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  1. It would appear this morning that we have the first political casualty of HS2 ,given the result of the Chesham &Amersham by election..No surprise there.
  2. These issues..if indeed they are issues…should not have been left to chance. Little excuse in forward planning.The numbers 170 and 153 mean nothing to fare paying passengers.They just want a train.
  3. Email received this morning apologetically announces significant reductions in regional services from 19 th June due to the TOC’s inability to fulfill the new timetable introduced on 16th May.Echoes of similar happenings elsewhere I think. So what’s gone wrong here ? Infrastructure,train crew or stock issues ? Many rail users are obviously to be put to serious inconvenience by a supposedly improved service.I imagine that most constituency MP’s and local authorities will now be engaged in a serious amount of ear bashing…..not to mention those poor souls currently dependent on a service for the
  4. Get hold of a copy of the Banks& Carter book which has a chapter devoted to Cross country expresses with interesting photos and information.
  5. Small wonder perhaps then that parts of Pembrokeshire were known historically as “Little England Beyond Wales”as a large number of folk migrated from east of Offa’s Dyke .
  6. Dear fellow ANTB######. I love all your choices for future rtr releases.I have yet to read of anyone though giving a nod to the unloved,neglected and too frequently despised Hawksworth County.,the West Country workhorse of the 50’s & 60’s.. Toplights....great....which one ? And talking of coaching stock then,the essential accessory would be,of course,pure horsehair. Well it is a hot afternoon....
  7. So have I....in BR monochrome. How in the name of ###### is it possible to send tablets of stone to the eagerly awaiting multitude on this ? Most who actually heard the thing are either defunct or in preparation thereunto,myself included.
  8. Perhaps “Black Sheep “ would be a more appropriate name ?
  9. But really,the gap in the current NE catalogue is surely the B16 ?
  10. Why not Accurascale?
  11. Unfortunately in a previous incarnation,many of us did,even though it was as rare as a hen’s tooth.Hence second time round probably not too many takers so I think this maybe reflected in the current price on the zone of Am. Often the case with Hornby when a second edition breaks cover ? Agree by today’s prices,somewhat of a bargain though
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