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  1. Hi Richard. Been a fan of your videos and layout since... I can't even remember. Your videos and layout made me scrap all the american and Portuguese stuff, a do a british layout! Finally! Keep up the inspiring job! Looking forward to see your next update! Best wishes!
  2. Hi Ian. Thank for answering. The track I'll be using is PECO code 75, OO gauge. Just shadow station will be in Code83, just becasue I had that from the previous layout. I know that the turns are a bit too sharp, But I want to hide them the best I can. I made another track plan base one this one, and one I found out here at the RMWEB. The benchwork went up to 95 cm at the ends. What do you think about it now? Take care.
  3. Hi all. I am a follower of this forum for quite a while, and I wanted to start a layout in OO gauge, in UK scenery, just to be away from the normal German, American, Swiss, Italian and Portuguese layouts we usually have here in Portugal. I live in Lisbon, and I started do buid an american layout by the begining of this year. It was meant to be a operating layout. Howeever, beeing a father of a two year old, the boy dos not relate to this kind of layout. So, I took it all a part. I have a space of 465 x 80 cm. So, I want to build a tail chaser Scottish layout (don't know why. n
  4. Hi Chris. Thank you for you reply. For now I dont have any doubt, but I was wondering if this can be used with 1970/80 BR Blue diesels? Those are my favourite liveries.
  5. Hi Chris Just picked up my copy of Railway Modeller and I am hooked to your layout! This is just exactly what I was searching! Do you think it is possible for me to use some of your ideas to plan my own N gauge version? Thank you.
  6. Joseph_Pestell, thanks for the idea. The room have 5,2 x 2,2, but only two walls are available for now. I modelled Japanese N, made some American N, German / Swiss N scale, and tryed French and American H0. Now I want to experiment British N Gauge (I already have a Class 66 from Dapol... beautifull model, and some coal cars from PECO). Heres is a video from my Japanese N: This was on a show in 2013, near Lisbon. I have two spare sections made out of 12mm plywood that have 75 x 40 cm each. Can I fit here a terminus, or a passing station, in 150 x 40 cms? Thanks again
  7. @Sp1 - Thanks for help. I really just want to build a great a big layout, one section at a time.. @Joseph_Pestell - I want it to be an "L Shaped" layout, for now. The return sections can be with or without scenery. I just need to have a coal mine (I am taking a bit of my "modeler's license" and have the Walthers Cornerstone New River Mining Company for the coal loader facility for coal hoppers), and I want that to be delivered some where on the layout. Anf finally, I need to have a passenger station... I think that this to much to have in such a small place...
  8. Hi all. Thanks again for your replies. Perhaps, I am not explaining my self. I don't want to use any kind of standard to build my own layout: N-Trak, T-Trak, Fremo, Fre-Mon, Maquetren, AmericaN, M31... That is not the case. I just want to build the layout in sections, because that way, I can be on the living room building the thing, being close to the family, and when a section is done, I can place it on the spare room, and start to build another section. My main concerne is: Should I build a continuous run, or should I do an end-to-end layout? One thing is decided: It will be
  9. Hi all. Thanks for your replies. A modular design is always a modular design: A layout that is made by sections. That does not mean that you must stick with a standard for module construction. You can make up your own standard. If you used something between the modules to keep them aligned, like C&L alignment dowels, you will have no problems. I am searching for a "dog bone" style trackplan. I searched a lot, but I haven't find any example... can you help me? (BTW, sorry if I misspell any word, or if I have grammar errors...) Thanks for your help
  10. Hi all. I have been here for a while, and I am starting to plan a layout, in N gauge. I had a lot of started layouts and very few layouts ever done, so I need to be carefull with this one. So I want to have a go with a modular design: I havn an with one year old kid, and I want to spend the spare time with him, or next to the family. The layout will be a spare room with 5,2 x 2,2 meters. I want to build something in the 70's or the 80's, because I like the way that the big diesels like the 37's or the 47's looked like their big yellow nose, and the big logo on the blue body.
  11. So, I got busy last night doing something before my first child is born! This is almost the final plan, I will be doing some changes here and there, but, main is here. I based the track plan on John Allen's TimeSaver. Here are some 3D's made with SCARM. Got my hands on some foamcore card, and following the steps of the master Chris Nevard, and built a base with 120 x 35 cms. I am using PECO code 75, for the track, and will be using a Gaugemaster for control. Some tests to see if it fits. Best regards.
  12. Hi all. I hope you had a great Christmas! I have been a bit away, because my work has made me a bit tired - made me fall asleep on the living room couch. I have been assembling some Pakside Dundas and Ratio kits, but those couplers are... awfull! What can I use to replace them? I was thinking about something like Kadee (love shunting with those couplers, even in N scale). What should I use? Thank you.
  13. I really have to stop, and start to lay down the track. Here is another plan I made... 140 x 50 cm. Industrial shunting layout. Just orderd my first British OO gauge loco: a class 22 from Dapol, in that beautifull British Green. My Christmas gift.
  14. Hi all. Well, I have been seaching a lot, making up decisions. I am waiting for some Pakside Dundas 16T open car kits to arrive, to start building a fleet. I also want a Class 08 has a first loco. Well, with my searches I have found two plans that could suit my needs, with some tweaking. This was made up by the master Chris Nevard. It could suit my needs, but has a big issue: Needs two fiddle yards. This one is also great, only one fiddle yard, but I think it lacks operational interest. And for a show I think I need some. What do you think?
  15. good evening. i know carl's website; i have my layout there. - have to research a bit more on that great list of small layouts. thank you for remembering me that!
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