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  1. 8 grand will by you more Kingspan and cladding than you need to insulate the garage, and a heater. And probably a few locos too.
  2. From what I understand Christopher125 has it, the branding won't be added until the interior refurbs are complete. The 333s, 170s and ex-Scotrail 158s are being delivered fully refurbed and fully branded.
  3. Halfords grey primer, or Humbrol 64. Neither has the greenish tinge that 16T coal wagons seem to have had but they're fine otherwise. I expect Railmatch do one too but I find the Halfords/Humbrol cans more reliable.
  4. The 323s were going off lease so were not included in the refurb programme, apparently thats changed. The unbranded 150s were photographed in July and August so unlikely to be anything to do with Shapps' announcement, and the 170s refurbed at that time and since are branded. I suspect that's more to do with whoever is doing the ex-GWR 150s than anything else.
  5. 17 years of which was two consecutive "no investment - no improvement - no upgrade*" franchises, so no, it's not like that. The new fleet was ordered right at the start of the current franchise, this is how long it takes to bring a new fleet into service. (* Despite which Arriva Mk1 and Serco/Abellio both managed to invest, improve and upgrade, just not to the extent of half a billion quids' worth of rolling stock).
  6. I'm pretty sure 909's N was silver to tie in with the gold ones on the TPE livery. The PTEs were fiercely protective of their brand IDs, certainly stations in WY Metro and SYPTE retained their own colours. Most other stations stayed in RRNE livery until re-branded by ATN, although a few green shelters appeared in the period (Hornbeam Park springs to mind). I don't recall ever seeing any brand guidelines for stations so I suspect the colour was whatever the nearest green in the Macemain catalogue was ! MTL were hilarious fun to work for, an a "I'm not locked out of the building so we must still be trading today" sort of a way.
  7. What he said. (33 years on and off so far). I can't believe this discussion is churning around again. Can anyone think of a way of getting OO-SF and smelly people with rucksacks into it ?
  8. If I've bought it it's because I have a use for it. If that use involves carving it about then it gets carved. New, second hand, limited edition, doesn't matter.
  9. Lima paint is so easy to get off (meths will do it) that almost any solvent will wreck it. If sellotape doesn't work it's a repaint.
  10. Indeed. LMS carriage workings were based on number of seats, so a composite was a composite provided it had the right number of 1st and 3rd class seats. A lot of period 1 coaches had direct period 2 and 3 equivalents.
  11. I don't actually know for sure but from past experience they are likely to come out once something major needs swapping out on a B-exam - engine, final drive, wheelset etc. Or it gets bent. Unreliability may be a factor but they're comparatively reliable compared to other classes (because there isn't anything complicated to go wrong !).
  12. Apologies all, I looked this up and then forgot all about it ! The earlier gsyp photo is a different unit, not 55000. I'll look it up again and write the caption down this time !
  13. 155s had problems with the heavy plug doors when new, they worked fine on straight and level track but on a cant the door proving microswitches were unreliable. They all went back to Leyland for re-working which helped a bit, but it was not really solved until the depot staff got some experience with setting them up for real world use. 158s had issues with the air con, as built there were something like nine separate distribution fans in each vehicle, any single failure overloaded the others and then they all went. The other issue was them disappearing from track circuits, that was fixed in the short term by running them coupled to something with tread brakes on high risk routes. The only issue I remember with 156s was that there were never enough of them !
  14. York Yard North I think. Where exactly in the yard it was I'm not sure though.
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