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  1. Kyte's Lights do nano leds pre-wired in their SMD led range. 6 for £5 in various colours. https://www.kyteslights.com/product_info.php?cPath=41&products_id=338 Regards Paul
  2. Me too. I had the same issue earlier this evening. I just restarted Firefox. Has not reoccurred.
  3. I'd like one as well. DCC Supplies do sell them but they are not in stock at the moment. It's listed as "Curly cable Gaugemaster/MRC Prodigy 1.5m (8 wire)" - Product No. 102091. They also do a 3m version but again not in stock. I've clicked the "Email when back in stock" button in hope.
  4. paulj

    Chumley End

    Hi. I'm afraid I missed your post for info on how I made the remote. I used a pattress box for an architrave switch which I had spare (50p in B&Q at the moment) - 4 miniature push to make buttons from Ebay (cost £2.11 for 5) - 5 core cable and servo connectors to plug into the board (On the megapoints videos I think Dave uses a 5 pin connector but I didn't have one so used a couple of 3 pin). I didn't have a blanking plate to mount the pushbuttons so I made one from 3 layers of plasticard glued together. The instructions for wiring are in the documentation for the board. Connect common to one side of all the switches and the remaining wires to other side of each switch. I used white for common, red for low, yellow for program, blue for high and black for mode. The order of the pins on the board correspond to the pushbutons: Left to right Pin1 - Low Pin2 - Prog Pin3 - High Pin4 - Mode Pin5 - Common/Ground
  5. paulj

    Chumley End

    I have a couple of megapoint controllers although I have not got around to installing them yet. So it's very interesting to see how you are progressing with your layout and being able to get some tips. One thing I have done is to make a remote pushbutton device so I can set the servos up insitu.
  6. paulj

    Chumley End

    Hi. Have only stumbled across this thread today and it has brought back a lot of memories as I grew up in Helsby. I lived off Freshmeadow Lane close to the BICC factory and could see the line from my bedroom window. As has been said it's a shame the line is disused and sadly the parish council have recently begun efforts to turn it into a cycleway/bridlepath/walkway.
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