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  1. Regarding Scotrail’s reincarnation of the 125 and its own distinction between “refurbished “ and “classic” units,I yesterday learned of an embarrassing episode concerning a party of 6 U.S tourists who obviously hadn’t viewed the TOC’s short video on how to operate the manually operated doors on the ex GW Mk 3. 125. The owner of the hotel at which we are staying in Kingussie returned from the station without the guests he had intended meeting.They did turn up later with the simple explanation that they were used only to the normal power operated train doors on their UK visit so that the manual use of the door handle had totally bemused them. Make of that what you will......I ‘m not asking exactly how they did eventually reach their destination.
  2. Had to Google “YouTube creator”. Now I know there actually is such a beast.Wonders never cease.Maybe HC Andersen knew a thing or to when he wrote The Emperor’s New Clothes.Well,I never....Book me on the next flight to Shanghai please.Now what can I create ? Havoc probably.
  3. Indeed not. First built batch allocated to the SE sector in 1959 due to production delays at BRCW of the D65XX Used in a wide variety of workings,including inter regional passenger duties to the Kent Coast resorts..You can use with almost any rtr stock of that era. My first sight of one was at DoverMarine ( remember that ? ) spotted from the window of an arriving boat train in August 1959. They returned to the LMR as delivery from BRCW got into its stride.1959 was the first year of the Kent Coast electricification.All three forms of traction were side by side on a daily basis.
  4. Crew training ? Hopefully no more mishaps.Maybe I’ll se them on the Highland mainline next week.
  5. Salop ( aka Shrewsbury 84G/89A) kept its fleet of Black 5’s and Standard 5’s in good overall condition as I remember.
  6. Great shot.But by no means an unusual sight on the Central Wales line from the late 1930’s to the withdrawal of steam and the closure of the line to Swansea Victoria.
  7. Good question.....until you remember we’re living in an age of populism,social media and sound bites. BBC ? Not the gold standard news flagship that it was.....sadly.
  8. So more castoffs for the Derby-Crewe line then. Thinking about it,the 153’s have worked this line on and off since Regional Railways days,interspersed with 156 and 158 occasionally. Prior to that there was a period in the late 1980’s when,due to a shortage of dmu,a combination of pairs of class 20 hauling redundant diesel units was the norm. This led to official complaints from local authority council members.It redefined the term ramshackle.
  9. To be replaced by what,I wonder ? The use of single units by EM is/was geographically wide ranging from Derby-Crewe to rural Lincolnshire and beyond.Noisy but characterful.
  10. Only if the devil looks after his own.Stranger things than this have happened in the passage of history
  11. That’s the way of the world I’m afraid.Sometimes it’s surprising to learn that despite your obviously deeply held convictions,forum members do not agree with you.So perhaps on reflection it might have been wiser not to have posted your concerns on open forum but to have contacted Hattons via pm or email and thus avoided the ensuing conflict. You did in the end get the outcome you wanted,didn’t you ? A few ruffled feathers but no broken bones. I think you should accept that graciously.
  12. Just to add balance to this issue,some of you may remember the reaction to Locomotion’s special edition Hornby 125 HST during Simon Kohler’s time there.I believe Simon publically....much to his credit......agreed a donation should be made. Several years ago now and I cannot recall specific details. Is this really something to get wound up about ?
  13. Absolutely agree with you.I bought the GWR “Old Oak Common “ version from Little Dan recently.Look on the Hattons website for graphics of both Scotrail and GWR 125 train consists for help before you place your order. I will do so shortly.No sign quite yet from Hornby.Why must the exercise of making up an HST set be inevitably fragmented ? Rhetorical question really,given the tenuous supply chain.As long as we get them in an acceptably accurate condition to match the excellent power car set I will be content.
  14. But no “Royal Scot” headboard.This is to follow apparently.No matter.
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