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  1. Gaugemaster have R3840 on their website.Maybe T4U also.
  2. indeed you are correct. Must contact Derails with cc changes. One ordered in August 2020.These days I don’t do pre order but made an exception in this case.
  3. By the time of the 15 guinea special BR was liberal in its use of green paint so it might possibly be correct for 70013 on the day..
  4. I think the BR green looks a sight better than current offerings from Hornby. But as we know,what eventually what comes out of the box may be entirely different
  5. Indeed but looking now on LocoYard website the running plate as modelled then by Hornby is black. I’m just using this as an example in reply to a post
  6. Interesting this as Hornby have produced 70004 in 2012 as R 3096 .
  7. If you are being serious,I’m sure that was not the intention.
  8. Picture2 is of 70021 named as “ Morning Star” ? One of the batch allocated to the Western Region when released from Crewe..70004 William Shakespeare built 1951 did time at the South Bank railway exhibition of modern locomotives that year of The Festival Of Britain.70014 Iron Duke was released a short while later. Both were later allocated to Stewart’s Lane and earmarked for the Golden Arrow which accounts for their gleaming condition. 70021 IIRC went first to either Old Oak or Laira so the caption is puzzling .At a guess it’s a running in turn from Crewe Works. The link to eBay shows something totally different btw Thus the image and the link are unrelated
  9. Thanks for that.I am somewhat confused about the source of the original post by E100 quoting a source of material contained in the magazine which appear to support the premise that evidence for a green running plate has been found and is quoted. So where did the information originate ? Hornby or the quoted third party ? In other words Hornby are feeding the magazine the information and they publish.That’s unclear and open to misinterpretation.
  10. Yes The other dodgy bit of this is the assertion that the Britannias were similarly treated.To assert that this is research is frankly laughable. To date there simply is no credible evidence.It is highly unlikely that any colour images are to be found as colour photography was at the time in its infancy and despite some clairvoyant efforts at interpreting b&w images nothing of any substance can be found there either. Not a good example of magazine journalism to justify Hornby’s green running plate.
  11. Thanks @E100 for this. This evidence is not documentary and might be regarded as second hand. The way to prove the point is surely through contemporary BR files and published rules. IMHO the Hornby Mag’s evidence is anecdotal and not corroborated by another opinion.
  12. So where’s the Magazine’s factual evidence for such an assertion. ? What research? Why should anyone find this credible when the issue is swept airily aside ? Sorry they’ll have to do better than that .Unconvinced .
  13. Depends on whether or not you find the gap between the running plate and the tank acceptable.In this example it is at least even so it might not bother you. If he’s reading this best wishes for a good outcome to TBG . Posting this also as still a guest of the NHS ……gaining in stability and mobility…even to the luxury of being to shower myself and wash my hair this morning without assistance . Take care my friend
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