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  1. nice pickies but who is the serious looking chap in the photo before the class 14 ??
  2. m mcdermott

    Hornby K1

    the frodingham k1,s where mainly employed as pilot locos to help with heavy trains of iron ore between barnetby and Scunthorpe when I was a fireman there .....mali
  3. another corking loco to join the last couple of years releases
  4. what is the size of these compared to cobalt ?
  5. thanks larry one hell of a read
  6. I had a look in today allways a nice friendly little show .I might be biased but I think boston frodsham was good ahem .good exhibition chaps .
  7. hi mike , I,ll be at the AGM if you where wondering what to do with any that's left.
  8. all the very to mr & mrs frozen thingys look after that chick a few girls go railway modelling
  9. your right there coach , im one of those that bought the airfix 61XX years before the bachy V 3 and Hornby L1 a lot of us pretended a lot once upon a time .mali
  10. a good day was had by all ,but don't believe all you hear or see in photos, I didn't extract money by foul means all customers paid willingly it was that inexpensive .mali
  11. for decals I use tweezers from the stamp shops as they don't have the ridged gripers so don't damage the decal
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