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    Spent 19 years working for Nat West Bank International Division.
    Spent 15 years working for London Underground on the Earls Court group and retired a year after they closed my ticket office at West Brompton.
    TTI and Guard on Mid Hants Railway.
    Life Member Talyllyn Railway.
    Lifelong follower of oval motor racing, Speedway and Stock Car racing. Commentator for 30 years on Stock Car racing at tracks all over the country.

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  1. But can you prove that? Please do not make statements that cannot be proved. lol ha ha
  2. It has already been shown on this thread that Hatton are taking notice of a lot of the suggestions so I think you owe them an apology.
  3. The only thing that would not be allowed on my layout would be the BR Blue. Steam, diesel or electric are fine in either year 2000 colours or Pre-67 colours but BR Blue is banned.
  4. They are Class 40 bogies. ADB965577 is now based at Doncaster according to the 2019 abc Rail Guide page 229.
  5. Re J9495 - There is a second man nearly hidden by the trees at the other end of the wagon.
  6. Big Jim has been trying to play with an RHTT but bits keep breaking. See his excellent thread for full details.
  7. Your fat finger syndrome is caused by too much popcorn!
  8. C19173 has the footbridge made famous by the Harry Potter films in the background. It was taken down in the rebuilding and now is at Ropley on the Mid Hants Railway.
  9. About four years ago the 10:44 from Alton that connected with the Real Ale Train on the Mid Hants Railway regularly had the display showing "RAT Special". The display used to cause a fair amount of fun at Woking and Surbiton as people wanted to know what it meant. Sadly I never took a photo of it in spite of being guard on the RAT regularly.
  10. Since the Vivarail rebuild of the D78 stock includes the stronger cabs why would Vivarail want to build the units for the IOW differently to all the other units they are rebuilding. Changes like that just increase costs and would mean further testing was required.
  11. Having spent all my LUL career on the Earls Court to Wimbledon Park group I can confirm that East Putney to Wimbledon is a strange situation. LUL staff are not allowed on the track as it is still National Rail but the stations have been LUL stations for over 20 years. The signalling is National Rail controlled which results in ECS National Rail trains being given priority at East Putney over LUL passenger services.
  12. They are also passed to run between Bedford and Bletchley as class 230.
  13. On Tuesday you mentioned that the timings were all over the place. Did you manage to get them altered?
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