gauge).


    picture here (Facebook link auto embedded / not my image)




    Wouldnt it be ironic if the reason the door handles and runners were thought to be in wrong position on the current model, was not due to their current model being inaccurate, but due to 43018 sitting a few inches higher on its springs when they measured it and making it look wrong ?.. I hope they checked the spring aspect before tooling….



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  15. 11 hours ago, stonojnr said:


    maybe it started out as the former, but ended up as the latter, we dont really get shown how these designs  progress, or the timescales they are working to, time to market is the key bit if they were trying to head off competition, so if a totally new power car was taking too long to develop, or the threat of the rival decreased in the intervening period due to world events, its completely conceivable that a full remodel then switches to just a few upgrades in certain areas, that refreshes the HST, and is enough to keep Hornby ahead for now.


    I note again though they send the junior designer out on a 500mile round field trip, to take a few pictures of a power car,probably for very little actual benefit.

    And to one that is missing bits, and is highly likely to be sitting higher on its springs due to the missing bits.


    i’d have gone to Ruddington myself, they have a few different power cars to pick from, and they work too. Plus not to down play Crewe, but they are a team of mainline experienced HST operatives specifically, who have direct hands on knowlege.


    Wouldnt it be ironic if the reason the door handles and runers were in wrong position on the new model, was not due to their current model being inaccurate, but due to the hst body sitting 2-4 inches higher on its springs as theres nothing inside the body to weigh it down when they measured it ?


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  16. Tbh what caught my eye more than a new HST was the more than incidental recording of the class 14, they went through full sequence recording of it.


    I dont think Hornby will make a class 14, there would be no point. But the same engine was used in a class 74… (which is why they were so unsuited to class 1 high speed passenger work to Weymouth), and that they could do a class 74 off their class 71 chassis. Its an odd ball choice though

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  17. Theres been rumours of Rapido making the prototype power cars for some years, if they were to take a leap to the production cars at the same time could have logic, thats about the only rumour I can think of.

    it seems pointless to me though, aside of the coupling upgrade, such a minor amendments to an already detailed model which pushes over £300 a pair already isnt going to get loads of people to drop their old ones and trade in for lets guess a £350-375 one with minor upgrades..if i ‘m wrong then theres some big money dealers in this hobby.

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  18. 9 minutes ago, sandwich station said:


    I think I read or head somewhere that it will have passengers in it.

    Ah so the inverse applies… can they get themselves out ?


    actually, a sensible request for KR here…


    Could we have some open windows random in this set, rather than all closed. In the days of slam doors…there was always some windows fully or partially open in the doors, from passengers who never closed them when they got off etc.

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  19. On 21/11/2021 at 18:49, Craigs Hornby Upgrades said:

    Brilliant, I just read all 91 pages, well actually from 73 onwards. You all are certainly an entertaining bunch. Nothing wrong with passion, but as one of the other members mentioned, we are talking about models here. So play nice. I joined because I was one of those who bought direct from KR Models on ebay, one of those left overs. So despite all the valid  comments I love the engine... I had a Hornby TTS decoder sitting around so bought a 21 pin to 8 converter and installed it.  I did a video on YouTube, see the link below. Now since then I have added a capacitor stay alive to the TTS to overcome the drop outs and it's working lovely.. I actually quite like the lights. But thats just my personal opinion.


    I love the floor lighting, not that i’m going to tell that to my misses.



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  20. On 21/11/2021 at 12:23, Fredo said:

    Hi, will it be possible to open up the models to fit passengers? Thanks Fred 

    These were before the days of automatic doors, youve got to open it yourself.



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  21. 2 hours ago, RobinofLoxley said:

    Ive looked at the recess where I would have to put the washer under powerful magnification, and to my surprise the base of the recess where the screw sits, turned out to be flat, so in fact if I can find the right washer it should work. I will have to buy a packet of 20 I expect :scratchhead:

    Ebay sells spectacle and glasses repair sets… usually at least 1000 items of all sizes, 2mm and under, bolts, screws, washers, nuts etc. Usually around £3.99 area, and enough for a lifetime of little repairs like this.

  22. 1 hour ago, Steamport Southport said:

    People do realise we are still in a two year world wide pandemic where the country that was the worst hit was China?

    Not sure I agree with that.


    With 98k cases, China rates as 113th place in the world, according to worldometer.

    peanuts to our 4th place ranking with nearly 10mn.

    We have more cases every 2 days than China has in the whole pandemic.


    The thing theyve been hit with is big orders for medical products, supply chain disruption, but the pandemic has been very lucrative for them and theyve shifted production and resources to meet it.


    anyways theres a whole other thread about that.




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