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  1. Not to worry. Knowing they're now in production will tide me over for the time being
  2. That's great to hear! I don't suppose he let slip when he anticipates them reaching the UK?
  3. Here's a video from the original Lionheart run a few years ago which is a brass model. Dean goods is a great suggestion, I'd like to see a 2251 especially given Heljan have dropped it. Or perhaps a 4F.
  4. https://www.minervamodelrailways.co.uk/news/syphon-g-from-minerva-model-railways/
  5. And HEAs too! https://www.Dapol.co.uk/O-Gauge-HBA-HEA-Update?fbclid=IwAR2Y_kv8b7QuRJML3qY-9ww9Jujw0y4CkCI_tR8K9u2TUZb3VvuCFCOE05Y
  6. This is making it much harder to wait for my blood and custard versions... How are you all finding the corridor connection on curves/through points?
  7. Thanks for these, they really do look excellent.
  8. They look very impressive. Can you take pictures with the lights on? Surprised they're in Lionel boxes, are you sure it's not Lionheart, which is now part of Dapol?
  9. A few updates from over the Christmas period, the biggest one being the V14 version pushed back and an additional later version of the V12 in its place. Test sample photos below Personally I think these look great and seem to be progressing very quickly in typical Minerva fashion.
  10. Fantastic! I can only hope these get the same 7mm treatment as the brilliant HUOs.
  11. Such a good idea. I'm already a user of modular boards, but including legs, shelving, backscenes and controller holders is a brilliant step forward.
  12. Correct, and in fact the original 4500s were brass so the diecast versions we're getting are definitely more affordable.
  13. 8750 and 5700 arriving "any day now"
  14. Lionheart has updated their Facebook page with decorated samples.
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