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    Modelling diesel era and steam mainly in good old Hornby,Triang,Wrenn and Hornby dublo
    Scratchbuilding in various scales from n gauge to 0 gauge
    to special one offs to small batches
    3 rail layout called dublo junction

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  1. Also a bright red one in a set with a support coach which is more modern style done in 1990's and also set version with postal sector style livery class 47
  2. Also another tip if you can there is an excellent tutorial on getting a lima running well, on the youtube mikesmovies which shows how best to get them running well I learnt a lot from the video
  3. The older Hornby model of M7 had later on driving wheels which were shared with the Fairburn 2-6-4 tank when done from the ex triang model and released in painted southern olive and painted lined Br mixed traffic in around 1986-1988. My question is would the driving wheel on the m7 current production be the same size as the Fairburn 2-6-4 tank?
  4. Another problem for Hornby has been found by Simon Kohler when he looked to bring back 'classics from Hornby's past' many of these were bined or scrapped so for some old items they will most likely never appear in the original formats. New Modellers list a lot but have the problem of very little in stock & a lot 'on order' for spares.
  5. Sadly not the triang molding at all. This molding version is the new one made in china from 1999 onwards The main difference with this version to the true Triang version is rods for the regulator are made of wire the original was molded onto the body very crudely. the smoke box door has a wire handrail and the loco handrails are all seperate fittings which was done in the 1980's by Hornby and the valve gear on these is a china made and is in a finer style to the basic one of the triang version
  6. Also numbers vary on locos as Bulleid introduced from new builds i.e Merchant Navy lettering etc on tenders is yellow shaded with malacite green
  7. Lovelly restoration done on them. What paints did you use, and did you try patching the finish or go over the enamel one?
  8. There is many methods which have been used over the years in rtr models to make wheels for locos Hornby/triang linage being a good example These are made firstly in sintered steel and later on mazac usually cast in one piece with 4 variants of the wheel cast say for a 0-6-0. 1 non insulated insulated and insulated unflanged, insulated and non insulated flanged designed to work with the points and curves of the model world Later one towards the end of triang this design was changed and improved as many locos now had a metal tyre fitted to a metal wheel on the outer driving wheels. These appeared first blackend finish to the metal tyre but were later bright chrome finished like the loco valve gear aswell. When 1976 the next major change happend switching the track to system 5 all the new locos had wheels changed to the new standard along with wagons. Many parts were made which allowed owners to still enjoy older stock running and locos aswell the locos wheels were a mix of all in cast or 2 or 3 piece assemblies per wheel 3 being for the sspp type -0-6-0 chassis & 9f/8f with a brass taped insert for the coupling rod screw this design carried on till the super detail come in 2000 with new locos featuring cheaper plastic centres and moving from chrome plate back to darkened metal. This on many models has meant no interchange of wheels were as before a class 5 wheel fitted a britannia of that era. Issues have been common of wheels going loose and some cases the metal part falls off or away. Early Bachmann/Mainline cast in one piece usually the wheels. these can suffer mazac rot either falling apart or expanding size around the spokes stoping the wheels from running properly or wobbly. I am unable to comment on trix/lilliput/ graham farish 00/ Dapol/oxford rail or newer models of Bachmann
  9. Lima did not churn out completely the same locos with the faults as described. I have owned and come across many revisions on lima diesels mainly class 31/3747/55/59/42/52 and 60. These included pickups on all sides of the bogies with wiring. These were usually in the blue 'Lima Collection' boxes
  10. The 2-6-2 german style there is 2 versions of the domes on each are in different places on the boiler. One is rarer than the other though not common to begin with unless someone has 250 minters they sat on since the 60's!
  11. Progress looks good, great to see something that might of suited the 35's
  12. It is difficult as not everything has pics and you have to go by the reference and also try to bring down the parts list by if it is 00 gauge or 0 gauge. Ekm exhibitions have the right idea a description of the item along with class or loco its from a system perhaps they look at.
  13. Fox transfers carry some items though worth checking before ordering the era they relate to
  14. My understanding is long journey types they add and take off coaches usually by the brake van and also depends on service route as larger stations accomidate more coaches. Also longer stations and shorter stations requires van to allow on a lot cycle traffic and also in earlier times parcel/ items to be carried on route. Something currently they struggle with on emu based services, easily over subscribed with cycles/
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