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  1. Not only NPR but Leeds and Bradford City Councils are involved. Neither of them has a stellar reputation when it comes to local transport planning for new infrastructure (as opposed to re-opening stations on existing routes) or planning generally come to that. Leeds spent 40 million quid not developing a Supertram line then Lord knows how much more not building a trolley bus route. The best I can say about them is that they're marginally less inept than Selby and York Councils. "West Yorkshire devolution deal provides the region with access to the Government’s £4.2bn fund for urban transport" So there's no funding agreed yet. "... the blend of technologies which are most likely to meet the needs of our region." We'll end up with electric buses and cycle lanes then.
  2. CMSC went to Kingfisher and Wee Friends apparently, not tried to order from either so no idea as to availability, sorry. Butler's looks like it might be worth a look, thanks !
  3. JB for the 105mm gun, FC Landover and Bedford 4 tonner, not sure which of those ended up with Airfix. M109 -Revell 1/72 AS90 - Trumpeter 1/72 The following are all 1/72 and (I believe) out of production but here goes: Bedford TL (build your own drone) BW Models, whitemetal. Towed Rapier, Landrovers of all shapes and sizes, Leyland DAF DROPS- Continental Model Supply Co (CMSC), resin, and top quality.
  4. At that date, apart from marker lights left on by accident, locos or vehicles left on running lines including in bay platforms had to exhibit a red light after sunset or during fog or falling snow. For the reasons mentioned above concerning battery life this would invariably be an oil tail lamp. 1972 Rule Book rules B.7 and J.2.3. In sidings - no lights at all. The spangly LED lights fitted to RTR deisels are largely superfluous on layouts set before the introduction of WIPAC lights on the 80s. Even when they were on you couldn't see them in daylight, and they weren't much better at night.
  5. I'm with Mr McCann on this one. I could do with one of these, two in fact, as 78016 and 78026 were signature locos for the line I'm modelling. I've had the DJH kit almost finished for years, the continued delay to Hornby's means it's back on the bench for finishing off. And without wishing to re-open the "How much ?!!" debate, at £200 (at least) a pop I won't be adding the second one if and when Hornby ever get round to it. It can wait until I find a decent second hand Bachmann Ivatt and get the plasticard out. Unless Hattons end up with a load of overstocks wedged somewhere dark with the doors open and have to start discounting them, I'm out.
  6. File down the sides to remove all the surface detail and roughen the surface, dont try to thin them down by exactly the thickness of the brass. You will probably find you need to enlarge the window openings too otherwise you'll be able to see the old sides where they don't quite match, and they'll be easier to glaze. You may well finish up with just the bottom half and a couple of uprights but that's fine, as long as two of the uprights are at the ends of each side.
  7. Anybody else notice that the people getting paid to build Mosquito kits for a living (Jealous ? Moi ?) were using Tamiya Thin rather than the in-house product to stick them together ?
  8. So yes as it turns out, but by commercial users which is a bit naughty ! When my archeaology course finished several of us asked if there was an alumni rate for NUS membership, or whatever it was we had to be in to get access to the library. "So you can all spend all day at work playing with Digimap ?" "How did you guess ?" "Someone asks every year."
  9. At least he wasn't running it under water this time. I'm not certain because Spitfire wings are even more of a nightmare than where the topfeed goes on a Black 5, but I don't think the clipped wing is specific to one mark, it could be done on any mark. It was role specific rather than mark specific.
  10. Well they were doing so well, and then "Sam's Trains" appeared. Noooooo !
  11. Somewhere on this forum there is chapter and verse on the operation of Freightliner flats on the Far North line, the question was asked before a few years ago.
  12. Pubs and chip shops notwithstanding, usually option B. If the train crew were ready to go then it would be up to the signalman to decide when he had enough of a margin to let them run without getting in the way of anything else. If that would involve arriving early at a terminus or similar where capacity might be a problem it may involve a phone call to check there was room first. Learning what could be allowed out in front of what with sufficient time to avoid distant checks to a following higher classification train was known as 'margining' and was part of the signalman's box knowledge.
  13. Yes, almost everywhere including model shops. My local one carries the full range but the 'full' range in the new acrylic squeezy things seem a bit sparse - they all have 163 RAF Dark Green but there aren't even spaces in the rack for dark sea grey, medium sea grey, light aircraft grey or camouflage grey. Painting RAF anythings from the 1960s onwards is getting challenging. Other non-model shop stockists have dribs and drabs.
