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  1. But not black. I suppose you could say that there’s not too much Hornby could do to screw up on those two liveries but that would be tempting providence. I see the invasion of the body swappers is upon us over on the A2/2 thread.A trend started a couple of years ago with Bulleid rebuild tender 34050. Unwanted bodies for sale on eBay ?
  2. Thank you for this and the “where he left it” phrase. And the joke’s on me.I searched as I thought exhaustively using both torch and outside lighting when I logged onto UPS tracking last night to find that the delivery day had altered from Wednesday ( today) to hey it was delivered hours ago.There was no ring of bell or knock on door whatsoever.I have a wife who is terminally ill and cannot be left in any case.At the time we were in both in the room right next to the “front door” where the “proof of delivery “ states he/she left it. No email.No text to my phone . Having spent hou
  3. According to UPS tracking it was delivered outside my front door at 13:08 today. Except that it wasn’t. “Proof of delivery “ was a text attached to the track page with “completed delivery “ . No email announcement of complete delivery or any photographic evidence . It appears to me to be an elaborate way of escaping the fact that UPS have lost it and of avoiding responsibility for it. I’ve scoured the exterior of the property and it’s nowhere to be seen. I shall,of course pursue the matter in the morning but any information and advice would be gratefully received in the meantime.
  4. After 11 days stalled at Herne Boernig UPS in Germany,my package finally made UK landfall at Stanford le hope Essex at 15:10 just. Delay such as this is to be expected I suppose.
  5. Interesting “straight from the horse’s mouth” stuff. Latterly the Thompson A2’s were distributed between York,Heaton and of course New England.The last mentioned had a down “Heart of Midlothian “ turn from Peterborough to Newcastle which on a Saturday at York in early September 1960 which I recorded in my now battered LocoLog Book produced the doyen 60500 .The only A2/2 recorded was 60504.Both 34 E. That was a fascinating period to be witness to. On that same Saturday,the “Flying Scotsman “( Or its Saturday equivalent) produced Finsbury Park’s D206 on the down and A4 60033 34A( ?) on the
  6. Thank you Tony for your prompt and appropriate response. If I gave the impression that I considered you in any way to be a spokesperson for Hornby or have caused you undue embarrassment then you have my unreserved apologies.That was certainly not my intention which was to comment on the absence of a cogent forthcoming response from Hornby to reassure all enthusiasts that the issues concerning build quality would be addressed. You were quoted in an earlier post on this forum which is why I responded as I did. I hope the matter can be resolved as effectively as is possible. I would like to reliv
  7. I’m pleased that you have highlighted openness to communicate.For some time now Hornby have used their own sanitised channels as their chosen way .As a paid up H Club member and a regular visitor to their website I have sought in vain for further information on this issue.There appears to be a fear on the part of senior management that to be more clear and open will bring calamity upon them.Time was they did appear on RMWEB.No more.Information such as it is is tightly controlled and via social media or selected third parties or YouTube “influencers”. As we all do,I have the greatest respect fo
  8. Interesting thread. A minefield obviously. Since the turn of the year,I have bought items from Berlin,Frankfurt,Milan via eBay (twice) and from both Menzels and Modellbahn Union,two familiar dealers. I have experienced no difficulties until now with a latest delivery from the last mentioned.It has been sent via UPS and has been stalled in their transit deposit in Germany due to “Brexit related issues “ ( VAT issues ? ) for nearly a week. I have also experienced two refusals and refunds of eBay purchases one from Italy and the other from Graz in Austria. Some retailers seem to have deleted the
  9. Top lamp bracket missing ? Or is my eyesight failing ? Glad you’re pleased. Hope Tony Wright had a good example too.No one disputes his word on this but surely it isn’t implicit in what he writes that we must accept the substandard assembly that it appears many have experienced .Hornby performance these days is up there with the best.No one doubts that I’m sure.
  10. Which I’m afraid is true. I have raised this particular issue as indeed have others over the same to be told that there’s nothing wrong with it. You know there is.I know there is.Many others know there is.I have called it sagebrush green,the nearest description I can approach to Hornby’s rendition in many but not fortunately all cases of their BR models. The problem is highlighted for me currently by a quick dip into one of Sam’s offerings.He has conducted a straw poll of opinions of the H green.His findings IIRC are that 52% believe got it right.Who they are or what their credentials and crit
  11. Rob ...a truce is declared..well after so many years it should be.For a half backward cab somersault please look at the examples shown on Hattons website .Best,as always,Ian.
  12. Opening now at my IanAllan 1954 ABC you are quite correct. Peppercorn new build A2. pepper
  13. Correction A2/3 60525 -60539 AH Peppercorn
  14. Ah that there were the case.Refer posts back to derogatory remarks re: Bachmann’s A2/1as a comparison. Sorry I don’t buy into this.
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