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  1. Sorry I cannot take the credit for scribbing the plasticard Will…….it is planked plasticard bought from my local model shop ,Frome model centre…..the width between the Plank’s is 2mm, I believe they do a narrower one for n gauge, and a wider one for O gauge…….dave…..
  2. Well here is the finished wagon complete with transfers supplied by black square decals……when I came to put the wagon number on the side with HMRS they were to big so a quick message to black square decals and they arrived within two days…..all in all I am well pleased and it adds something a bit different to my layout…….dave brighty
  3. Hi there…….just thought I would add a photo showing where we are with the stores wagon……construction has been with plasticard, brass, and white metal parts mainly from Ken line , all measurements are from GWR goods wagons by messrs.Atkins,Beard and Tourett and the roof is from Branchlines roof which I find very good, just a few more additions to the wagon and then it is off for painting and transfers…….regards…dave brighty….
  4. Looks very nice seeing it in gwr colours I must say, I think I am tempted with a kit if one appears from Worsleyworks. dave brighty
  5. Well thank you all gentleman for your input I think you seem to have cracked it for me, I am very grateful for all your comments, it just goes to show how you can sort anything out you are not sure about.......now for the wagon..... kind regards......dave brighty.....
  6. For my next project I would like to scratch build a stores van Diag.BB......in Gwr goods wagons by Atkins,Beard and Tourret I. Chapter 31 are some nice pictures of a stores van .....plate 661 shows an early van number 58140.....the question I would like ask you all is what is the writing on the wagon on the far right, the first line starts with GWR I cannot make out what the word is next to it, the other side of the stanchion, likewise the next line is STORES but I cannot make out the second word, the third line is WOLVERHAMPTON but I cannot see what the 4th line says.......if anyone can help or has an idea of what could be on the side of the van I would be very grateful, I do not want to start the build if I cannot make out what the wording is......your help would be gratefully appreciated......regards dave brighty...
  7. Hi there 37114......thank you for your comments.....I really enjoyed making the wagon even though there seems to be no conclusive proof that there was one in gwr colours, but equally there does not seem to be any proof that there was not one in gwr colours, as I said earlier it is a representation of the wagon and I was very pleased with the outcome.......dave brighty.....
  8. Hi.....I have used black square decals.co.uk in the past and have been very pleased with the results....the proprietor Ian has done a number of custom transfers for me and is very quick and reasonably priced, he can enlarge or make smaller almost anything.....definitively worth a contact.......regards.....dave Brighty
  9. Hi there......I have decided to paint this wagon in gwr colours but I do appreciate that there is no conclusive proof that there was one, I have looked through numerous books and it seems that it is possible there were a few converted large covered vans so I am happy to say it is a representation.......the wagon was based on a ken line chassis kit with the rest made from plasticard, brass strip from eileens emporium and the transfers were from black square decals who I find extremely good both in cost and quickness in supplying my order......next job is another Pooly van the small 10;foot planked van as per Mr Russell, GWR wagon book.....
  10. Hi there............I am just at the stage with this wagon for painting and as can be seen from some of the quotes it could be that H .Pooly did not convert the bloater fish vans from gwr just iron minks .....the question I was asking is is there a definitive reference book or article that confirms when these “bloater” vans were converted to vans for H Pooly into BR stock or I am hoping that perhaps one van may have been converted in gwr days so that I can paint my wagon in gwr colours.......if not I will paint it in BR colours as per Paul Bartlett photos.........your assistance would be appreciated.....
  11. Thank you for your information, much appreciated, looks like it will be a BR Pooly van now instead of GWR one....I have found the one Will saw the CC2 in Russell wagon book but as you say no sign of a “bloater” conversion for gwr......thank you again........dave Brighty......
  12. Hi miss prism......here is the van...it looks to me that this could be the BR colour all be it very faded and scruffy, when converted would Pooly have left it brown as per the original colour of the “bloater” or had they their own colour scheme, I have since found a iron mink converted to one of their vans and it is gwr grey with the round all still present, your thoughts would be appreciated.....dave.....
  13. Hi there.....I am in the process of scratchbuilding a Pooley gwr ex “bloater” fish van ......the van is from the excellent Paul Bartlett photos which are very good for detail......the question I would like to know is what colour would these vans be painted in GWR days....would they stay the same as the “bloater” ...brown, or would they have been painted gwr grey or did Pooly have their own colour.......I have looked on the internet And found some BR vans in different colours and read the excellent article “little didcot” by Castle but Do not seem to find what colour they would have been painted in GWR days.......any help would be gratefully received.... regards.......dave Brighty......
  14. Hi.....I have used www.blacksquaredecals.co.uk in the past......Ian is very good at creating any transfers you may require....just contact him with a picture and size and colour and he is very quick to sort you out.....I have been very pleased with his results......dave Brighty.....
  15. Hi......I have built several of the gwr Rotank wagons all based on the Hornby Dapol, Lima 6=wheel milk tanker which I have Used as the wagon.......the actual milk road trailer I have used the coopercraft trailer which occasionally comes up,on e bay I must say that they do not come up very often nowadays........there are a number of pictures of the wagon and trailer in Jim Russell’s great western wagon appendix book which gave me the original idea, unfortunately I have not found any plans for this wagon.....I have attached a photo of the latest offering.......dave Brighty
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