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  1. But which Cromwell ….Oliver or Thomas. ?. Lucknow is less equivocal. My family has form there in that my paternal great grandmother was apparently born there during the siege,she being the wife of a serving NCO in a cavalry regiment. I suppose I should really stand by brand loyalty and order the namesake. This seems to be shaping as one of the better offerings from what seems to be a rather jaded crop of new releases I think. Dilemma though in that the black LMS version holds much appeal too. Methinks a brighter star rises.
  2. Oh really? Despite the fact that both No.7 and D of A “train sets “ were first out of the blocks postwar. A mistake? Mix what and with what ingredients because the current marketing is blatantly skewed towards nostalgia ? Presumably you refer to Dapol’s market entry which simply doesn’t come close in any respect. LNER oversold ? As you say,in your head . There maybe some who might not agree. Sorry I don’t buy this at all.
  3. Well being one of the first of the postwar generation to experience HornbyDublo ,I for one purchased 6231.The MN was not of that ilk,so maybe these owe more to its 2017 issue ( or SK’s favour) . The next obvious choice is an A4 in diecast.No.7 Sir Nigel Gresley being I think favourite to be followed by its BR.green Dublo successors
  4. Every time I see the green running plate it kills off any temptation
  5. Which is what it’s not in monetary terms. Almost double in price to the 2009 edition when first released.However it’s a model that’s been on many must have lists for quite some time so naturally allowances are being made. Some discreet weathering will help no doubt.
  6. A common problem with media sound .You are not alone.But this is not Channel 4 .It’s Yesterday surely ? Try if it’s at all possible watching with the aid of a pair of headphones. I watched the programme this way from hospital using a set of iPhone bog standard issue plugged into my iPad. Question: do you have a pair of hearing aids ? Sounds a daft question but many choose to avoid it
  7. A thoughtful and incisive post. A good idea to copy it to Rails who will be interested to read it
  8. Thank you Ray for a long hard look at both first and second generation Hornby Clans. There is as we know a marked difference in livery and lining shade evident .
  9. Although something else has emerged now from the back of my mind. 1953 was a special year. Well if like me you remember it…still a few around….was Coronation year. After her event her Maj.toured the UK by Royal Train and some unusual places were traversed by the train,The Vale of Neath line Castle hauled for one ( Think it was Canton’s 5080 Defiant ). So then could it be that such a journey was planned to West Cornwall involving these two branches. ? The Helston Branch was near to FAA Culdrose for instance and St, Ives very photo opportunish .I don’t believe these journeys ever occurred but maybe they were planned just in case ? A thought
  10. That seems even more strange. August of that year was when I saw the down Riviera arrive at St.Ives behind a pair of Small Praries. Appropriately enough the ensemble was viewed from the beach. I wonder if these recordings were just paper transfers to satisfy WR accounting.
  11. The St.Erth branch line was worked by Small Prairies and at least postwar the only longer train over the branch was the summer Saturday Riviera which was worked by a pair of the same. Why would anything else have been necessary given the curves and restrictions on the line and at St.Ives
  12. Which is unlikely to reach a definitive conclusion unless documentation is found.Contemporary online photographic collection serves to demonstrate a shortage of colour image ( unsurprisingly as it didn’t become widespread until the late 1950’s )and the general overall filthy state of the class under which colour as such was unrecognisable.
  13. In fact red backed nameplates were around from the early 1950’s.
  14. I had problems with the channel’s iPlayer last night but I’ll try again later. What I did see looked interesting. I notice thankfully that nothing negative has appeared here. A shame it was found necessary to advise forum members to keep off such but it’s understandable and thus far appears to have had the desired effect.
  15. Thanks for that. Which makes it a running certainty that it’s green.
  16. This is a curiosity. What draws me back from any conclusion that it might like Britannia 70000 have been outshopped in black is the fact that it appears as only partially lined …tender and cab but nowhere else. Although one perhaps could conclude that the photo has been subject to a touch up.It could be almost any shade but the lining would naturally lead to the conclusion the shade is green. Somewhere there might be records of the paint shop at Crewe for that year but slim chance of any evidence surfacing.
  17. Apologies.Yes of course it is. Ok mistake because I’m not at home. Mind now cleared. Thinking off piste the comfortable radius should be 36”.
  18. Answering my own question it’s 505mm. Surely it can negotiate that ?
  19. Someone please refresh my memory. What dimension is 3rd radius ?
  20. No. My existing motor is scheduled for repair…or rewinding…..so TheWorks inform me . Thanks for the offer though
  21. They are now up on Rails website. I see no difference between any of the chimneys .See what you think
  22. And this is an issue that has in fact occurred previously with Heljan as I recall. Those of you who have a DP 2 diesel might recall problems with relatively low slung bogies fouling bodywork on curves ?
  23. TBH,the examples on Dapol’s website have it seems identical chimneys. I would like to be convinced otherwise but I think this is what will appear out of the box.
  24. An interesting and telling image. The l/h Clan having the stamp of authenticity
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