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  1. Have a watch of this Goodyear snow tires advert, apparently from 1962: I wonder if Geoffrey Jones got some inspiration from it for his 1963 film "Snow" ?
  2. I certainly remember the article, but not the year it appeared, and that genuine shots of District or Metropolitan trains from above in 'cut and cover' sections were carefully 'cut and pasted' onto photos of the house floor to appear as if the trains were running under the floor.
  3. 247 Developments used to do etched overlays to do just that. Don't think they are currently available though.
  4. You sure it was one of those? The Airfix model is of the AEC/Park Royal vehicles, which worked on the Midland and Scottish regions, not on the Western region. It was more likely an AC Cars railbus you travelled on, as these worked on the Western (and one on the Scottish region).
  5. My point was that in the OP 'planning' to use the Dapol canopy, and how he was going to modify it, meant that he had already made the decision that it was exactly what he was going use.
  6. If you are 'planning' to use one of the kits, why don't you just buy one?
  7. I've got this DVD: http://www.bfi.org.uk/blu-rays-dvds/rhythm-film The director Geoffrey Jones is interviewed on it, and the story behind Snow's music is explained. (Most, if not all, of the films contained on the DVD can be found on Youtube.) Another of Sandy Nelson's works is "Let there be Drums", a single which is very similar in style to "Teen Beat".
  8. For those who remember their music of the period (I don't - too young) might recognise the music as being a tweaked version of Sandy Nelson's "Teen Beat", originally from 1959, but re-released in 1964.
  9. Well I don't know what was said or done, or when, but I see he's now 'Banned'. His knowledge will be missed, I'm sure.
  10. I wasn't aware of that until now. What's happened?
  11. They've got rivets. Lots of rivets.
  12. Where does DJH come into it?
  13. I think we've already been over this subject on the 64xx. Like bunker steps on the Hattons 14xx. There are two versions of the Dean Goods, with and without top feed, and it does seem to be an 'add on' part, not part of the boiler moulding.
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