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  1. As a postscript to this,it is perhaps interesting to observe that the newly released R 3819 Duchess of Atholl is also made by the same factory.With the pedigree established by the Princess,I can see why. Same quality feel and finish.
  2. Yes a chronic problem of which most of us at some time or another will have been made painfully aware . But do we really need to start another separate thread for this ? Try posting on the Prairie thread which is the appropriate place for it......lots of niggles there
  3. On a more positive note,the Hymeks displayed now on Rails website show a distinct improvement on the 4 character display.Long overdue but comes with the ( inevitable) price hike.
  4. Kitty would be mortified to hear such vitriol poured out in her name,good soul that she was. Apart from which the family was left without an heir....almost anyway...the nearest now located in a South Africa.. For a diverting twist on this after Covid 19 and after ScotRail have ...bless them.....their tracks made safe,take the Highland Mainline north and alight at Blair Atholl. Walk a mile through the most glorious Highland scenery and up an avenue of trees to reach the castle,white and turreted in the sunshine made famous by a royal visit.,that of Victoria & Albert.,now made fa
  5. Maybe not uneventful. The Luftwaffe gave nearby Swansea a very nasty time during the Blitz.c 1941/42.Both my late parents vividly recalled the sky aglow and the roar and noise of the raids. We lived just 20 miles away. Around the same time,my mother worked as a district nurse across the valley...a duty she performed by cycling from patient to patient..My father prior to joining up,worked as an office clerk at a pipeworks on the near side.This factory had circular kilns which if viewed from an aircraft resembled oil storage tanks. One morning Dad heard from his office desk an u
  6. An absence of transparency and at present lack of concern for the difficulties this has caused..... not,it must be said,for the first time....doesn’t cause me any sympathetic leaning towards Hornby. Don’t forget those who have lost out financially on a sale due to orders remaining unfulfilled and the abrupt manner in which it was handled. Meanwhile,enjoy the Duchess.
  7. Heard from one dealer that Hornby are short on supply,so the above may well be correct .
  8. in theory yes. Received email 16:58 stating to be delivered TODAY 10th....joint DPD Hornby .However DPD “au contraire” state they haven’t got it yet and will inform me when it’s left their local depot,usually by 11:00 am.Muddledom is alive and resident somewhere in Kent .
  9. All of which should have been properly thought through months ago when the order books were opened. Why the sudden change of strategy ? If nothing else this is ....yet again....a PR disaster .Are they really that disadvantaged by cash flow that the model is available to buy on their website at full rrp the same day that they are informing retailers their allocation is cut without notice ? Do also bear in mind that some shops may already have asked their disappointed customers for a deposit How many smaller dealers will be able to afford stock of a £250 model in numbers to mak
  10. John,I think you are right. My term for the ‘fore n’aft’ cap worn by most RAF servicemen at the time,so I stand rightly corrected. Mine spent a period overseas in India in 1944/5 not a cushy posting considering the climate and conditions but better than most.Being then in his late 30’s,he was given a job working with touring concert parties and variety artists sent over to entertain the troops and on the local “official “ radio which had the grand title of Radio SEAC......South East Asia Command. And yes,I remember the basket under the stairs.My mother called it a Moses Ba
  11. Like the airman.Perfect representation of a postwar era. That figure with the addition of a shoulder slung kitbag is my first memory image of my father returning home from overseas service in 1945.I hadn’t seem him for a long time,so I watched this figure advancing down the road towards me ,RAF kepi on head,and when recognition finally dawned all I could respond was...”Oh, I thought it was you “... Some things never leave your visual memory.This won’t.
  12. We are asked when viewing The Engine Shed to take into account that these images may not be a true representation of the final product out of the box.However,given the current delivery difficulties of this unique model ,this is hardly a reassuring presentation for a prospective buyer. But really there is scant threat to Hornby’s reputation with regard to the quality of the model because it’s so scarce that its presence is ephemeral to the extent that only an infinitesimal number of us will be in any position to post ...or even image.....any critique. In “the blink of an eye” it will be
  13. To that extent,if I were to be billed for c £250 for that ,I would mind a great deal. Just how have they managed to cobble that one together ? Let’s be charitable and call it a pre production sample ......we wish.
  14. Which makes nonsense of their claims that they were going to improve their working relationship with the retail trade after an almost complete breakdown several years ago. Now it’s back to have your cake and eat it . If a retailer orders in good faith and that order is accepted,you are demonstrating a lack of good faith and trust and reneging on a trading promise. Direct purchase is for those who want the goods at any price.Fine .Most do not want the inevitable increase in price that accompanies it. What does occur now after a day of shock horror for a number of
  15. Redefines the word cynical.Now we start looking over on eBay for those with an eye for an “investment “. The way of the world,including Hornby’s.
  16. Brits also worked the MML between St.Pancras and Leeds.I have a sighting of 70044 at Sheffield Midland on a St.Pancras bound express in September 1961,probably substituting for a failed Sulzer Peak.
  17. This working also saw Longsight EE Type 4 (aka Class 40 )and Metrovic CoBo in multiple from Derby btw.
  18. In a perfect world I’m afraid. Margins are too tight for Plan B, I suspect.
  19. Odd that a week ago we were discussing this with a possibility of you getting one for me. You couldn’t as it turned out because your allocation was pre ordered .Seems almost prophetic seven days on .Good luck with managing it.
  20. Have you had any notification of delivery yet ?
  21. I find it puzzling as to why cogent reasons are not given for the shortfall in orders. It might help the situation if Hornby were open about it. Hopefully,on Monday they will provide retailers and disappointed modellers with such. And maybe a promise to put matters to right ? The next diecast Dublo Duchess was of course 46232 in BR early green. If no further 6231 can be delivered then maybe this is a way forward .
  22. No. Not just Rails.Go back a page and read Widnes Model Centre’s post.
  23. Delivering short.....or distributing differently ? Sorry to read of your disappointment. Maybe what comes off the container is serendipity? It’s the weekend to hide behind so no response for a bit. Next week should be interesting.
  24. No one “said “ the amount had been reduced but remember there is ample precedent for just that isn’t there? You have leapfrogged ahead to what is quite obviously a very hard nosed scenario .You of course may well be correct and the thought had actually crossed my mind too but then would Hornby at this moment in time return to the days when it was policy to circumvent and undercut the retail trade ? Maybe I ‘m just old fashioned but I don’t think they would. Then perhaps I’m being naive. Commercial common sense maybe . Bad taste,definitely....IF that really is the case.We don’t know.
  25. There is another precedent for a repeat production run....the Great Gathering morphed into the Great Goodbye. Nice if they could make up for a collective disappointment but these are now very different circumstances. Now sit back and watch eBay prices take off.
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