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  1. A few updates from over the Christmas period, the biggest one being the V14 version pushed back and an additional later version of the V12 in its place. Test sample photos below Personally I think these look great and seem to be progressing very quickly in typical Minerva fashion.
  2. Fantastic! I can only hope these get the same 7mm treatment as the brilliant HUOs.
  3. Such a good idea. I'm already a user of modular boards, but including legs, shelving, backscenes and controller holders is a brilliant step forward.
  4. Correct, and in fact the original 4500s were brass so the diecast versions we're getting are definitely more affordable.
  5. 8750 and 5700 arriving "any day now"
  6. Lionheart has updated their Facebook page with decorated samples.
  7. On Dapol's live catalogue which they update periodically it's still showing Q1 2020. The catalogue was last updated with the information on the banana vans, so I'd assume they forgot to change the dates for the 8750s. Q2 might be more accurate now that Dapol has reopened, but then again they generally like to show off decorated samples before release and we've seen nothing so far (I'm specifically referring to the lined BR 8750 here which is what I'm waiting for).
  8. Yes, that's exactly the sort of prototypical proof I'm looking for! Thanks
  9. Funnily enough, I found a picture of Broom Junction which pretty much covers everything EDIT Obviously wasn't looking hard enough because I found this one too!
  10. Thank you all for the input, it's very useful. Can I ask, where there any hard and fast rules about priority for branches coming back on to the main? Topography aside would it be more likely a train would cross over the down main and onto the up, or join straight onto the up or am I o overthinking this!
  11. I'd like to make a junction board to line a double track mainline going into a single track branch and want some opinions and advice on what is most prototypical/pleasing to the eye. Option 1 has the branch line branching off to the left with joining trains crossing over to get back on the mainline. Firstly, is this realistic? Would the crossing go to the right instead? I've seen lots of "BR Steam era facing points are a no-no", so that being the case what other option would I have? Option 2 is symmetrical and visually pleasing, but I can't help it feels very American rather than Bri
  12. Looking to get #1426, is it correct to have no topfeed with later emblem?
  13. I have a similar issue. My autocoach is DCC fitted and the coach lights come on with F1 (despite instructions saying F0) but driver's compartment lights don't come on with any button.
  14. Fantastic news, great to see 7mm expanding so quickly. I see the N gauge version is going to be made by Dapol, did they announce the manufacturer for the O gauge models?
  15. I bought the DCC fitted with light bar version. Coach lights work fine (although operate under function 1 rather than 0) and according the pamphlet, there should be a cab light under function 9 but can't for the life of me find it. Also can't seem to change 'loco' address, it just stays on 3. Anyone had any luck?
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