  14. EM is still thriving, the track looks better than OO but many people find the slightly wider wheels and deeper flanges of EM more practical than P4. It is a good 80/20 compromise. Track building isn't the only factor, some more modern RTR steam locos can be converted to EM by pulling the wheels out slightly on their axles, which isn't usually possible with P4, and many more can be converted by swapping wheels and axles without the full chassis rebuild usually associated with P4. Of course if you can build reliable chassis in the first place this may be less relevant but I can't (and I have tried). I write as a former EM modeller who went back to OO for my Last Great Project when it became clear that Hornby and Bachmann could do Walchaerts valve gear much better than I could, and I'm a member of the S4 Soc so no gauge wars here either.
  15. I have the same issue with them, if electromagnets aren't an option try a less powerful magnet or sinking it further down into the board. Also I angle the hooks back very slightly to make coupling up more reliable which seems to help. What I haven't tried yet is adding more weight to the other end to increase the force needed to pull them down. They can be a bit temperamental but, having tried most if not all of the alternatives, the simplicity of these wins every time for me.
  16. If I'd ordered a black it would be getting cancelled too but Mrs Wheatley wanted a blue one to sit in a case because 'it's pretty' and she won't notice the tender top or the Stillbrew cab sides. Also I thought I really ought to do my bit for Scottish RTR. Won't make that mistake again, not by pre-ordering anyway. My existing Caley Coaches one and the as yet half-started Caley/Sparkshot hybrid one will do for my layout needs.
  17. Agreed, and even then you'd have to scratchbuild the tender. The Tri-ang coaches at least save having to do the panelling, no matter how much else you do or don't do the the rest of the vehicle. The latest Hornby releases also save having to paint a very complex livery. It took me two weeks to build my two Caley Coaches ones and another 21 years to paint them.
  18. Good point. There were some very similar monoblock vac braked tanks which followed the 35t 'Airfix' tanks, either one of those or something of similar size and shape perhaps. Either way I don't think it's anything terribly exotic.
  19. I think it's a bog standard TTA or similar, and the shadow from the bridge falling across it is making the end circumference look bigger than it really is.
  20. Not sure the blinds was entirely a union thing, it's b*****y distracting trying to drive anything with a large reflective sheet immediately behind you reflecting back onto the windscreen. You can still find a guard on most passenger trains outside the NSE DOO routes, there's one. Your driver has to actually know where they're going and not be driving an unfamiliar route from a photocopied set of notes, there's another. The minimum wage contract ticket collector / trolley pusher isn't in charge of the doors, you're no longer allowed to build trains which spray s**t all over the place, etc etc. Unions exist to protect their members, not their members' employers' customers, but the benefits of having well trained competent well trained staff trickle down.
  21. The leaf spring provides primary suspension - ie it is the point at which the load acts directly. It in turn is mounted on secondary coil springs which allow more movement without requiring the leaf springs to be ridiculously long or thick. The leaf spring is itself mounted on springs. There are several ways of doing it, on a 15x series DMU the primary spring is usually a coil spring on a swinging arm, and the secondary suspension is the air bag between the bogie and the body. You can't put the secondary suspension between the bogie and body on a 45 because the bogie pivot takes the buffing shocks (bogie mounted buffers and drawgear).
  22. What I'd like - a working, automatic (or at least hands off) coupling system which looks like a 3 link or screw coupling and not a Kadee. No, I've got no idea how to do that, magnets sprinkled with fairy dust perhaps. What I think we'll get - more lighty up things which look nothing like the real ones, don't operate like the real ones and are misused by modellers because they look bling. Because they're easy.
  23. Railwest has it. The block section is the bit from the last controlled stop signal of one box to the first controlled stop signal of the next box. Station limits is the first to the last of the same box. In your first diagram West has no station limits and the block section is the green bit. Stations do not have to be within Station Limits, and Station Limits do not have to have to have a station in them. To assume otherwise is a modellerism. For a real life example look at Barnsley before resignalling in 1998. Both platforms were within block sections, both boxes had SL on one line but not the other, and neither box's SL had a station in it. My down home/section signal at Jumble Lane was slotted by Barnsley Station Junction but that was because the facing points for the junction to Penistone were in his Clearing Point, not because the sections were short. I don't think Jumble had a slot for BSJ's up home/section signal.
  24. Banner ads (anywhere on the page) fine. Adverts within the feed - fine. Any form of static advertising - fine. But anything which floats, or covers content, or has to be swatted by clicking the X to make it go away, or freezes my phone while the content loads means the site gets ignored and I go somewhere else. I no longer read any local news sites for that reason, and if the choice is pay or go without, then I'll go without. Alternative ways of passing the time are available.
  25. I remember the commotion in York when it was discovered that your 'various nasties' included so much petrol we should have had a petroleum storage licence ! I also remember (a few years later) trekking over there for the SM's team meeting to discover it was being held in The Kashmir. Looks good so far :-)
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