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  1. The front running plate is certainly straighter on the ex-Airfix one!
  2. The original glossy versions were just gloss lacquer put directly on green plastic. It seems to take paint well, but it might be a good idea to strip the lacquer off first if using modern paints, which could be incompatible with the lacquer.
  3. Heathrow never actually opened as an RAF base. It started when Fairey Aviation's Great West Aerodrome was requisitioned by the Government, while Sir Richard Fairey was in the USA (how convenient...) as Director General of the British Air Commission (i.e. on Government business), on the pretext of the urgent need for an RAF base there. There was no need - it was all part of a Government plan to get a new Airport built for London without objection. Work on further developing and expanding the nearby former private but now Air Ministry-owned Heston Airport had started before the war, w
  4. It's double track, has been for the best part of 20 years now, if not longer.
  5. All speculation of what could be done is now completely irrelevant, as the whole airfield site has been sold for development. In a few years time it will be covered in a lot of new housing. I'll be able to say "I can remember when all this was once a working airfield!"
  6. It's documented as being in 1960. It was mentioned in the Bristol Post in their "Bristol Times" archive pages just a few weeks ago too.
  7. Bristol has argued about trams/light rail for decades - it's just never going to happen.
  8. I don't recall a petrol station being on the A38 right near the end of the runway at Lulsgate, but there was certainly one on the A38 at the end of the runway at Filton which in 1960 was wrecked by a Vulcan's jet blast.
  9. Local politics... Most of the old Filton Aerodrome, and all of the runways, lies within what is now South Gloucestershire, previously Northavon (part of the County of Avon), and before that it was part of Gloucestershire itself. This area has always been separate from Bristol, but what were the Brabazon Hangars are within the Bristol City boundary. Bristol City Council once owned Lulsgate Airport (within North Somerset), and BCC didn't want to lose business to a new Filton Airport if it happened. Much of why Filton was not developed into an airport was political, with the diffe
  10. The A38 wasn't diverted at Filton - it's just been dualled since the incident, which involved an Avro Vulcan. The petrol station, which moved to Patchway, became Runway Motors.
  11. I should think the ban on smoking in the workplace also applies to train drivers, so I should think no ashtrays...
  12. Didn't realise Hornby had reintroduced Battle Space. Hmm, a new rocket launcher...
  13. Is that a DTS on the left with the (only just visible) white-domed roof of a 121 behind it?
  14. Go for a holiday in the Forest of Dean/Herefordshire area - a visit to Derails in Coleford will have that sorted - adjacent cafe (family business I believe) all under the same roof, where you can park the Missus while you make your purchases/chat to the staff in Derails. Easy, cheap parking just yards away, and a small railway museum by the car park (check opening times...). I can recommend a visit! Plus there's the Dean Forest Railway just a few miles away too!
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