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  1. I hope you checked the auto correct carefully!
  2. I think we have to put that down to an Americanism! Being married to an American I know just how many funny ideas they have!
  3. My father remembered that day in October 1966 for the rest of his life! He was a BBC Radio Producer and was in the studio when a phone call came through to say that they wanted to do a 30 second news flash at the end of the next record. Not a problem so when the record ended they went to the news flash. Half way through my father decided to switch from his headphones playing studio output to playing station output only to find to his dismay what was being announced with the next record due to play being Lee Dorsey - Working down a coal mine! My father just knocked the record of the deck and pu
  4. I watch the trains and boats on the Fort Madison Railcam (as Chris35005) as well and I am amazed how the tows get through the bridge and we have to remember that the tows at Fort Madison are much smaller than at Vicksburg. There is a tow captain from the southern end of the Mississippi below St Louis who regularly chats on the Fort Madison VRF cam and his comments can be very enlightening.
  5. The question has to be asked - Is it Hornby reducing allocations or is it shops taking orders for stock they have not been promised? Either way it is the customer who suffers and the retailer and manufacturer who go down in the customers estimation. I fear that getting a truthful answer from either side will be difficult, if not impossible! Sadly the situation encourages people to pre order from a number of shops and then cancel the excess orders once the customer receives their order from one of the shops.
  6. The fact that the "box shifters" are having to face the current situation mentioned above is probably also the reason why they are branching out and doing their own models. Doing that has seemingly caused friction with the big manufacturers which means the future could be very different to what we have grown used to in the last 20 years. Change is something that happens all the time in many different spheres. I can remember when I could find lots of bargains on ebay but nowadays it is hard to find things that are even reasonably priced and the ebay madness thread shows how much tot
  7. Logged into RMweb and the advert at the top of the screen invited me to use Hippo to get rid of my garden waste! I didn't know @Happy Hippowas in the rubbish disposal business! Since I live on the 5th floor of a block of flats I have not yet found a way of having a garden and in any case I moved from my house because I wanted to not have a garden!
  8. Adverts no longer a problem on my computer and I will await news from @AY Modon the mobile issue before going on mine to try it! For some strange reason my profile photo, interests and birthday seem to have vanished! Not bothered about it really except that the photo was on an old computer and I now don't have a copy of it. Worse things happen at sea so I am not going to lose any sleep over it.
  9. I have never had a problem with the adverts until the recent changes. Now on my phone they pop up all over the screen and I have had two arguments with my wife over looking at ladies in very little clothing (adverts for Bras and Panties). It has now come down to not using the site when on my phone. On the computer the only thing I hate is the way they flash, gave me a headache last night.
  10. I thought that only one of the units was now usable. You were certainly lucky not to have a replacement bus service as there have been many days when both units have been out of service. The 438's have certainly put in tremendous service and it will be sad to see them go but the new trains should be a big improvement.
  11. Many thanks for that information. I had found a number of the scalescenes type kits but had failed to find anything like Metcalfe, hence my enquiry. Just proves my search failed due to looking for something that does not exist! As a follow on from my first question, are there any cheap plastic kits that are worth using?
  12. Can anyone tell me if there is an equivalent of Superquick or Metcalf doing American style buildings in card or are all American building kits in plastic?
  13. There is no way I wasted a minute of the day. A very interesting thread.
  14. I only found this thread today and what an interesting one it is. Just makes me wish that I had taken photos of my trips over the years.
  15. At least no one will lose their deposit here!
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